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Fat chicks have standards now
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RE: Fat chicks have standards now
(04-15-2011 08:39 AM)Samseau Wrote:  never heard that one before

Ive had it come up quite often.

Usually if I meet up with a fattie I tend to go off on how I lost so much weight through willpower, immediately after I hear this excuse. It has to be them trying to justify why they haven't done what I was able to do.

This was also back before I found Roosh's site when I was still in "fat girls are easier" mode.

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04-15-2011 03:08 PM
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RE: Fat chicks have standards now
lol poor whale

But you did world a service, gmac, by helping fight the obesity epidemic.
04-15-2011 04:56 PM
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RE: Fat chicks have standards now
(03-16-2011 05:18 AM)Dueyz Wrote:  This is what it's come to, guys. In some modern day cultures, it's getting worse. These fat women honestly believe that they're equally deserving of in shape people. The # 1 argument I hear from these hogs is that their personality is so much better than the in shape broads. They truly believe that women in good shape cannot posess the same good personality. They desperately look for something that makes their value equal, inspite of their weight problem. I've never met a fat woman who has a personality that is so exceptional that I can't find a woman with the same personality who isn't fat. NEVER.

Holy Thread Resurrection!

I agree with every word of this.

Update:Every third person in Ireland and Europe seems to be fat.

Whats worse is a guy who is clearly improving then settles for a fat girlfriend, its like he is detonating the railway ahead of him he has just constructed, how conducive do you think she is going to be to his eating habits "Lets just relax", Fuck the girl, lose this weight for yourself NOW and aim for better women.

Men have a shocking lack of esteem to not be mortified. Men would have been howled at for this shit years ago. and giving people jibes. Even at my lowest esteem I'd rather be lonely then seen with some of these ones. But these semi bugman often are surrounded by fat mothers, fat girls, everything gets sloppy and everything gets normalised.

My childhood friend in his mid to late 20's was losing weight on keto diet (which I am introduced him too) and was lo and behold unlike many others I gave advice to, He started that day and began dropping the weight right away, was impressive how quick he visibly started getting smaller. He had been through some sort of mental breakdown/anxiety 3 years ago, his dad died etc, yet he's finally moving out again , has a great job lined up.

Last weekend, he shows me his heffer, he didn't look too happy all night when we were out on the town. I hate to say but he is dead lazy in this regard, I desperately want to do what he hates, hit the weights or exercise hard and transform Goggins style. He even admits she is not the best looking, that he was only the losing weight for the job. I wanted to tell so badly if she's like this, what do you REALLY think its going to be like 5 years from now?

Everything is upside down, one of the girls out sends a picture of her and me to her mother and a nurse (who is enormous), reply gets sent back :

"Syberpunk is he alright?"

I've dropped from a near obese 102 kg to 78kg, the last year. 182 cm tall, 6 Foot 2. I'm lean and wiry now.
Health seems alien and unnatural to those without.

Thin tax incoming because your not spending enough to keep the economy afloat, a penalty, do your fair share!

Sometimes you need an ego, a plan for the future in your mind, meditation in the west just clears the mind out so you will accept any old thing, to avoid the little voice.

Plan for the west:

No Fap so you don't settle with the first thing, hard work, visualisation, substantial religious exploration, exercise, stop emptying your mind instead only empty it of Love Island pedestalisation of skanks, of tanned walruses and chavs, that ramps your sex drive up, of the slop. Be something unto yourself.
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08-14-2019 01:16 PM
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