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Milan (Italy) datasheet
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Milan (Italy) datasheet
Hey, after all the good advise I took from this forum I guess it’s my turn to give something back.
This is my first datasheet here and is about the city where I live.

To start off I wanna introduce myself so you can have an insight of the person who is writing this.
I’m a 23 years old italian guy. I was born in a midsize city in Central Italy and I moved to Milan when I turned 18 to attend a top tier university.
Body: I’m 6 foot tall (182cm) but I’m on the skinny side (not to skinny, but a bit underweight).
Face: Average or beyond par now, but in the past I used to have a below par face. I had an underbite and I needed to undergo a massive surgery (and braces) to correct it.
I also had bad acne when I was a teenager and even though I don’t have it anymore I still have some light acne scars (very mild though because I correct most of it through laser surgery).
Clothes: It depends but I generally like brand clothes. I usually wear a pair of skinny jeans and a sweater/shirt which fit nicely during the day and a blazer and a nice jeans during the night.
Money: above par.
College/University: I study finance in a private college/university in Milan.
Languages spoken: Italian, Spanish, English and a bit of French

Ok that was a brief introduction of me, now I’ll talk about the city and the girls.

As I said I’m not originally from Milan but I moved there years ago to study and to party.
If you plan to come here in Italy and if your only interest is to bang beautiful girls Milan is without doubt the place to be.
You shouldn’t even consider any other city, the difference in quality is so huge that you will waste your time wherever else you will set foot in.
Milan not only has the more beautiful girls in Italy (by far) but since it’s a fashion city there are more girls than men.

City: the city is quite big, officially Milan has 1,3 millions of inhabitants but don’t get fooled by this number. The metropolitan area has more than 3 millions people and on a normal day there are between 3 and 4 millions people in town.
Milan is also the richest city in Italy and a lots of people from all over the country move here for work or study purposes.
I won’t talk about the city further because it’s kind of a shithole (it’s an industrial city), so let’s just move ahead and talk about the girls!

Girls: As I said before girls here are gorgeous! There is a huge difference in the level of attractiveness between the city I was born in and Milan.
Overall italian girls are not so attractive, but Milan is the exception.
Many of them are always dressed to the nines and well groomed, no matter if they go to a party or to a grocery store. You will probably be amazed by them.
Clothes here are often used to convey social status, so even at colleges (especially if private) girls dress perfectly. You will see them with louis vuitton, burberry, gucci or hermes bags, well fitting and sexy clothes and sexy shoes (sometimes high heels).
It’s kind of a torture to pay attention during classes (but it’s a good torture).

Problems: As in every city there are some problems. In Italy and especially in Milan the problems are that girls are not easy, the competition among men is fierce and cold approaching girls is not common here. You will have to rely on your social circle 90% of the times.
Let’s discuss in more detail every problem and the possible way out.

Difficult girls: I know that many men tend to think that the girls in his city are the most difficult ones in the entire world. I won’t say that but italian girls are definitely not easy.
They have a very huge sense of entitlement when it comes to men.
They want their man to be: handsome, beefy, tall, with a very active social life, with very good connections (aka social circle), with a very good career (or a prospective for a very good one in the future), with a sharp sense of humour and of course with a lot of confidence and self esteem.
Basically they wanna stay with a man who they can boast about with their girlfriends and “enemies”. Someone that other girls would envy them for.
Well, that’s perfectly fine if the girls are 9’s or 10’s. The problem is that every girl want those features in a man! So, don’t waste your time around 6s or 7s thinking that they will be easier to bang. They won’t. They require the same amount of time, trust me.
Now, you may ask yourself….yeah but who gives a fuck? I don’t want a girl for a relationship, I want a girl for one night stands.
If that is what you think I have to give you bad news.
In Italy ONS are not common! Of course they can happen, but it’s not the standard by any means.
Girls are very wary to sleep around. The social culture in Italy is very strict and “antiquated” and consider the girls who sleep around as sluts and, to put it simply, as girls not worthy of a marriage with a “good man”.
Now, you can guess that the dream of many girls is to get married and to have a nice family but they also want to have sex and have their pussy pounded hard; they face a trade off basically.
What they do to overcome this tradeoff is very simple: they try to get engaged with a man so they can get laid whenever they want without suffering the slut’s reputation.
To italian men this is a nightmare!
Basically, to have a regular sexual life in Italy a man have to commit himself into a relationship and many times this mean to settle down for less.
If you come to Italy you will see an astounding amount of couples (really) and the peculiarity among them is that the man usually is more beautiful than the girl!!
Girls don’t want to settle down for less, but since men want to bang somebody they often get engaged with girls who are not at their level just to have a normal sexual life (also consider that overall italian men are more beautiful than italian girls).
The ones who don’t do that have to strive to get a bang! Many times they travel abroad because they think it’s much easier and this is the main reason of why italian men have invaded (and plagued) all the eastern european countries (along with the north european ones more recently).

