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Honolulu, Hawaii Datasheet
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Honolulu, Hawaii Datasheet
Hey guys, Chaos had asked me in the Russia Asian thread to write up a report when I go when I realized I had never posted any datasheets here in the forum despite being a member for a few years so here is one on Honolulu. It's more than a year old but I also took plenty of videos so I think it'll still have good info for those wanting to visit.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Brief Overview of the City

Honolulu is the county seat of the City and County of Honolulu. It is the state capital and the most populous city in the U.S. state of Hawaii. Situated on the island of Oahu, it is known worldwide as a major tourist destination; Honolulu is the main gateway to Hawaii and a major gateway into the United States of America. It is also a major hub for international business, military defense, as well as famously being host to a diverse variety of east-west and Pacific culture, cuisine, and traditions.

Honolulu is a major financial center of the islands and of the Pacific Ocean. The population of Honolulu CCD was 390,738 at the 2010 census, while the population of the consolidated city and county was 953,207. Honolulu is the most populous state capital relative to state population.

In the Hawaiian language, Honolulu means "sheltered bay" or "place of shelter" alternatively, it means "calm port". The old name is said to be Kou, a district roughly encompassing the area from Nuuanu Avenue to Alakea Street and from Hotel Street to Queen Street which is the heart of the present downtown district. The city has been the capital of the Hawaiian islands since 1845 and gained historical recognition following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor near the city on December 7, 1941.

Honolulu is the vibrant epicenter of Hawaii. Here you’ll find everything from historic landmarks and treasured monuments to world-class shopping and a flourishing arts and culture scene. Home to the majority of Oahu’s population, the sprawling city of Honolulu spreads throughout the southeastern shores of Oahu, from Pearl Harbor to Makapuu Point, encompassing world famous Waikiki.

Honolulu has it all. This is the home of some of Hawaii’s most historic places from Iolani Palace, the Kawaiahao Church, the Mission Houses and the treasured artifacts of the Bishop Museum to iconic landmarks like the Aloha Tower, the King Kamehameha I Statue, the Duke Kahanamoku Statue and the historic Hawaii Theatre. Honolulu is also Hawaii’s hot spot for arts, culture and entertainment. From the nightlife, live music and fine dining of Waikiki to the art galleries and underground bars of the Chinatown arts district. Whether you’re looking for Hawaii’s finest museums, or Hawaii’s finest Hawaii Regional Cuisine chefs, the best resorts, festivals, and events, or just some fun things to do, you’ll find it all in Honolulu.

(Okay, so above is all the shit I copied and pasted from Wikipedia and another travel site but here are some additional personal notes for first timers: Aloha means hello or goodbye. Mahalo means thank you. Locals all refer to the rest of America as “the mainland” which was a trip because it’s always just been, um, America to me. And one really cool thing is the “SHAKA” hand gesture.
It’s the hand gesture that is typically known as “hang loose” with surfers but really they stole it from local Hawaiians as it has a deeper meaning ala Aloha spirit, friendship, understanding, compassion and solidarity among the various ethnic cultures. Good thing to know as you’ll find many drivers use it and you might be confused at first.)

The Women

If you like Asian girls but can NOT live in or visit Asia, this is the best alternative. In fact, if you like Asian girls and live in US, quit whatever job you have and move to Honolulu. I don't give a fuck if you pull 6 figures a year, the amount of asian persuasion fine-ness you'll see here in a week will far surpass the amount of asian hotties in your area (and i've lived in the majority of areas where there are supposedly lots of Asian girls.) In addition, this is probably the most mixed area in the world, meaning you'll have a half Japanese/half filipino girl next to a half irish/half korean girl (I tried to pick up on them so i know). This is very normal. While this mixture of different ethnicities would make them very unique in many cities in America, it is normal in Hawaii.

Now if you like white girls or latinas, don't despair, there are many cute-ass white girls (see this example)

but not the same quantity as say Southern California but the ones I met were super cool and laid back so you could make a case that while the large numbers might not be here, the ones that are will be in a relaxed good mood. You'll find some Latinas but chances are they're mixed with some Asian ethnicity or Hawaiian. You’ll also find some Euro gals here who are international students but again, far greater number of Asian girls and that will be the focus of my analysis.



