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Insights and Mindsets: Business, Game and Lifestyle
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Insights and Mindsets: Business, Game and Lifestyle
I love to go read old threads and try dissecting the mindsets and insights that some of the great posters on here have had over the years. Ill collect all of the heavy hitting posts someone has written and try find common trends to connect the dots of what has made them successful, in what context that might be. I will analysis different guys for different topics: business, game, travel, lifestyle etc.

I might not agree with everything they have written but it’s informative to see things from different perspectives. Even if one holds completely different views and values this exercise can be highly valuable and rewarding.

I am not aiming to start a controversial thread on game vs lifestyle vs money vs fame. Hopefully we can all avoid the endless back and forth comparisons and just focus on what can be learnt from different people. Accept that people see things differently and that's okay.

I hope to update the thread with different guys if it goes well but I would like to start with Hooligan Harry. Since most of his posts are close to three years old some of the newer posters might not know who he is. He was an older Australian business man who worked in international energy sales and had his own private business interests. I had several PMs with him before he left the forums and got some great advice on business, lifestyle, game and the Oil industry. I think he had great insight into the upper levels of business/wealth game and makes for a great case study on that type of lifestyle.

Again this isn’t a thread on what’s the best type of game or lifestyle but rather a collection of individual people’s perspectives.

Harry Hooligan...

On business lifestyle/game:

Quote:There are no real strategies mate. Im a busy guy and I make women fit into my schedule everywhere. They accompany me somewhere or they meet me somewhere and I dont budge on it. I will not go out of my way for a piece of ass.

I dont act on game principles, I try to live them. Instead of not phoning for 2.7 days, I don’t phone because I was actually too busy. I dont act desperate because I actually am fucking other women already. I dont have routines used to DHV or any of that PUA shit, I am high value. I dont feign confidence, I am confident.

I see a good looking woman and the opportunity is there Ill approach. I have to because I dont WANT to hit up bars and clubs 3-4 nights a week. I approach everywhere. On the street, in a mall, she could be the checkout girl. I dont give a fuck about the environment nor do I have any 10 point bullet point list that I work through. Half the time I fuck it up and it does not even bother me anymore.

Let me ask you something. Where do the hottest women tend to hang? At the dive bars and budget malls or the upmarket venues and upmarket malls? There is a reason why they spend time there and its not to land rich whales. Women like opulence and even if they are broke themselves they like to spend time in places and venues that make them feel classy. I already spend time in these places and its normal for me to be there.

But here is where its different and Ill give you a typical working example for me. I phone the bitch and I find out what area she is working in or lives in. Next time I am in her area we catch up. Im the one setting the schedule and she has to be flexible because I have one hour, two max per week for her tops maybe. So from day 1 she is meeting where I want to meet and she is doing it when I wanted to. If she did not agree to that I move on because her interest would be too low. I seriously fit her in between meetings and clients always take priority.

Ill meet the chick, see how things go and then move onto phase 2 which is getting her out. Either she meets me again at a venue I decide on (chances are Im already headed out there with friends) or I do the "beta" dinner date right after work. I plow her full of booze and then go for the bang.

The difference is that what led up to that point was anything but "beta". And the places I told her she had to meet me were already upmarket. And I had nothing invested in the interaction, I am already fucking and she is a bonus. And again, contrary to all the advice thrown around, I pay for the entire thing. Not to impress her, but because I invited her there, and its no big deal. When you throw out 200 bucks on lunch only to cut it short or be taking calls in the middle of it, she thinks this shit is as normal to you as wiping your ass.

Then she sees you climb into a sports car and you can bet your ass there are going to be SMS and phone calls within 24 hours tops. They think its their Cinderella moment OR they are used to it and they expect this which means I match her laundry list.

This is amplified when I am abroad. Be it for holiday or work. When I am working I need to eat at night dont I? I have no social circle for the weekends I am there so I need to pass the time dont I? If I am not a local but I am still eating in places she has only read about or walked past, I am already approaching the category of once in a lifetime for her.