Possible way out: well, if you won’t commit to a relationship there aren’t really good way out, but you can do something to improve your chances of getting laid.
Firstly, you must avoid at all cost the city with less than 100,000 inhabitants. You are literally screwed if you happen to be there.
The “social culture” is even stronger in small cities so girls won’t sleep around at all there (apart rare cases that don’t involve strangers).
In a 20,000 inhabitants city people know each other very well (especially here in Italy) and if a girl sleep around somebody will eventually find out and spread the “story”.
When this happen the girl ends up screwed, will fall into a depression and sometimes will take her life (I’m not kidding!!).
So, stay away from small cities unless you enjoy spend time sitting in your bathroom fapping yourself relentlessly.
In big cities girls are a little bit more open because it’s more difficult that somebody can spoil their reputation (in a city of 2/3 million people it’s kinda hard) but ONS are still not common. It usually takes roughly three dates to bang an italian girl (more on that later).
Secondly, try to come in Italy at the right time.
September, October, February and March are the best months to come in Milan if you wanna try to get ONS.
September is when the universities begin, girls flock into college cities and they hit the nightlife to the hilt. October is the same shit of September.
February is good because is when the exams’ session end and girls get wasted.
March is good because even though there are classes the workload is almost non existent so people take advantage of that to party hard.
Avoid all the summer months, January and December.

My favorite month for hunting is hands down September.
Freshman come to Milan without knowing nobody so they look for somebody who bang them for good and repeatedly (basically a fuck buddy) until they can settle down with someone; sometimes they don’t even settle down since Milan is a big city and so they have less risks to have their reputation ruined. But if you are their fuck buddy the watchword is: “discretion”.
You can catch these girls at the first university’s parties. You can check when they are and where in this facebook page:

Male competition: this is the second problem. Competition among men is fierce here.
Men are usually well groomed, athletic and with handsome faces. It’s hard to stand out.
They spend lots of money to appear at their best and they won’t be nice to you if you try to open the girls in their group (but more of this later).
Since it’s hard to know and bang girls if you don’t commit yourself into a relationship, they are overly “protective” (or call it jealous) to the girls they have in their group.
And since they don’t know the game and they don’t understand the female psychology, they don’t even realize they have been friendzoned.
They are what we call “orbiter” but they don’t know it and as a consequence they can be extremely aggressive because they think they still have chances of banging those girls. Watch out because sometimes they can carry a knife with them.

Possible way out: The easiest thing to do is befriend the men in the group but one thing is to say it, another thing is to actually do it. Lots of men won’t be easy to befriend because they see you as a new obstacle/threat between them and the girl.
As for the physical appearance take care of yourself with a good diet, going to the gym and wearing clothes that fit you.
There is another solution to this problem but I’ll talk about it in the next paragraph.

Absence of a cold approaching culture: this is the third problem. Girls here are absolutely not accustomed to cold approaches!!
Almost all the bangs come from social circle game and if you don’t know people and you don’t have the right connections it will be extremely difficult to perform well here, and it’s not easy to build a good social circle in Italy.
As I said in the previous paragraph men not only won’t let you approach the girls in their groups, but many times they won’t even accept you as a friend in their group.
Groups here are very close. Many times they are formed in primary school and they stay the same throughout the life of a person.
This is because people tend not to move from their native city. The average italian guy lives with his family until he is 30/35 yo and then he goes living with his wife and his children near his family home.
In the big cities it’s a bit easier to know girls because when they arrive in a new city for study/work they don’t have a group of friends yet and so they are willing to know new people, but after some months it gets hard.
Without somebody that introduce you to girls, you have to run cold approach game or online game.
I won’t get into the details here, because I’ll cover the different kind of game later but, for now, I just tell you that it’s way more difficult.

