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(07-26-2011 05:02 PM)dk902 Wrote:  
(04-28-2011 11:02 AM)Athlone McGinnis Wrote:  I may end up eventually taking advantage of my European citizenship sometime in the future if this all continues. I'd be interested in any way to earn and save my money in a stronger currency with more buying power worldwide.

Hold onto that thought for the time being. The euro is not going through a great time itself at the moment. If all of the PIGS fall, i.e. Portugal Italy Greece and Spain, then this will have serious repercussions around the world.

If you thought the 2008 recession was bad, Lehman Brothers was a catalyst to that, and that was one company.

We are talking about four sovereign nations here. Raising the US' debt ceiling, I am not sure what it will bring...seems as though the US will never get a handle on its debt. The UK is slowly but surely trying to get a handle on the shit state the previous government left it in. Austerity measures worldwide.

Ah, but Europe is far for than the Euro. The CHF, SEK and NOK for example are very solid.
07-26-2011 05:09 PM
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(07-25-2011 06:49 PM)JayMillz Wrote:  Hi Guys,

So some of you may be aware and the others may be blissfully unaware

This is to let you know that the world reserve currency is in the process of
changing. Countries or meeting and openly discussing the transition

Just fyi so that you can protect yourselves, assets and families.
Hard assets are best, keeping everything (or a large portion) in stocks
is up to you

The link above is a German finance group that invited
the noted investor Jim Rogers to speak. The first few seconds
are in German then Jim speaks.

I know that you guys know it all and are very smart. But even the
smart ones need a tip every now and again.

To be well informed, is to be well armed

Great link, I've been following Roger's advice for quite some time now, but I've preferred PM's due to their ease of investing compared to futures.

Quote:Ah, but Europe is far for than the Euro. The CHF, SEK and NOK for example are very solid.

The question is if any of these currencies will break... they could be amazing into the future, or worthless. Regardless these currencies are just as good a bet as gold/silver are.

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07-26-2011 05:27 PM
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So IMO all this debt ceiling stuff really is irrelevant because the US is fucked long-term as long as it doesn't do anything to rein down this risk taking culture. For instance, capital gains tax rates should be raised significantly so that you aren't rewarded for taking insane short term risks on Wall Street, which is what all these fucking pro traders do using computers. Similarly, get rid of the fucking mortgage interest deduction, especially for second homes. That just encourages people to overextend and purchase homes they cannot afford. It is simply stupid.

Basically right now the US government subsidizes the US economy's demise. Think about how fucking stupid that is, but it's the truth. Thirty years of conservative economic policy has created this insane economy where the government wants you to basically bet all your money on red and hope for the best.
07-27-2011 08:27 AM
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