Ill repeat it again. You dont need money to get laid and I am not saying that. But anyone with money, who never had any before, will attest to the fact that it makes a massive difference and life is a hell of a lot easier. I have accepted that now and I am OK with it. The other thing to note is that my behaviour is congruent. She assumes everything, I never brag or beat or my chest. It would be hard to fake what I am doing and women see that immediately. The response is noticeable and its very, VERY favourable.

On finding balance:

Quote:This is not about choosing money over game, game over time in the gym, time in the gym over an education, education over life experience, etc. Its about realising that everything matters and it all leads to making you a well rounded person. This bullshit that "game over everything until you die" is what needs to die. Its an unhealthy, unsustainable mindset and it sells yourself short. Not only that, it pedastalises women to the point that pussy becomes the only focus instead of being the basic commodity it is.

Game is based on certain sets of principles and behaviours. Those behaviours and principles need to be internalised. The best way to do that is to LIVE them. When you live them its natural.

You dont need to be a millionaire. You dont need to be a cover model. You dont need a harvard education. You dont need to reach a set point in your life where you are now some sort of finished product and you can unleash yourself on the world. You are never a finished product, but you need to be working on all aspects of your life so that you improve in all areas that give you an advantage not just with women but with everything. And you cannot neglect other areas of your life because you have been sucked up by a PUA lifestyle where all the guru's are telling you that the only thing that matters is how you apply their theories.

Its all important, because contrary to what crap they are selling you, looks, money, social connections, power...these ALL matter. If they did not matter, you would not be using techniques to create the impression that you already had it!!!!!! If game is more important than all that shit, why the hell are you using techniques to mimic the stuff that is not important in the first place?

And it does not matter if you are 16 or 60. Get yourself into the gym, use your time at work properly and productively, take up sports or find hobbies you enjoy, go back to school, start a sideline business, begin a new career, write a book, compose music. Its never too soon or too late. Focus on all that while you hit on bitches everywhere you can, but stop making women the sole focus and end game of your life, fit them in around everything else you are doing to improve yourself. Find other things to enjoy. When you do that, the women come much more easily because your behaviour is congruent and you are living the principles and behaviours you would otherwise be faking.

On game principles:

Game principles are universal because its based on evo psychology, what needs to change though is just the social interaction as you try and close the chick.

If see a hot bitch Im going to try my luck. It could be a receptionist or my waitress. It could be a chick on the street or a chick in a bar or club. If I get the smallest indication of interest from her Im there like a fly to shit.

I have more time to kill when I am abroad, so I play things up. New guy in town who is there for work for a year and want someone to show me around. Someone to keep me company at lunch. Finish dinner with clients at X time, going to X bar, why not come meet me there. I dont know, I make it up on the fly?

Approaching women is pretty much the same no matter where in the world you are. Just stepping up is like 80% of it. You then just adjust to the local culture as best you can. Which normally means that its an uphill slog until you figure out what the differences or social expectations are. I get told to fuck off plenty dude. Jesus, Im often clocking double digits in approaches just to get a number or commitment to meet somewhere.

But I do my best to understand what is typical of the local culture and I dont rely too much on set techniques. You cant be that rigid when you travel.

I love Russian and EE women though and unlike back home where I go through the motions just to bang them, I find I do enjoy their company more. So half the time I actually enjoy getting to know them a bit too. It really does not feel like a chore.

ONS/Fuck Buddies:

Quote:Fuck buddy arrangements are easier to maintain for longer periods of time for me with my approach. I dont like ONS's because I like to raw dog, but I also find the sex is far better. There are women that I bang on and off for years, others come and go in a month.

I have my principles. If I invite anyone to dinner or lunch, Ill pay. Im not about to throw basic manners aside for theoretical advantages preached by PUA's. It can be a man or a woman, its something I do. Sometimes Ill pick up the tab of a group dinner, other times someone else will. I dont give it any thought.

Are women around because I have money?

Of course they are, because money matters to them just like looks do. Its the way it is. They are hoping that access to the honey pot is going to lead to something more and most end up pushing for something more serious. But most resign themselves to the fact that I will not be anything serious. Some stick around and try and make me see the light, others understand it quickly and move on. But being in shape, with a large social network and some money in my pocket means that Im not exactly easy to replace either. So they tag along, but for the most part they never get more than a night out from me.

