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being unhappy = getting laid more
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being unhappy = getting laid more
so two years ago, my junior year at asu, i officially became a hippie stoner. I mean, i already smoked occasionally, but that year made everything else look like kindergarten.... and in the process I became happier than i had been in my entire life, so happy to the point that i believed i had 'transcended' and was strictly guided by 'love'... i was buddha-like, if buddha played beer pong 5 days a week and had monthly ragers at his house.... i never got that drunk, but i was high for most of the year, and literally the entire second semester- in the morning, in class, while lifting weights, swimming, cooking, writing papers... (on academic scholarship, so not on the job). I was so high all the time, that i became truly content, and didn't believe i needed anything... money, job, girls, etc... stoned and naive, but really FREE and satisfied with life.

my point? i was surrounded by hot party girls all the time, and only made out with 2 girls and slept with 1 other girl that year. OUCH.

FAST FORWARD to last semester of college...

i took the maximum credit hours to be done that semester. i no longer lived somewhere cool, and cut my rent from 600-800 to 300. i basically lived in the library until 2 or 3 am, and had a shitty little foam mattress in my closet-sized room to go home to. I had stopped hanging out with my party buds, had literally no social life. my focus was out of this world sharp, ALL THE TIME. in the few moments i had to reflect on my mood i realized that if i were to kill a man, i probably wouldn't feel any different. It was a mix between being pissed/depressed/truly not caring about anything except my goal. I was far from 'happy'. my extreme social isolation and focus combined to make me one serious mofo.

my point? I was eye-fucked HARD pretty much all the time in class, walking around campus, in the gym, etc (never in library...) by some of the hottest girls at asu. on the RARE occasions that i actually said a word to one of these girls, they fawned over me and i never even encountered a drop of resistance all the way into bed.

SO... a few months removed from graduation, this reflection has made me seriously pause to redefine a lot of things for myself.

In both scenarios I was never that motivated by sex. The only girls I got action from in the first were the girls who saw me all the time in a social circle. My lack of interest apparently made them very interested in me over time (even an 8 who flat out asked me to sleep with her). However, for every other girl there was no hope for me, i basically had to wait for vag to fall in my lap. In the second scenario, I had girls wanting to drop their panties just after looking at me.

MY CONCLUSION? I'm an attractive mofo.

seriously though, i'm thinking what separates the 'alpha' from the 'beta' on the most fundamental level is a killer instinct. It means that a real man sacrifices happiness and joy for something much more important to him: his manliness. That feeling of being a lion. Happiness and joy are nice to experience in the form of weed, beer and vag, but they never define a man. Beta men are afraid of what people will think of them if they are 'killers' (OH NO!), and instead embrace happy feelings and bromances. Call it my coming of age if you will, but i think its profound.

-while gaming depressed
-while gaming happy
-while gaming 'after killing a guy'
-do you think happiness is really natural for a guy to carry around all the time? at all? (and doesn't this 'killer instinct' conflict with being a part of society, to be succesful in business, social relationships, etc)
04-04-2011 11:24 PM
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RE: being unhappy = getting laid more
If I had to take a guess as to why this is, its because as men we're self reliant. Women need animals, handbags, men, other women to hate, daytime TV, cheesecake, and Midol to make them happy. They're not wired to just be content.

Guys, however, can hit this point like you described. An existence of just chillin. You realize that you're a man, you dont NEED a damn thing aside from food, water, and air, and everything else can just fade into the background noise if you want it too.

I had a point like this for a few months not to long ago. It was before I was turned onto Roosh, Bang, and the concept of game. I was neither Alpha nor Beta, I just WAS. I didnt give a shit about the girls I saw, I went out alone, danced, talked, and drank and was just happy. I didnt feel the need to pursue women because I figured they'd just bring me down, so I didnt.

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04-07-2011 07:21 PM
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RE: being unhappy = getting laid more
Sounds to me like you were just so stoned you didn't care enough to game girls when you were happy. I bet if you tried to fuck them you would have found just as much success, if not more, than when you were unhappy.

i think happiness = higher chance of success for anything
04-07-2011 08:04 PM
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RE: being unhappy = getting laid more
I think the attractive quality you had in that case was being in "The Zone." I think girls are attracted to a guy who goes after what he wants. A guy who doesn't place too much value in his conversation with the girl, and a guy who has more important shit to care about than what the girl thinks. In a sense, girls prefer guys who are more selfish.

On an evolutionary biology level, it could be because a guy who is selfish is more likely to provide income stability (survival), and is going to be more adventurous (titillates her stomach butterflies).

Basically, girls don't want you to think about them. They want you to be men, and they want to come along for the ride. Then the ones who aren't busy getting their brains fucked out of them end up reading or writing self-help books that question "Why Do Men Like Bitches?".
04-09-2011 12:48 PM
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