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Creating a team/work/making money
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Creating a team/work/making money
Hi all,

A little about me, I’m 29, married, casually dabbled in game for a couple years before marriage with moderate/good success, still have the fleeting “I coulda been a contender” thoughts, but they are what they are, fleeting moments in a life where I am taking what I want in situations I can control, without ingesting the things I feel are unnecessary.

My passion/mistress is designing and distributing performance and lifestyle footwear with two HNWI's of the Clarks Family. In many ways, successfully launching a shoe that sells and performs like we want it to is the greatest feeling I can have.

In order to make our launches a success though, I needed a strong team that not only buys in to what we do, but are willing to go to extreme lengths and lay it all on the line with their time, patience and dedication. The prerequisites were the intelligence, character and capability to perform what I required.

I crafted a team of 6 people over a period of two and a half years using principles of "game". Four of the six were, by design, first jobbers, who are on their way to becoming leaders of men, whilst the other two are experienced and seasoned, but feel right at home in the team dynamic.

Now, from a personal standpoint, I love the feeling of improving the quality of life for good people around me, especially in the cut-throat business world where potential is passed over for the perception of "good worker". London is especially tough on 19-24 year olds, with raw talent passed over for experience. So, how I crafted my team was totally congruent to the desired outcome I wanted.

With the four first jobbers, I created a cult of personality type dynamic, based on loyalty and the truth behind me wanting to succeed, and pulling people to the top with me. Some of the ground principles I instilled in these four, was that I would be willing to go to whatever extreme lengths to get them prepared to be Apex in their field, even if it wasn't possible with our company, coupled with the fact that their employment was about more than money for me. It was about me providing a massive stepping stone that would serve them for years to come in exchange for the services we required.

So, I got 15-16 hour work days, weekend work, passion and loyalty in exchange for my own passion and loyalty, and this made the company a lot of money, and ensured everybody won with the experience gained by my staff, and of course the contractually agreed salaries my staff receive, coupled with bonuses etc, and, good friends who are well and truly redpilled (byproduct of the rapport built with my team). I did sacrifice countless hours teaching and nurturing staff, but it has been worth it.

My point is, and especially for the younger, budding entrepreneurs, is that when you need to hire employees, the best outcome is when they completely buy into what you preach as you too believe in and act according to what you preach.

Be the head of the pride.

Be alpha. Be papa bear. Be the fucking honey badger or Mufasa. Be Maximus Decimus Meridus. Be the one who people look to for guidance. Lead well. Lead by example, show your loyalty, show your passion. Look to extract the maximum you can out of your employees by showing them that you too will lay it all on the line.
11-12-2014 07:28 AM
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RE: Creating a team/work/making money
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11-12-2014 06:04 PM
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