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Everything - Do Something Active Every Day
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Everything - Do Something Active Every Day
A guy in my life that I really look up to told me this a ways back.

We were talking about hobbies and what not and he said "I dont know, I do a lot of stuff, I guess the biggest thing is that I try to do something active every day. Running, hiking, riding a bike, gym, hell even a walk. Whatever."

It has always stuck with me. I'm coming off a few months of injuries that stopped me from being active, and let me tell you about my life when I work out and when I don't.

tl;dr at bottom, you lazy fucker.

Being active every day:

I'm a champion. I get good sleep almost every night. 7-8 hours of good quality sleep because I have tired myself out during the day. I ate healthy, very healthy for the most part. Balanced meals, protein shakes, vitamins. My food is also normally cheap, 2-3 bucks a meal for lunch and dinner and around $1 or 1.50 for breakfast. I rarely eat out (the bad kind of eating out at least), and generally lead a very healthy lifestyle.

I drink every few days, nothing more than a couple beers to relax. I'll occasionally have a good bender than puts me on my ass the next day, and I hate every second of the hangover because it normally means a day of not working out.

My quality of game of goes up. The quality of women in my life go up. I go on less dates but they are with hotter girls. I get laid at about the same rate as when I'm not active, but the quality of girls is better (maybe because I'm less into drinking hard and partying so I attract more traditional girls, also I look a lot better).

I have more set and reliable schedule which also affords more time to work on other self improvement.

I rarely masturbate. I want all that fucking test I can get! When I fuck chicks, they leave thinking what the fuck just happened?!?! I feel like a silverback guerilla. I throw them around, I choke them, I dominate every inch of their body. They cum almost every single time. Most of time, multiple times.

Not being active:

Normally due to injuries or just plain laziness.

I drink, a lot. A fucking lot a lot. It's a double edged sword. Drinking a lot causes me to meet and hang out with people that drink a lot, which in turns causes me to drink more. It's expensive, but more importantly its completely unhealthy. I'll pull 1-2 am drinking sessions, get 4 hours of sleep and then go to work. I feel like shit for the first half of the day. I normally don't eat breakfast, because I spend every second I can in bed, so I'll eat like shit and grab some dunkin donuts or other crap food on my way to work. I don't pack a lunch(which I always do when being active, I want a complete controlled diet then so I plan ahead), so I end up getting fast food or something else for lunch. It's expensive and unhealthy.

My days off work are normally preceded by binges the night prior. I then stay in bed, nurse the hangover with some water, watch porn and movies. I'm normally not out of the house untill around 1pm or so. At which point I'll fuck around until around 6-7 when I start drinking, and the cycle continues.

My productivity goes to shit. At most I'll work on side hustles and self improvement for 1-2 hours. I get behind in important tasks, and then have to work my ass to finish them in time. My apartment goes to shit, as I care less about cleaning.

I get laid at the same rate as when I'm working out, but quality goes down. I'm more likely to get drunk and settle with that 6 at the end of the bar at 1am than go for the 8 at the grocery store buying rice and vegetables. I want to talk to her, but I don't feel the need to because my testerone is depleted from heavy drinking, masturbating, shit food, and random 6's.

My body goes to shit. I lose weight and definition. I lose weight because I skip meals, eat like shit, and am not taking in the required nutrients or breaking my muscles down to then rebuild.

My quality of game goes down. Or maybe it stays the same, and I just use different strategies, but I think it goes down. If it didn't, I would be banging the same quality of girls as when I'm active. I switch from my normal game to more of a drunk caveman style game.I'll still pull hot girls from time to time instead of going for the 3am special, but I don't really remember the hot little details of the interaction. I fuck, and remember the fuck, but it gets hard to remember what this girl did and liked as opposed to what this girl did and liked, as my mind is normally clouded by alcohol when we end up fucking. When I fuck, I fuck to get off. I don't care too much about the girl. I want my dick sucked, to fuck, to cum on her face, and to go to sleep, that is it.

The transition period:

Transition from not being active due to my injuries, to being active every day again.

First off. It fucking sucks.

Second off, I have asked myself if I am an alcoholic. I don't believe I am, but am possibly at risk for it. My drinking, even during the heavy drinking periods doesn't affect work, and isn't something I NEED to function throughout the day. It's something I like doing, mainly because I'm bored. When I workout, I get home and cook food while doing work. When I drink, I get bored and drink while doing work. So It's not alcoholism, maybe its that I have a highly addictive personality and tend to go full bore into things (for example, today I spent three hours at the boxing gym until I felt so tired I walked the mile home as opposed to normally running it).

With that being said. As much as the transition period sucks, it's actually not mentally hard. It is physically hard because going from being a lazy drunk to being an active athlete is no small jump. Workouts I did on light days 3 months ago (one of my primes), are completely physically exhausting today. My first day back in the boxing grind, I had to stop and take breather too many times to count on both hands.

Physically hard yes. What about the mental part? I find the mental part easy. I go from one obsession to another. Today I boxed for three hours (not sparring, waiting a bit more for injuries to recover). Three hours of footwork drill, bag drills, rope jumps, and even some crazy ass yoga stretching at the end (which I sucked at, but there were some hot ass chicks in it). I then drove to pick up some new title gear I ordered. I grabbed McDonalds on the way back, because I was fucking starving and needed something to recover from that workout. I then went to grocery store, picked up some food to make some good pulled chicken. I got home, opened my package from title, put my new gloves on, and shadowboxed for 15-20 minutes. I'm going to sleep immediately after I post this.

Some people may find the mental part hard. You may find it hard to do something physical EVERY day. That is ok, because in reality you don't need to do something physical EVERY day. The body needs it rests days, and your mind needs its rest days. The point I'm trying to get across is that you should TRY to do something phsyical everyday, because EVERY facet of your life will improve. Don't sweat the days that don't work out for whatever reason, just TRY, and you will feel your life improve.

game wise: Short and sweet, I bang higher quality girls when I'm active. I can also pull the all nighters when they are needed for the right chick. My game is also tigher, because I'm more confident.

life wise: everything is better. Money is spent better. More sleep. Better business progress. Better self improvement.

So in conclusion, strive to be active every day. It may not happen, but strive to accomplish it. You will be happier and accomplish much more in life.

God'll prolly have me on some real strict shit
No sleeping all day, no getting my dick licked

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12-29-2014 11:05 PM
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RE: Everything - Do Something Active Every Day
Yep. Agree.
Being active and doing something physical every is very important for my well being.
I need to get shit done and being productive.

As soon as I'm lazy I'm getting on a bad and depressive mood.

This doesn't matter if it's fitness related or work related.
The main thing is to get the productive feeling of getting shit done.

No rocket science here.
Still, most people fail to understand the huge benefits of being active.
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12-30-2014 12:22 AM
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RE: Everything - Do Something Active Every Day
Awesome post. I have been feeling like a lazy ass lately and need to improve. being lazy leads me to sleeping much more (sometimes 10-11 hours a day.. what a waste). Good inspirational post.

Get your body right, get your mind right and see how much things can improve.
12-30-2014 02:59 AM
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