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Thoughts on profiles for women
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Thoughts on profiles for women
I was flipping through Tinder observing again the degradation of the modern American woman. Anyone who’s visited a dating site - or simply been on Facebook - knows what I mean. They must think we want alcoholic, party-animal, well-traveled, fun-loving women.

I should say my online dating experience is limited at best. I believe face-to-face is far more efficient. I had only one fwb off of okstupid and, while she was attractive, she had no life and was the complete opposite of what to look for in a LTR. Ugh, it disgusts me just thinking about her.

Now to the point. So much has been written here and on other sites about what makes a great profile for a man. No doubt, a man's profile is more important than a woman’s, as women are the gatekeepers for sex. However, as I sit here cringing at the horrible poses and captions (t-shirt outside in sandals holding Natty-light "love country music", kissy face with her friends in bikini, etc), I ponder, perhaps merely as a thought experiment, perhaps as a hobby/business, what makes a great profile for a woman (yes, assume a reasonably attractive woman). Stats from dating sites make sense for men (they're just trying to get the date), but make less sense for women (it's tough to differentiate between what men find fuckable and what they find potentially LTR).

So while there is a study from OKCupid here, which heartiste has referenced before, I'm really thinking more...What makes a woman look more dateable than merely fuckable. How does a woman portray femininity, sweetness, loyalty, emotional stability...traits that will keep a man around, especially a high-value man. What makes a woman’s profile look like a classy or good girl?

I should note again, I’m not promoting nor critiquing online dating. I’m not trying to put lipstick on the pig that is most American women. I’m merely wondering what makes me think “I bet she’d be a pleasant girl to date” vs “I want to fuck her”.
Overall, you’ll notice it’s far more about what not to do that what to do. So, after the 80-90% about simply being attractive, here’s what I noticed.
1. If you're fat, we'll know. Stop eating and start working out. There's no tricks around your wide waistband. If you post just above the shoulder pics...well, we aren't stupid.
2. No selfies. Really no self-taken pictures, even - or especially - in the mirror. We're tired of attention whores. If you must use a selfie to get a good pic, be genuine. It should look like you've never taken a selfie before. Be sweet but not too sweet, flirty but not too flirty, smile but not too big of a smile.
3. I don't care much about seeing how interesting your life is in your profile. While I don't want the girl with no life I mentioned above, you will intimidate some very high-value attractive men if you post pictures or talk about travelling the world. News flash: Being interesting makes a woman are no more fuckable, dateable, or marryable.
4. Not looking at the camera = risky (pic 1 below). In pictures where you are looking away, you should follow two rules. You must be focused on yourself and your own presentability (ie not on another camera or a project). I want a woman top priority within our relationship is being attractive. Secondly, it must be a classy photo. It can't look like your friend took a picture of you putting on makeup in a McDonalds bathroom. See picture below for a good example. Note how hot she is and how professional the picture looks. Perhaps this tells you how risky this is.
5. No alcohol or any sign of bar-life. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, and inhibitions are the #1 thing preventing you from being a slut. ie alchohol -> lower inhibitions -> slut. If you must, it can only be in the classy picture mentioned above, in a classy or champagne only, no beer.
6. Innocence. It took me a few minutes to figure out why I liked the last picture. Even just above the shoulders in the thumbnail I liked it. Then it clicked. The combination of surprise, fear, and excitement while simply being at the beach shows a lot of innocence. Who gets that emotional by simply seeing the Pacific Ocean? A less-traveled, down-home, innocent girl.
7. No tailgate pics. I’m amazed at how many of these I see. Do women think we’re attracted to girls who...are fake sports fans, bong beers in parking lots, get plowed at frat parties, or are such big partiers they’re willing to wait 30 minutes to piss in a port-a-jon?
8. Picture with a guy. Not necessary but can definitely show your feminine side. How? Slightly submissive body language. Don't be too submissive tho, or we'll wonder if that's just a small glare on your forehead or, ahem, hair gel.
9. "That's my niece." One niece/nephew pic if you want (specifying it's not your kid). No moms/dads/gpa/gma or creepy uncles.

As we all know, the more attractive you are, the less you have to pay attention to all of this, and vice versa.
(pictures from OKC)

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08-04-2014 03:30 PM
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RE: Thoughts on profiles for women
In addition everything you wrote above, I also use these criteria to determine whether a girl might be LTR material:

- If she mentions she's sarcastic in her profile I lose interest. It means she's not actually good at sarcasm and she's not funny. Women need to stop trying to be funny like men. Whenever they try to pull off male humor it makes them come off as less feminine.

- Pictures with more than one cat. I don't want to deal with your pets. One is fine, but anymore than that and you need to realize you're wasting maternal instinct on dumb animals that are physically toxic to children and put most men off.

- Tattoos and odd piercings. If you're showing off a tattoo or weird piercings in a pic, I'll pass. You might be bangable but I don't want that shit on a girlfriend.

- Mentioning how super excited you are to start your career. I. don't. care. What you're telling me is that you want your future household to have two miserable working adults in it. Or, more than likely, just you and a bunch of cats.

That's all I can think of for now.
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08-04-2014 04:18 PM
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