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Big Butt Theory
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RE: Big Butt Theory
"The ass might get a little bigger from eating more food, but eventually that fat will go to other areas as well."

No, not necessarily. The quality of foods you eat may affect whether you gain weight, and the composition of lean mass like muscle and fat that you gain, and where on your body that occurs. Many people believe that wheat consumption has a link to belly fat. It's a topic that needs more research, but it does seem like say high sugar and wheat consumption makes girls fatter in unattractive places like the belly, upper back and arms, more so than saturated fat does.

As for ass preferences being environmental, I would agree at the individual level more or less. The question is if say blacks adopted into white families have exactly the same preference or if they are just closer to whites than non-adopted blacks. I suspect the latter. And that if you put those "adopted blacks" into their own community for a couple generations, their preferences would return to their ancestors' preference for bigger asses. Just like how say an Asian kid adopted by a white family might be whitewashed, but if surrounded by other ethnic Asians under similar conditions, within a generation or two their culture would be closer to original Asian norms.
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08-04-2014 01:06 PM
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RE: Big Butt Theory
(08-04-2014 12:49 PM)NY Digital Wrote:  An ass is pretty much all genetics. Diet doesn't do anything, besides make the woman fatter in different places. In the case of Latinas(Spanish roots), and Brazilians(Portuguese roots), they simply have the genetics for having a big butt.

The ass might get a little bigger from eating more food, but eventually that fat will go to other areas as well.

That's way too simplistic an explanation. That doesn't really explain why whites with similar ancestry living in different regions have more ass, or why a country like the Philippines, where there is actually more Chinese ancestry than Spanish ancestry, has a propensity for big asses relative to their diminutive proportions.

Genes definitely play a part, and I see now that my post seems to imply that they play no role at all, but it's definitely not the whole (or even the majority) of the story.

(08-04-2014 12:55 PM)speakeasy Wrote:  Exactly. My taste in body type is more similar to white men's than black men's. But if I grew up in the hood, that would probably not be the case.

I was completely the opposite, a white guy growing up in the hood and developing a thing for huge asses. For a while, I was really into black girls also.

Meanwhile I never liked Asian women (or very petite women) until I moved to Asia and was surrounded by them. By the same token, most guys who've lived in Asia long-term can attest that the longer you're here, the more you are attracted to the light skinned girls and shun the dark skinned girls, just like the native guys.
08-04-2014 01:14 PM
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NY Digital Offline
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RE: Big Butt Theory
I wasn't really arguing that only Spaniards and Portuguese had the big butt gene, was just using an example.

Sure there may be white girls with big butts, but it's about statistical probability. If I want to find a girl with a big butt I will not go to Chinatown, but a Spanish part of town.

Likewise, if i want to have the highest chance of finding girls with big butts, I'd move to Brazil.

If I want to find a girl with big boobs, going to a white part of town would probably be my best bet in finding one.
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08-04-2014 01:21 PM
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RE: Big Butt Theory
A nice theory if it didn't account for the fact that Asian girls have small asses but also very feminine faces. Though I would agree that among Asians there is also a difference. Malay Indos (and in Malaysia) and Filipinas (also Malay) have more ass and live closest originally to the Equator, while Korean and Japanese girls are prettier and live in colder climates. Different expressions of femininity.

More is at play here though as also some northern euro girls have nice asses. I think overall climate is easily a factor, but how does that explain the fact that northern euro girls have the biggest tits on average, much bigger than functionally needed? A lot of northern dudes care more about tits than ass, not me personally I have a more is better approach, but could never bang a girl with no ass but big tits, but easily the other way around.
08-04-2014 01:33 PM
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RE: Big Butt Theory
Maybe all the dairy in northern Euro diets makes boobs bigger...

The Masai people are cow herders and eat a lot of dairy... Do their women have both big boobs and big asses?

Bella, horrida bella
et Thybrim multo spumantem sanguine cerno
08-04-2014 03:33 PM
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