Possible way out: there is an easy way out here, but you have to be willing to spend some money.
Here in Italy we call it “privè game”. In english is "bottle service game"
Now, in the USA (or in Moscow for example) it can cost lots of money to book a table and to buy bottles, in Milan not so much and that’s why it’s worth mentioning it.
When I first arrived in Milan I didn’t know nobody and doing that enabled me to know lots of stunning girls, even models (more of that later).
The gist of it is simple. Promoters know lots of girls but they won’t let you access to their social circle if you don’t have value or something to offer.
But if you book a table with them and you help them make some money it’s easy to befriend them and break into their social circle.
As I said you don’t have to spend lots of money, it’s kind of “cheap” here and it’s the fastest way to build a massive social circle with lots of gorgeous girls as your friends (or fuck-buddies if you are good).

Kind of games: ok, let’s now talks about the different kind of game.

Online game: Tinder game is almost non-existent here. I remember the first time I read the word “tinder” (some months ago) I thought it was a new english word and I look it up in my dictionary (lol).
I figured out what it really was days after my initial research thanks to google.
Girls here don’t have a fucking clue of what Tinder is so don’t rely on it.
Facebook game can be profitable but girls are relentlessly approached on facebook by italian guys and as a consequence many times they won’t respond.
If you have a very “social” profile you can try it but I wouldn’t put too much hope in it.
Other online dating websites are kind of useless if you are interested in the most beautiful girls. They don’t need those websites to find a man and so they don’t use them.

Daygame: As I said before, girls are not accustomed to it. A guy is considered bold if he cold approaches them during the night, I think I've never witnessed a cold approach during the day in Milan.
You can try it, though.
Best places to do it are: Sempione Park (biggest park in Milan), all the universities campus and the subway stations. Good luck!

Nightgame: Yeah, this is what I like. There are lots of clubs in Milan and you can find parties all days of the week. The vast majority of the clubs are fashion/high end clubs.
If you wanna know some clubs:

Armani Privè: this is the most exclusive clubs in Milan and the one where you will find the most beautiful girls. Pay attention though, because some are escorts. It’s kind of like Provocateur in NYC or LIV in Miami.
It’s quite expensive, the cover vary depending on the day, drinks cost 20€, champagne 1000€+
It’s tough to get in if you don’t know some promoters.
Best night: thursday

Just Cavalli: another high end club. It’s similar to Armani Privè. Lots of beautiful girls, rich girls and models.
If you want to book a table it will cost you roughly 100€ (per person), then you have to pay for the bottles.
Best night: there isn’t a best night here. It’s almost every time packed with gorgeous girls.

Byblos: it’s a high end club. It’s kind of new but girls love it. Cover vary, drinks are 20€ each. Tough selection.
Best night: mmm don’t know. I was there a Friday and I really liked it.

Old Fashion: it’s a clubs that is well known among university students. It’s big and a bit less expensive than the ones above. All kind of people inside but it’s mostly frequented by posh students.
Best night: Wednesday

Eleven: this is a small club situated in Corso Como. It’s frequented by posh people, average prices (10€ each drinks) and it has an awesome night on Friday
Best night: Friday! It’s models night and this club it’s chock full of them.
The Club: another posh club. Popular among university students. Cover: 25€, Drinks: 10€
Sometimes you can spot models inside. Frequented by rich people and wanna be rich.
Best night: Tuesday and Friday.

Divina: Small clubs near Colonne di San Lorenzo. There are lots of universities students inside. It’s again kind of a trendy club.
Cover: 20€, Drinks: 10€
Best night: Thursday

Hollywood: this was the place to be some years ago. It was frequented by very rich people and lots of models, but in 2010 (if I remember well) was closed due to a cocaine scandal.
It has reopened now but it’s not at the previous level. There are lots of hot girls inside though, so you should give it a shot. It’s expensive.
Best night: Saturday and Wednesday (models nights).

Limelight: it’s a club popular among high school students and university students. If you are over 25 you shouldn’t go there. Cover: 15€, Drinks: 10€
Best night: Friday and Saturday

Nepentha: another posh clubs. Popular among well off people. It’s good if you are in your 30’s.
Best night: Friday.

Le Banque: another high end club. It’s situated in the Center of Milan and it’s popular among university students. Cover: 20€ Drinks: 10€
Best night: Friday

There are many other high end clubs in Milan but I will stop here for now.

If you are interested in underground clubs, rock clubs ecc, well I think Milan is not the city for you.
Check out those clubs, though:

Magazzini Generali

Models: Milan is full of models. They come here to do castings, shootings and for fashion weeks.
Best time of the year to see them is September and February but you will see them almost every time you go out irrespective of the time of the year.
If you take the subway at a normal day you will meet at least one of them.
People don’t approach them, so if you the balls to do it you won’t have much competition.

