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Wilkes McDermid, food blogger suicide
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RE: Wilkes McDermid, food blogger suicide
(02-13-2018 11:35 PM)PapayaTapper Wrote:  I agree that things have changed but I also agree the following is true

Quote:Tuthmosis: The way to "win" is to bring in and help the men that this Brave New World is leaving behind--not just trying to say increasingly crazier shit so that we can remain opposite of what the "Cultural Marxists," the so-called "Left", or the "SJWs" are saying. Important words are losing their meaning, and we're churning out incoherent labels faster than some of the people we hold in such low esteem.

If anything it's truer now than it was even then. We have serious problems and we need serious men to address them

And how should that addressing go?

We can only add our input into our own daily life, introduce men to the Red Pill to some degree (after which most of them will reject it anyway), at best we can bide our time.

I have heard stories here and on ReturnOfKings that the Manosphere will go mainstream. This will simply not happen. MRAs are around for 80+ years trying to change the legal system. They only managed to get invited on panels where they have been ripped apart by the mainstream - or made to look ridiculous. The same goes for pure Red Pill men who are given the opportunity - it will be a hit-job.

The only thing that happens over time is that truth seeps into the group awareness regardless of suppression. Terms like Alpha, Beta are already becoming mainstream. Trump has also Red Pilled more Americans than ever before and the issues which sparked his election were actually not the sexual market but the tens of millions of illegal immigrants and the realization by a great part of the White Americans that they are going to be replaced fast if things don't change. In addition you had the entire push of social justice and race baiting by the Obama administration. The Cunt would have done more of the same, but put mor emphasis on feminazi issues.

At the forum it is especially our venting and speaking the truth that brings awareness to men. Because if you suppress ALL NON-PC topics, then they fester and erupt into something far more nasty in the future.

Besides - if you manage to get a date in Berlin via Game and get beaten up and her gang-raped in the park, because you have been diligently studying only the Game-section of the manosphere, then you are as fucked as the Coffeeshop-guys in the SJW-town whose business was bankrupted because they avoided all political topics of the 'sphere.

Best way is to become aware of all things, but then don't let it poison your daily mind - remain an open happy content man.

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We can only become like Neo - just without superpowers. But the world is not as bleak as Neo's so we still have a ton of options.
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02-14-2018 03:01 AM
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RE: Wilkes McDermid, food blogger suicide
I got infinitely more value from meeting others on this forum than I have from anything I have ever read here.
02-14-2018 04:54 AM
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RE: Wilkes McDermid, food blogger suicide
I was thinking of submitting an RoK post based on McDermid about the dangers of falling into the foodie culture trap. I don't think any forum members are likely in danger of that, but it's something that RoK readers might be interested in.
02-14-2018 11:22 AM
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