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NYC Women Increase Elective Egg Freezing 100% in just Two Years
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RE: NYC Women Increase Elective Egg Freezing 100% in just Two Years
(01-20-2015 11:18 PM)CRR Wrote:  Problems go beyond just the age of being a mother.

Bottom line is career women plus natural female hypergamy is a recipe for disaster.

As has been discussed, the biggest mistake women make is thinking that their job increases their SMV like it does for a man.

A bunch of late 30s/early 40s career women, so impressed with themselves, remain flabbergasted that they can't meet a man with a job better than hers who is also of high physical desirability due to her supposed increased SMV. To these women, they are better marriage material than a younger, more physically attractive woman because of their 'success' and 'maturity'.

The problem is, and I cannot repeat this enough, women don't get to choose what men are attracted to. A desirable single man in his late 30s/early 40s (fit, earning good $, etc.) who decides to settle down can choose the following:

A woman in her physical prime (mid-20s) who will be more focused on raising children.


A woman past her physical prime who is more focused on her career.

Who is he going to choose?

Articles like this encourage women to make terrible decisions because they completely fail to consider the free will of men to choose to mate with whom they wish.

Women overall prefer sweet lies over the bitter truth, that's why no matter how honest you are with them or how good and beneficial your advice to them is they'll always fall for whatever bullshit is trending at that very moment.
01-21-2015 08:25 AM
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RE: NYC Women Increase Elective Egg Freezing 100% in just Two Years
Last month when I was still working in the office (remote now) 2 black guys in sales sat in cubicles in front of me. Nice guys, both in their late 20s. Used to crack jokes with them all the time, made working there a lot more fun. Anyway, this light skinned black chick was standing there talking to one of them - I think she is a paralegal if I'm not mistaken. She was nothing special - I'd say 6.5 in the body, but 4 in the face. They were talking about relationships, and one of the guys frustrations therin. I tuned into the conversation when she dropped "Well I'm 28 but I'm not even thinking about getting serious with someone for another 10 years".

The guy shook is head and was like "that's whats sucks about all women today thinking like that when I'm trying to find someone to settle down. What if you want to have kids?". Without skipping a beat, she goes "it's fine I'm just going to work for Facebook or Google and they'll freeze by eggs". Dead serious, no smile.

The reaction from both guys was shaking their heads, total lost for words. The conversation was over at that point. She stood there for a few seconds and walked off confidently. They turned and looked at me and we had that instant telepathic communication of "hamster recognized".

I thought about sending them a link to RoK but decided against it. I just got my remote work contract and I'm not risking that for shit.

Oh and by the way, the company I work for - it's alright, but it's nowhere close to Facebook or Google in terms of prestige, or related to tech at all. And it's in Baltimore. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure she's got long odds getting a job at those places.
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01-21-2015 08:47 PM
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RE: NYC Women Increase Elective Egg Freezing 100% in just Two Years
Women have always had to be told what is good for them, they can't really figure it out for themselves. Modern media encourages the irrationality so it's no surprise they act like teenagers unti 38. Long term they're fucked, so let them continue with their bullshit fantasies, don't try and help them out.

It's almost like dodo birds walking off a cliff, they dont know any better...they lack the mental faculties to see the big picture of their decisions.
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01-21-2015 08:56 PM
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