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Secret Tapes Finally Released On Chevron/Texaco Disaster In Ecuador
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Secret Tapes Finally Released On Chevron/Texaco Disaster In Ecuador
I don't know a whole lot about this story because Chevron probably paid billions to make it a 5-second spot on CNN when it broke years ago.

But these are the tapes a whistleblower at Chevron released to Amazon Watch years ago, showing how Chevron and their consultants were searching in vain for clean soil samples to show Ecuadorian inspectors. The second half of the video shows interviews with locals who go on to say that their livestock and fellow villagers have been dying for the past twenty years because of all the crude Texaco (later bought by Chevron) spilled in the area.

Ecuador sued Chevron for almost $10 billion in damages to repair the spills, so the company fled to the US. These tapes are years old, but various legal BS stopped them from being released until now. Anyone more knowledgeable about this care to comment?

It's great how the Chevron employees think it's all a huge joke, like they accidentally spilled coffee on the printer in the conference room.

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04-10-2015 04:12 AM
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RE: Secret Tapes Finally Released On Chevron/Texaco Disaster In Ecuador
1. Never believe something an environmental group puts out as truth. As someone who has worked both sides of the fence (industrial and NGO/environmental) the environmentalists profit from the victims as 2nd hand parasites.

2. While these situations are terrible and often irresponsible, I continually blame the governments. In even the shittiest country these companies need permits to operate and the government sets the standards. In the southern phillippines it was the peoples own government that said "hey go ahead an log every inch of the jungle", In the US its the government that says "sure, mountain top removal coal mining seems reasonable". If this happens through corruption, again, its the officials taking the bribes that are letting people down.

These people have been let down by their own people, not some sort of corporate boogeyman. Thats the part that makes me the most crazy, people want to attack faceless corporations like "walmart" but there is no 'walmart' there are people at walmart who make these decisions and people in government that allow them. The individuals should be the targets.

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04-11-2015 07:04 AM
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