Where to stay: I would advise you to book an apartment or hotel near: Navigli, Corso Como, Sempione, Colonne di San Lorenzo or Brera.
Girls tend to go out in these areas.

Conclusion: Italy isn’t the best country to pull girls. You need tight game and you should have the aesthetics to back you up.
One night stands are not common, but they can happen at the right times.
Italian girls are much easier to pull when abroad.

I left out lots of things, maybe I will add them later.
The post is fucking long even as it is now.
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RE: Milan (Italy) datasheet
This is well done. Good work.

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09-19-2014 11:49 AM
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RE: Milan (Italy) datasheet
I would have thought cold approaches were more common in Italy, I've never been to Italy but the Italians I hung out with in Australia approached like crazy.

The Italians I've talked to say Milano girls are hard to bang. They say this "sei figa de legno" = A frigid woman, stuck-up, in terms of refusing sex. The direct translation is "wooden pussy" is basically as far as I know.
09-19-2014 12:27 PM
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RE: Milan (Italy) datasheet
Yeah, italian men have a reputation of approaching girls left and right but it's not true.
They approach like crazy when they are abroad (they think that girls abroad are much easier), but in Italy they don't cold approach much.

Also, many of them don't have game.
They don't approach during the day, and during the night they just grind on the girl from behind and wait for a reaction.
If it's a good one, they stay, if not they move to the next girl.

The men who have success here are the ones who have status

Figa di legno is an idiom and yeah it means a girl that doesn't put out with anybody
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09-19-2014 12:43 PM
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RE: Milan (Italy) datasheet
My experience in Milan was not so good, but I just spent like half a day there. It was a very touristy experience, plus the weather was cold and cloudy dark (in summer). Combined with many of Milan's places that are filled with graffiti this didn't give me a very good impression of the city, but I know this was circumstantial.

Anyways, good data sheet. Just some advice: Try adding some format to your datasheet, to your paragraphs and titles. It is difficult to read long datasheets without that.
09-20-2014 01:15 AM
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RE: Milan (Italy) datasheet
The post of Gosh is gold and really describes the situation of Milan. You really need to work hard there to achieve good results. Arguably I would say that it's the most difficult second tier city in Europe, due to the fierce competition, wealth and very elevated bitch shield, and the lackness of a real culture of ONS or enjoyment. On the other hand being Italian and get used with the high standard of game it required, you can make great things abroad.
Nightlife is boring and usually really sucks. In fact when I wanna describe a posh club in EE, I would say "Milan style club" Smile In these environments quality is very good, but you don't have chanches, unless of being well connected, wealthy, beautiful, etc. etc. as Gosh said. Even in high end clubs of London and Paris the atmosphere seems be better.
In general in the mediterrean area, France and Spain are a definitely upgrade, compared to North Italy.
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09-20-2014 05:44 AM
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RE: Milan (Italy) datasheet
Great datasheet, Italy has a lot in common with Spain. The photos on that fb link you posted remind me a lot of the clubs in my home city, snobby vibe but great talent... it's almost painful!

Are there many Erasmus students in Milan?

Тот, кто не рискует, тот не пьет шампанского
Datasheets: Saint Petersburg, Minsk, Valencia, Wroclaw
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09-20-2014 01:01 PM
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RE: Milan (Italy) datasheet
Yes, Milan is chock full of erasmus students!
The erasmus girls are the easiest ones but it's not easy to party with them!
The best parties are private and if you haven't the erasmus card you can't get in. They usually rent a big mansion or an empty storehouse and they party hard there. It's a slut fest inside.
I managed to get in only once and I can't even describe what was inside, just insane. Hot girls completely wasted that were so fucking easy to pull.
That party was located in an empty storehouse in the east part of Milan, near the Linate airport.

Other erasmus parties are at: Old Fashion, Le Banque, The Club, but they aren't as wild as the private ones.
You can check the "club erasmus parties" here:

Another link that would probably be useful is the one that show the model's parties, check this link:
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09-20-2014 02:18 PM
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RE: Milan (Italy) datasheet
In my opinion Italy must be the most difficult country in the Mediteranean and likely in Europe.As a top tourist destination it gathers hot girls from all over Europe though.
You see the pattern with Erasmus parties.In Poland it is a paradise for foreign male students while in Italy they are a heaven for local guys.This says a lot about the gap between the two places.
Italy is regarded as a dick heaven for several women(even Greek ones).They always speak passionately about Latin lovers how they want to taste this and that that they are different etc.
09-20-2014 03:17 PM
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