I come from a blue collar background Roosh, like many working class Australians. So its not like I am born with a silver spoon in my mouth and have not seen the other side of it all. I built everything I have and I have seen the influence its had on women as a whole as my lot in life has imporved.

If you think you have reason to be hate fucking women now, wait until you believe it to your core that they are all whores. Anyone who has come from nothing and had moderate success before, and has gone onto something and is having an easy time of it now, will attest to this.

I dont come here for game advice, I come here because I like to travel and I like pussy. I also make no apologies for not wanting endless ONS's either. I have neither time, patience or inclination for them anymore either.

The Power of Money:
Quote:Based on my personal experiences I believe that money plays a huge part in a womans attraction. I have experienced it first hand. I also believe that there is no way game can get better results than real money or fame when it comes to landing lays.

Never in a million years.

However, it needs to be noted that there is a difference between having money and being rich. There are over 10 million millionaires in the USA alone now. Being a millionaire is not going to be the advantage most people think it will be. Its an advantage when it comes to maintaining a relationship, if thats what you want, but she is not going to spread her legs because you made 500k last year.

Look at how many households have a net worth of over a million bucks

In the USA, there are almost 500 000 people who are worth more than $30 million. So if you were worth $5 million but were a 40 year old, overweight, introverted chud, are you really the sort of guy who is going to be fucking playboy models?

Of course not.

There is a tipping point though.When you start getting into the realms of multi millions, approaching 9 figures, then its a different ballgame. That sort of opulence and lifestyle cannot be matched and these sorts of guys are very rare. Competition for them is off the chain. If you think you are going to out mack some guy with a private jet, super yacht and 8 different holidays homes, you are delusional. He could have a harem in plain site and the women would still suck his toes just to keep him happy.

The chances of becoming that multi millionaire are slim, and its far easier to develop social skills than it is to make 100 million dollars. Thats why you develop those skills.

Lets not kid ourselves though. Money is important to women. Looks are important to women. Fortunately they are not the be all and end all. I can also say that the only guys who dont think money matters were either born into it or dont have much.

Power of Money 2:
Just like the bitch who clocks in at a solid 9 is going to have her pick when up against 6's, its the same with guys who have a lot of money. There is only so much your personality and understanding of women is going to do for you. Its a simple truth that everyone needs to accept. The greatest playboy in the world would not overcome being the hunchback of Notre Dame. Give him 100 million dollars though and he will be up to his elbows in pussy.

If you are rolling in it, and a few million in the bank is not rolling in it I mean real money, you are a 10. You could be fat, bald and 60 and you would drop down to a 9.75

Do you think he gives a fuck about picking up women in a club? Chances are he rolled in with a posse of bitches. Chances are he either owns the place or knows the owners. Guys like that have the kind of social proof you need to spend an eternity trying to build. Its on another level.

If he went in cold off the street, then he is dead in the water. Of course the good looking player is going to land that piece of ass.

Women are not after the MONEY, they are after the LIFESTYLE. They are attracted to the lifestyle, but also the power and comfort that comes with it.

As for my personal experiences, I have spent a great deal of time travelling. I do very well by Australian (even better by American) standards and I have seen in my own capacity what difference money makes to women as I have grown older. That is amplified when I am in countries where the average guy cant put food on the table and it gives you insight into the way wealthy people live and how much easier they have it.

I accept that women like money. I also accept though that unless the guy is a zillionaire, its not going to be that much of an advantage to him unless he brings more to the table.

You still need Game:
Quote: Now where did I say that money was required to get laid. Where did I say that dude?

The problem here is that it seems to shatter peoples fragile egos when you break out the truth that does not suit their world view. Like I said earlier, its no different to a bunch of fat chicks trying to convince themselves that that their degree and education is going to be enough to attract a man.

Money helps in a big way and there is not one guy on this forum who is going to be out fucking the numbers and quality the real alphas do. Fuck all the bravado and bullshit theory, if you wipe your ass with money you can buy life. You are alpha. Everything is at your fingertips. Its the kind of power you can only dream of. There is no bigger aphrodisiac to women than power, and thats all money is. POWER. Its the bad boy who does not beat the shit out of her once a week.

