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Need help balancing game and work
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Need help balancing game and work
I'm experiencing a sudden burst of growth/trial and error in my game unlike I've ever seen before. Suddenly I'm talking to girls left and right, guys are looking up to me or talking behind my back. Tons of drama and experience.

The thing is, game takes effort and a lot of focus in terms of mental energies. I've structured my life in such a way that gaming wouldn't interfere with my physical capacity, but I feel like it's pretty taxing on my brain.

As much as we preach the "abundance mentality" and IDGAF attitude, it's still inevitable that game takes up a lot of mental focus. You have to analyze the situation, planting your next moves, work out logistics and deal with emotions (the trickiest part). Surprisingly I find that dealing with emotions are the most exhaustive part because in order to not be affected by it (or by one particular girl) we still need to spend mental energy to suppress it.

It's taking away my concentration and I'm failing behind my work. It's a catch 22. You can't just "not game" since now it's built into the routines but on one hand you have work to do. And most of the time that means no going out/horrible logistics and a lot of good prospects getting away.

I know a lot of guys here work full time and almost game full time. How do you deal with this?

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11-24-2014 07:30 PM
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RE: Need help balancing game and work
I'm in the same boat as you.
I've found structured time for my school work/lifting/anything important was the best way to keep myself from dropping the ball.
My free time is spent gaming girls, playing videogames or whatever i wanna do with no pressure of neglecting my duties

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11-24-2014 08:52 PM
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