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Feminists Mad About Marvel T-Shirts
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RE: Feminists Mad About Marvel T-Shirts
To truly grasp the absurdity of modern feminism, one must examine the logical fallacies inherent to so many feminist ideological stances/viewpoints.

Quote:Blogger PJ Curtis discovered a t-shirt in the junior’s section of Walmart that reads, “Training to be Batman’s wife,” in purple lettering with a pink Batman logo. “The idea that you should settle for being married to or sleeping with someone awesome instead of being the awesome person is insulting,” she wrote on her blog PJ Says. “This just happens to be aimed at a young girl. I resent the idea that she should “train” to be so Batman’s wife.”

Note very carefully the presumptions contained in PJ Curtis' complaint here.

The shirt says "training to be Batman's wife". Curtis proceeds to take offense because she sees two options here:

1. Settle for being married to "someone awesome"
2. "Be the awesome person"

In Curtis' mind, these are mutually exclusive options. If one works to become the wife of "someone awesome", they are, by definition, "settling". One cannot "be the awesome person" if one desires to be "married to someone awesome". By using the words "training to be Batman's wife", Curtis has presumed that the shirt is mandating the application of option 1 to the exclusion of option 2.

The problem, of course, is that Curtis has presented an utterly false dichotomy. The shirt uses the words "training to be Batman's wife". It does not put forward any suggestion that this is a position of inferiority - that is an inference manufactured entirely in the mind of PJ Curtis, a product of her own bias (a bias that has become the norm within the realm of modern feminism). She simply assumes that by seeking to marry "someone awesome", one chooses to settle by never becoming "the awesome person". In reality, it is entirely possible for one to be "someone awesome" and still seek to marry another "someone awesome".

By suggesting that one may be in training to be Batman's wife, the shirt does not preclude the notion that its female wearer can herself be as awesome as Batman: she could perhaps be his female superhero counterpart or business partner, or nemesis, or catwoman. In fact, she could perhaps even just a really awesome wife/mother. This is where you see the limited nature of modern feminist ideology: feminists tend to overlook the fact that even in performing only the traditional gender roles associated with motherhood and marriage, a woman can still be "awesome". Unmarried, independent career women are not the only "awesome" women on the planet and career accomplishment is not the only form of personal accomplishment worthy of the label "awesome" for a woman. A woman who devotes herself to her children and to motherhood in general can still, by virtue of that devotion and the actions taken in accordance with it, be very "awesome". By neglecting to acknowledge this reality (and actually subtly implying that it doesn't exist) while privileging only certain forums as venues for "awesome" conduct among women, modern feminists like PJ Curtis show the highly limited nature of their ideology and of their own minds.

PJ Curtis overlooks all of this because she, like the mainstream feminist ideology she generally adheres to, maintains a fundamental bias toward ideas that do not line up with highly progressive ideals that privilege the single, independent career woman above just about all else. The concept of traditional marriage is, in and of itself, threatening and easily offensive to someone like Curtis. Because of this bias, she instantly presumes that one who desires to marry "someone awesome" is "settling", and cannot themselves be "someone awesome". In doing this, she proceeds to undermine the choices of all women who maintain the desire to become the partner of "someone awesome" by essentially implying that by choosing to become wives a) they are all settling (and therefore less than), and b) they cannot themselves be "someone awesome".

Therein lies the fundamental hypocrisy. If pressed about the legitimacy of their ideology, modern feminists like PJ Curtis will insist that they stand simply for the female right to freely choose their path in life. Their actions, however, consistently display a bias against those choices that do not align with more independent/careerist ideals. By maintaining this bias and consistently expressing it with their outward actions (as embodied by protests like the one documented in this article), feminists actually serve to encourage the very limits on female choice they claimed to set out to eliminate. Their biases also show that they are not nearly as open-minded as they claim to be.
10-05-2014 03:07 AM
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RE: Feminists Mad About Marvel T-Shirts
The new Spider-man Miles Morales is not gay. He has a girlfriend in the comics (Yes I read comic books)

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10-05-2014 03:17 AM
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