I am a direct street day gamer. I personally recommend going after the tourists as I never see this large amount of Japanese or Korean fobs unless I'm actually in Korea or Japan. Plus, the girls here will be in vacation mode. Now, this part can easily become a FR so I’ll just lay down the key bullet points here and for more details, scroll down below:

Nightlife Recommendations

Not counting night time street approaches, I only went out once gaming at night, First Fridays. It’s where there’s a lot of art (supposedly) and many of the ppl go bar-hopping. You can see videos below. It seemed to be popular with the locals and I think I came late, around 10PM as I didn’t know the whole event starts at 6-ish. A few cute girls knew about it and had gone in past but a hottie who worked at my business never went at all. But she’s conservative although gets hit on a lot. My personal opinion was that it was a sausagefest compared to the tourists at Waikiki. Don’t get me wrong, it can be a fun night to go out if you live there and for your guys who love clubbing but for me, again, I can get this vibe anywhere at home so left an hour later. A military guy who was there partying seemed to love it but I think he’s from the sticks so again, it’s all perspective. Also, some of the guys in previous Hawaii datasheets had mentioned Mooses and Otooles at Waikiki and while I thank you guys for giving a reference point, I personally felt they too were bro bars. Nothing wrong with bro bars but I can hit those up anytime of the week back home in California. I’m here for international poontang but here are some vids I took walking by. It’s doesn’t give the whole picture but at least you get a reference. Lastly, even though I never went, I was told by a cute Korean language student who said she liked Addiction Nightclub and had also visited Vibe night club so you might wanna check those out as well. In general, if I had to pick a bar to go drinking at, it would be Dukes as they had a live band playing 60’s to 90’s rock on the beach with cheap beers. Haha, I remember discovering that place as I had just told a lone wolf Japanese girl who was sunbathing that she was cute. She was keen and open to my extended hand hold UNTIL her surfer boyfriend rolled up out of the water, haha. He was cool though and I shook his hand saying “hey what’s up man. I meant no disrespect” to which he replied “it’s cool”

First Fridays in downtown Chinatown:


Day Game Locations
(IMPORTANT NOTE: I tried to film as much as I could and obviously it would be nice if everytime I filmed, I captured a hot babe but oftentimes, I was also in hunt mode so filming was 2nd priority thus most of the vids, with exception of my approaches, will not have chicks. But hopefully will give you a reference of what to expect and how to approach accordingly.)
Day game - This is my thang. While Waikiki is known as the day game and beach game spot, I wanted to apply some of my personal strategies here to see what it would be like if I actually lived here. Meaning that I wanted to hit up the malls and college campuses in addition to the tourist areas.

Kalakau Street:

Waikiki Beach:
Ala Moana Mall:
Kapiolani Community College near Diamond Head:
Hawaii Pacific University in downtown:

Personal Experience

Okay, I didn’t want the datasheet to become a detailed FR so saved the details for this part. Here’s a recap on my views to success rolling solo in Honolulu (excluding club game as I never went)

If you have wingman or group of friends, you will have more options - Majority of tourists there are in groups of two or more so while you may be able to successfully open and get into their group, you will have an additional obstacle in separating your gal from her friends or family. Not saying it's impossible if you're rolling dolo as I did it (will reference later) but If you got your boy or boys with you, much easier to divide and conquer. Perhaps find an instawing during your stay.

STAY AT HOTEL NEAR BEACH - I have never had as good logistics in my life as this trip and I am a believer in it! GREAT LOGISTICS HELP SO MUCH!


Much easier to pull girls back as opposed to having to take a taxi, bus or drive back to your place although you can always try to go back to their place. In fact, the best bit of local advice I got which helped in my success here was from a taxi driver originally from the Midwest who's been in Hawaii since the 80's. While he was driving me, I jokingly asked his opinion of how to score with the girls in Hawaii, and he said "just open your mouth and say something, say anything. Say 'I've been looking for a girl like you. Wanna see my place?' Most guys are scared and don't say anything because they're worried about themselves"
Nooo, that wasn't the part that helped me haha. Pretty cheesy but funny and positive as he was sorta a taxi driver comedian BUT THEN HE BECAME HARDCORE SPECIFIC:
"set up roughly a 5 min diameter around your hotel. Go for single girls by themselves. Start in your lobby. On the street (he didn't know who he was talking to) If nothing happens for 10-15 min, expand your diameter to 10 min diameter. You might not find s girl for an hour, maybe 2 or more but stay focused. If you do find a girl and have spent 2 hrs with her and nothing has happened or looks like it will happen, just eject and leave as you're wasting your time."
This leads to my next main bullet point:

GO FOR LONE WOLVES: The two girls I pulled back to my place were lone wolves. A surfer girl in a tiny bikini who I had somewhat of an insta-hangout to her place was a lone wolf. Several times I opened cute girls who seemed keen lead to nowhere as they were with their friends. Before Mr. Hawaii 5-0 taxi driver gave me his thoughts, I was already coming to that conclusion and another local dude who I met trying to pick up a chick told me same thing. Go for singles. He said he had a 50 yr old friend who rides his bike to the beach and picks up single tourist girls and bangs em in their hotel room.

APPROACH DURING DAYTIME - During the first part of my trip til probably the last weekend, I was working a lot coming back to my apartment after the sun had set. So when I went hunting and approaching, it was dark out. There are still gangs of girls, people in general on the streets of Waikiki, specifically Kalakaua the main shopping strip, but found more success during the day as opposed to night.

GET ENOUGH SLEEP AND REST TO BE ENERGETIC - self explanatory and pretty obvious. Plus, I'm assuming most of you will be on vacation when you come so won't be as issue as you'll be in vacation mode but I was working a lot. I was so excited to be here first few days that even though I was tired than a mofo, still went out hunting at night on the streets of Waikiki. Problem is when I found my first good lead, I couldn't close at end. How exactly? Opened cute Korean girl in a tiny bikini with surfboard "how long have you been surfing?" "are you korean?" "anyung haseyo"
Extended handhold to playful massaging handshake to massaging her arms "you got a license for those guns?" "Put your board down and let's talk for awhile" (she complies) Chat some more. Hold her board while she uses outdoor shower (whack-off rolodex) Walk her back to her place. NOW had I been rested, I would've said "I need to use your bathroom" but instead I settle for number and D2 plans next day. Ultimately she became a soft flake. What do I mean by soft flake? Well, hard flakes either never had intention of meeting up with you or respond a few times then go cold. This girl actually responded almost daily, picked up my calls and tried to make time to see me but at times I was working. But my guess is she had other cock waiting for her, probably even her roommate who I know was trying to get up on dat ass. Oh well what can you do but even more reason to go for the touchdown any chance you get.

Maui splash pineapple wine - This is now my favorite wine in whole world. It worked both times I suggested it. Here's how it went down:
1st Korean girl (not surfer girl, another one) visiting on a week vacation. Open her with telling her I think she's cute and busting out a little Korean. Blah blah conversation, then at some point I ask her what she does for fun in Korea. Most girls will usually mention hanging out with friends, karaoke, DRINKING (BOOM!)

Fucksong: "Ohhh, so what's your favorite drink?"
Girl:"Hmmm.. beer, soju, wine"
Fucksong:"Ohhh, you know what's great (in very excited tone and energy) I just bought this special wine from this beautiful beach in Kailua (actually you can find it in any convenience store in Waikiki) that is made from pineapples. It is sooo delicious"
Girl: "oh really???"
Fucksong: "hmm. well I have to meet my friend in an hour but let's go have a taste of it for only 5-10 min but I have to come back for my friend so we have to be quick"
Girl: "where?"
Fucksong:"my place is right over there, 2 min walk"

Now, with first korean girl, I fucked up. Since I had been mostly working for two weeks and had yet to bring a girl back, I never really took an objective look at my place. So instead of sitting on bed, we sat on these two chairs. Fuck! We actually got really close, bonded, she sang to me, she liked the same music as me, we held hands and drank the wine but I was not able to swing it to the bed. We set up plans to go either skydiving or snorkeling the next day. Sounds fun right? Only except that she later told me she had a boyfriend AND would not continue to hold my hand after we left apt. If I was going to fuck her, I should had done it earlier. Mistakes are okay as long as you learn from them. So after we separated, I went back to apt and ditched the kitchen chairs outside onto the balcony.

