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Boycott List
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RE: Boycott List
I'm from Toronto, the center of left insanity, and what pisses me off is seeing companies and banks, for example Scotiabank during gay pride and in the following months saying we support gay pride with a big rainbow flag printed on their window. What this says to me is that this company is more interested in supporting a PARADE than the cancer research going on at say Saint Margaret. They are basically saying that a gay parade is more important than children's cancer research, and why? Because they are scum of the earth and believe it will line their pockets a little thicker. Disgusting.
12-14-2015 09:09 PM
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RE: Boycott List
(12-13-2015 03:28 PM)thoughtgypsy Wrote:  Starbucks: supports gay marriage, planned parenthood, transgenderism, and the growth of acceptance of deviancy
Alternatives: Local coffee shops, Dunkin Donuts

Does DD have wifi? I go to starbucks for wifi and the ambiance, though I've seriously cut back since I got my starbucks card and started monitoring my purchases.

Quote:Leftist media (huffpo, jezebel, gawker, all other major media corporations): Propaganda outlets that create and police the toxic acceptable modern narrative.
Alternatives: RVF, red pill blogs, certain youtube channels

I get all my news on RVF, YouTube, various blogs, word of mouth, and Facebook. Sounds saddening at first, but amazingly liberating.
12-14-2015 09:21 PM
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RE: Boycott List
If sending your $,£,etc to corporate entities who support causes you don't like really bothers you, then make your purchases with independent, non-corporate business. They're not hard to find. Avoid the hipster businesses of course.

Independent, family owned, etc, those types of businesses used to be the mainstay of most local economies. One day we will walk out of our house and want to buy something from someone like that, and they won't be there because we were lazy and forgot to let them have our trade.
12-18-2015 10:36 PM
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RE: Boycott List
For a lot of us, this won't be an option, but for those of us willing to take the step, the most effective boycott is leaving your shitty anglosphere country for greener pastures.

A primary objective of most anglosphere governments is the transfer of money from men to women (healthcare & birthcontrol, VAWA, divorce + alimony + child support), thus playing Daddy Government and incentivizing horrible behavior. Your tax dollars fuel the machine more than any individual purchase ever could.

Finally, by moving to greener pastures, or at least spending more time there, you boycott the shittiest commodity of them all: Anglosphere women themselves.
As much as I love my country (Canadian wilderness is beautiful), I recognize that I need to have plans to get out, or at the very least lower my taxes substantially, since it's those taxes and transfers of money that are removing women's consequences and enabling the bulk of their bad behavior.
12-19-2015 03:27 AM
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