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Cord Cutting: Cable TV Alternatives
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RE: Cord Cutting: Cable TV Alternatives
You'd be amazed how little you care about TV if you just don't have anything. I never got any kind of cable subscription. Netflix only since I moved out of my parents house. I've actually even got rid of internet. I have untimiled data + hotspot so just use the hotspot on my cell phone for wifi internet if I want to watch something on my PlayStation or go online on my computer. I pay $11.40/month for Netflix and that is it, but because I restrict myself I simply don't care about TV shows and shit like that. If a movie is worth seeing I can go buy it on DVD or Blu-ray.
08-05-2018 09:22 AM
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RE: Cord Cutting: Cable TV Alternatives
My setup:

Initial Setup
Roku - $35-90 per TV
There are about a dozen different models on Amazon, older models and the sticks are cheaper, however I currently have 3 TVs each with a different Roku model--4, 3, and stick--and haven't noticed any performance or speed difference between the three. YMMV. Also worth noting that many streaming services will offer free or heavily discounted Rokus for new subscribers. I previously had an Apple TV and wasn't very happy with it. Can't speak to Firestick or any of the other streaming devices.

HD Antenna (optional) - $20-50
I'll caveat by saying I don't actually have one of these yet but plan to get one in anticipation of the upcoming football season. I cut cable about 2 years ago but didn't live within broadcast range of any of the local CBS or Fox networks until moving to a major city recently. Useful as live sporting events are often blacked out on the streaming services if they're being televised over the air in your local area.

Recurring Costs
Playstation Vue - $60/month including Sports and Spanish language packages
I did a significant amount of research when initially cutting cable into the various streaming services (PS Vue, Sling, DirecTV Now, etc), for my purposes this is the best service. Again, YMMV. 95% of what I watch is either sports or news, and PS Vue has the best selection of sports offerings along with both Fox Business and Fox News. Personally, as a displaced Philadelphian, I enjoy watching the local Comcast sports network--although live Flyers and Phillies games are blacked out, getting the local Eagles pre- and post-game shows are worth it for me (especially since I believe PS Vue is the only way to watch NBC Sports Philly outside of the area). You can also get a dozen or so other regional sports cable networks anywhere in the country, although again live events are usually blacked out.

Netflix - $8/month
Self explanatory, actually considering cutting this one, only reason I still have it is because my dad uses my account

ESPN+ - $5/month
Just got it this year after MLS migrated their package over to this platform. I use it to watch Union games and that's pretty much it.

NFL Sunday Ticket - $55/month from Sept-Dec (prorates to $18.33/month)
Eagles games out of market. I may actually not renew this either, with as many games as the Eagles are likely to have on national TV this year it may be better/cheaper to just go out to a bar to watch. Plus it will encourage me to do productive things with the other time slot on Sundays instead of watching some random Jaguars-Titans game.

Amazon Prime - $120/year
Not sure if I should count this as the free/quick shipping and music services are enough to get me to sign up for Prime and I'd be a member even if it weren't for their TV/movie offerings, but since I am a member I've included it.

All in all it comes out to about $100 month (again including Amazon, which I would have anyway)--about the same as I'd pay for cable but with much more access to content that's relevant to my interests, in particular the Philly local sports cable network. If I axe Sunday Ticket and Netflix then it goes down to about $75. And if you're not a sports fan then you can also lose ESPN+ and the PSVue sports package, which will save about another $15-20/month.

As for TV series, the only ones still on air that I watch are Archer, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Strike Back (even though the most recent season was a SJWified shadow of its former glorious self)--Archer is on FX which I get through PSVue, for the other two I'll usually just subscribe to their premium channel through Amazon (usually free for the first month then $15) when a new season starts and cancel when it's over.

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08-05-2018 09:43 AM
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RE: Cord Cutting: Cable TV Alternatives
I've mentioned the newsgroups many times, but not gone into details since it's technically illegal, I don't think Roosh would want it posted here so all I'm going to do is link to the service I use:


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08-05-2018 02:02 PM
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RE: Cord Cutting: Cable TV Alternatives
Server end:
Synology 916+ Network Storage: you need a high end server with plenty of computing power
Plex Media Server
Sonarr + Radarr + Sabnzbd

This automatically downloads TV shows and Movies in my desired resolution/quality/language/subtitles from Usenet when they become available.

TV end:
Chromecast plugged into TB
Android phone with Plex app

So long as you have a good Usenet membership (or multiple), along with some quality trackers, this works really well. Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and every TV station in the world just about. I've only ever been missing 1 series.

You can also set it up to use Bittorrent if you want.
12-30-2018 11:25 PM
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RE: Cord Cutting: Cable TV Alternatives
I don't have cable anymore, as I thought I could substitute it with DVDs and free stuff on youtube.

My current laptop doesn't have a DVD slot anymore, and most of the "free" films on Youtube are scams.

-> I watch much less screen-based entertainment than before and read more books. now.
01-01-2019 08:50 AM
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RE: Cord Cutting: Cable TV Alternatives
Alternatives to cable?

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01-01-2019 02:35 PM
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RE: Cord Cutting: Cable TV Alternatives
I don't really watch much TV and cut cable TV a couple of years back. I got "Mohu Leaf Ultimate" form walmart - has equally clear reception compared to cable and gives me the basic channels and more. There is probably an updated version of this product now. Anyways, this works great for me.
01-02-2019 01:02 AM
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RE: Cord Cutting: Cable TV Alternatives
Haven't had cable in years, Sling TV and Netflix for the past 18 months is all I use for the limited amount of TV I do consume.
01-06-2019 06:57 PM
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