2nd girl - Japanese student who just moved to Hawaii and it was her first day. Short jean shorts with nice ass. Toned legs so her thighs and cheeks were talkin to a brotha. Similar dialogue as above. Responded very well to extended handhold to massaging back of hand. "heyyyy, i just bought pineapple wine. Cho umai! (slang for very delicious in japanese) Let's go drink"
Now as planned, she sits down on bed as there is nowhere else to sit. I continue to stand to wait for my window. Turns out she actually likes smoking weed and i actually had scored some the day before but wanted to stay focused. I play some hip hop on my phone and we start dancing. Credit to Van of Victory/007 for his dancing vids and I do my very beginner amateur attempts at salsa spins but use them to get into a from behind hugging dance to which she replies "toooo close!" while laughing to which I smile coyly and continue to escalate and pull back, push/pull. When I go in closer and kiss on cheek, again she says "too close, i just met you first time" to which I jokingly move far away where we can barely touch each other's fingers and she laughs then i go in closer massaging her ass and thighs. Then inspiration hits:
Me:" wow, your back feels stressed, too firm (or some shit like that) shinpai suru (japanese for i'm concerned)
Her:" really? maybe from running"
Me:"yeah maybe. Or maybe from moving to hawaii. Thinking too much. Here, lie down on the bed and I'll give you a massage"
Now, during the last few months, for some reason my porn of choice has been this massage videos where a pervy massage therapist starts massaging innocently and professionally but once the girl is relaxed, start slowly getting sexual. So that's what I did. I did about 5-10 min of an actual massage and paid close attention to her body language, breathing and vocal sounds. I would also occasionally ask her "kimochi?" "feels good?" and she would either reply "yeah" or "yeeeeeaahh..." (in a relaxed deep vocal tone)
Started on the back over her clothes, shoulders, arms then slowly down to her thighs and calves. When I focused on her thighs, her ass relaxed and slightly spread. I just kept on rubbing, using palms of hands or elbows with occasional karate chops. Then the moment of truth. I would take the tip or tips of my fingers and run them from say her ankle up her calf up over thigh and back down again to which she moaned. I would keep doing this slowly getting to her butt crack/inner cheek area and back down again. Basically teasing that snatch. I would then add occasional pressure massages in those sensitive areas always paying attention to how she reacted. At one point I wasnt even massaging her as much as I was just spreading her butt cheeks in her short jean shorts staring up her ass. I cant remember exactly but either i did start kissing/licking her legs, lower back or ass but she stopped it insisting that although she really wants to, she can't. There's token resistance and there's real resistance and this was the latter. At this point we decide to watch this japanese movie called death note
(TIP for those of you who dont understand korean, japanese or chinese. http://www.gooddrama.net has many popular japanese/korean/chinese dramas and movies with english subtitles which you can watch with your gal so you both can enjoy it. )
We then smoke the weed and start rapping/joking around/actually have a fun time kickin it. Anyways, later while watching, I hug her and again escalate and this time she lets me take off her shorts and bra but damn, she made me work for it. Like I couldnt just take off her shorts. I would caress her lower back, play with her titties and put my hands down her shorts but if i tried to pull them down, "stoppp..." so id then have to backtrack doing the same shit as before and slowly, little by little, caress by caress, pull her shorts down. Fucking tired me out. So anyways, I'm finally eating her out over her panties and I lick her to orgasm. Fucking A, her titties look and felt sooo good. Weird thing though guys, I didnt fuck her. I got hard several times but I wasnt consistently hard. Maybe my body is getting older, or I've been whacking off to much or maybe I was just too tired. I'm gonna seriously consider viagra or shit like that as that ass was mine.
We end up chilling the next day together. The first K-girl texted me asking what time we could meet to hang out to which I flake on her saying my work called me in. Even though Jgirl made me work to get physical, at least I knew for sure I'd be getting some as opposed to having to start from scratch.

GO FOR AND FILTER FOR INSTA-EVERYTHING - Why? Because either you're only in town for a few days or your gal is. It may sound obvious to some of you but I did actually set up several D2s that in hindsight, time invested could've been better spent on focusing on instafuck candidates

Waikiki Resort Hotel near Prince Edward St - I think I met at least 4-5 girls who were crew working for Korean Airlines as their hotel was a minute away from mine. Beautiful girls. Sadly, no luck with any of them.

