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How to Get a Script for TRT-- For Men Over 30
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RE: How to Get a Script for TRT-- For Men Over 30
(11-02-2019 07:28 PM)MichaelWitcoff Wrote:  If your T is low for reasons beyond poor diet and lifestyle, then yes it’s a condition that you’re stuck with forever. TRT will treat but not cure it, and you’ll have to manage it forever. I’m in my second week of TRT right now (age 32) and the first week was a bit rough, but I’m settling into it and I feel great. If you want the option of having kids in the future you will also need to be on HCG or else the TRT could make you infertile.

Thanks for the reply. Guess I'll be seriously looking into TRT then, I probably drew the testicular short straw . Undecided

Would I need to be on HCG in conjunction with TRT, or begin only when I'm thinking about having kids?
11-03-2019 10:42 AM
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RE: How to Get a Script for TRT-- For Men Over 30
(11-02-2019 10:29 AM)JiggyLordJr Wrote:  Been thinking about this, currently 22 y/o with chronically low T, despite lifestyle optimization.

My biggest concern is that once I start TRT, I'm basically dependent on it for life. Is this true?

how do you know you're chronically low? is it because of what youre reading or do you have data points? What are your bloods? If you've got the bloods that back this up, disregard some of the below. These are things I would tell myself if I were 22 y/o and considering TRT.

My take after having used anabolics when young (17y/o), being in the military, getting out and getting a TRT script at 29.

I started trt at 29 after getting out of the military. My levels were consistently between 650-570 before hand. I consulted a doctor and continue to get bloodwork done every six months. There are doctors that will prescribe in this range, but you are going to have to look for them and do your research, and you're probably going to pay a premium as many of these doctors are in league with a compounding pharmacy. (not any different than may doctors who are pushing other drugs but that is a topic for other discussion)

At 200 Mgs a week 1x a week i am getting readings around 900-1000 by the end of the week, the day before the next shot. I can say wholeheartedly that once you start TRT, you're not going to want to come off. Some people have negative effects on fertility due to LH shutdown so HCG is prescribed to simulate for fertility purposes, so they may come off for a period for fertility sake. But you should note is TRT is Testosterone REPLACEMENT Therapy, so its going to replace whatever you are producing naturally and chronicity of use will shut most people down as you are telling your own endocrine system "we dont need to produce this, we have exogenous production going on so no need" It is possible to come off, and your previous "normal" hormonal balance to restore itself somewhat, but you'll likely feel diminished when compared to the high normal range youd get with exogenous use.

So if you are committed to a life long of injections then it might be something for you. But at 22 its highly unlikely that you're a serious candidate for TRT. I am not saying its impossible, but it is unlikely. I would err on the side of optimizing everyhing you can, sleep and diet being the most important factor, cutting out booze, lose any extra bodyfat you've got until you've got abs, continue lifting weights, and stop looking at porn. Those are basic things I'd suggest, and maybe you've already done that, if so not preaching, just saying a lot of people say they've "optomized" and are still sleeping like shit, drinking a lot, eating fast food ect.... all things that cause a toxic load on the body.

Look at the Jay Cambell TRT Bible for a book, also his podcasts. Anything with Dr Crisler is good for refernce.

You may just be prescribed hcg monotherapy/ or the addition of clomid. Some docs are doing this before going straight to Test Cyp injections.

I am a huge proponent of TRT, but make sure you know what you're getting into, the risks, and the data points before undertaking. Bottom line, a forum is a good place to start looking for input from folks who've got some experience with it, but your own research is going to point you onto what is right for you, and a good doctor in the TRT field is often not cheap.
11-03-2019 11:54 AM
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