99.9% of the men out there are neither famous nor wealthy. They are average guys fucking average women. Sometimes a few points up, sometimes a few points down. Those 0.1% are 10's though.

The rich and/or famous? They dont live in a world where they need to mack massive numbers and pipeline bitches and hos to land lays. Women line up for these guys if those guys are even interested in chasing it. They dont work for it like we have to. And no, there is no virtue in the struggle when it comes to fucking women. Another emotional rationalisation if ever there was one. They are like cattle, replaceable, unlike real achievement which is not.

Anyone who thinks game is going to overcome extreme wealth is nothing short of delusional. Unless the guy is 70 years old or morbidly obese, they will line up around the corner for him.

Yes, if you both walked into the same club on your own, dressed the same, you would probably win every single time. Chances are though, you view his night out from the bar while he is in VIP surrounded by wall to wall ass that all want a piece of him and he wont even know their names.

Amazing how many people on this forum, Spanish speakers, admit to battling in Argentina and having to deal with constant flaking in Colombia. I crushed ass in both places without speaking a word of the language. You know why? 5 star hotels and 5 star holidays. This gringo was nothing more than a heavy wallet and good body and I probably left children in both places.

When you experience in foreign countries what the 0.01% experience back home, you realise money alone wont get you laid, but it sure as shit is not going to hurt you.

Do you need money to get laid? Of course not, thats a ridiculous thing to say and I am not suggesting it. At the same time, if you think that money does not matter to women, you are only kidding yourself. Why the community keeps coming down on people for suggesting that fact is something I have never understood and its not a good position to take if we are being honest about women here.

And a great comment by Roosh that was written in response to one of HHs posts:
Quote:It's discouraging to see guys think lifestyle and game are separate when they are complimentary.

The guys who swear by lifestyle... you can approach a woman and have a fun conversation, right? You know how attraction works, right? You know the logistics of how to seal the deal, right? You know how to turn on a woman, right? Where did that come from? Not working hard at your job and not working at the gym. It comes from boots-on-the-ground interactions with women.

Lifestyle is a 5 year plan (or more). It takes time to build your empire. Game starts seeing result in 5 weeks. Both are needed to see your potential, but the older guys criticizing game can do so because they've already, whether they want to admit it or not, been practicing game for over 10 years. They already have hundreds of interactions with women that they've taken for granted. To advise a 23 year old kid to forget about game and just make money is dangerous and disingenuous advice.

Start with game, build your skills, and then figure out a lifestyle where the game you've learned will make it easy and effortless
08-14-2014 04:58 PM
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RE: Insights and Mindsets: Business, Game and Lifestyle
Five. Star. Thread.

"May get ugly at times. But we get by. Real Niggas never die." - cdr
08-14-2014 05:08 PM
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RE: Insights and Mindsets: Business, Game and Lifestyle
Thanks. If I have the time I will try bust out another one of these on someone else very soon.
08-14-2014 05:31 PM
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RE: Insights and Mindsets: Business, Game and Lifestyle
08-14-2014 05:44 PM
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RE: Insights and Mindsets: Business, Game and Lifestyle
Hooligan Harry and Gringuito are the two guys on this forum that I respect the most... great seeing some classic knowledge from the former.
08-14-2014 06:09 PM
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RE: Insights and Mindsets: Business, Game and Lifestyle
Awesome thanks. Time to make some real money.
08-15-2014 12:47 PM
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RE: Insights and Mindsets: Business, Game and Lifestyle
This is a great thread Atlantic.
08-17-2014 11:10 PM
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RE: Insights and Mindsets: Business, Game and Lifestyle
08-18-2014 09:35 AM
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RE: Insights and Mindsets: Business, Game and Lifestyle
Top 5 thread of all time - Gringuito and Anon123
08-22-2014 01:58 PM
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RE: Insights and Mindsets: Business, Game and Lifestyle
Thanks for posting this. I really needed to read it. I've going back and forth on focusing between building a business and travelling/working on game. It seems like doing both is my best option.
08-27-2014 05:22 PM
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