Weekdays just as good for finding targets - Not exactly sure why but I saw a good number of cute ones (including Korean airlines crew) on the weekdays whereas the Sunday I was able to go hunt, not as many.

Other Info / Recommendations?

West side of the island is where the majority of the Hawaiian popluation live. It's the poorer side although even though certain areas like Nanakuli are considered the hood, you're still right across the street from the ocean with white sand. I was told by a local guy and girl that if you drive west past Nanakuli til the very end, you'll end up on a beautiful beach with white sand. I was also told on the West side you can smoke a joint and drink a beer in public on the beach with no problems whereas you try to pull that shit in Waikiki, the cops will bust you in a heartbeat.

Random Links

Hawaii 5-0 taxi driver who gave solid logistical knowledge

K-girl I number closed at community college and took her and her friend on a D2 to cool beach
Night approach that led to D2 next day where we both had margaritas and walked on beach BUT NO LOVE:
Driving around Hawaii:
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RE: Honolulu, Hawaii Datasheet
Great report. When in Hawaii I've found a good place to tell local or tourist girls you'd like to meet them at or take them to is the bar at Nobu restaurant in the Waikiki Parc hotel. If you're driving, you can park for free at that hotel as long as you get your parking ticket validated in the restaurant or bar. In fact, it might not be a bad idea to stay there if you can find a good rate. All the women I met seemed to think Nobu's was this really exciting, glamorous place to go. I think it might be because so many celebrities supposedly hang out at the Nobu places on the mainland.

Right across the street in the Halekulani hotel is a dark, quiet jazz bar with sofas which makes it a great second venue after you bounce from Nobu. I think it's the perfect set-up for a date: first Nobu, then Halekuani, then to your place. Be aware, however, that both venues are very trendy and pricey.

An approach idea I heard somewhere is to get a buddy or two then put your blanket/towels down on Waikiki beach near some cute Japanese or Korean tourist girls. Act cool, but don't try to approach them unless they make it obvious they want you to. After a few minutes, get up and leave with all your gear, but then come back about five minutes later and tell the girls that you must have left your keys there and ask if they have seen them. Have them help you look around in the sand for a few minutes for your keys which, of course, you won't find. Now that you've got them on your side, game them as usual.

One thing I've noticed over the years and multiple visits to Hawaii is that the mix of ethnicities in the girls there make for some beautiful combinations, although they sure do get into the tattoo thing. However, I think there is somewhat of a village mentality in the locals. Everybody seems to know everyone else by way of one or two other people. I think that can get in the way of hooking up with a local girl if you're from somewhere else if you can't keep it discrete. Taking a local girl on a date to a place like Nobu seems to be one solution.
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RE: Honolulu, Hawaii Datasheet
Perfect. I'll be there in less than a week.
05-15-2015 06:23 PM
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RE: Honolulu, Hawaii Datasheet
I've have a fairly good experience and weeks on North Shore.

If you want to get out of a high tourist trap hot spot like "The Town or Town" aka Honolulu, head to North Shore.

I stayed in Laie but was in North Shore almost every Friday - Saturday.

Laie is smack dab right next to BYU - yes that BYU.


BYU is Brigham Young University a MORMON Univeristy - the cool thing is it harbors alot of international students.

It's also next to the Polynesian Culture center.


Another rad place if you do pick up a chick is the Sacred Falls hike


It's "closed" but there's nothing like hopping a fence that says warning with a girl.

Fresh water to drink, there's Guava you can pick out of the cool water, hell there's even crawfish in the streams, if you have time to trap them.

Take the 83 North of Laie you'll Turtle Bay & Turtle Bay Resort


When I went they had just opened a Surfer Bar (you don't need to be staying at the resort to access the bar.


On an average weekend you might run into a famous surfer or two, it did seem a bit skewed girl to guy ratio.

Keep driving down the 83 you'll see a bunch of rad and famous surf spots, the houses on the right are mult million dollar beach houses that are owned by the rich and famous AND surf teams like Volcom, Billabong, Reef, etc. Volcom owning one of the most famous houses on the Banzai Pipeline.


An interesting fact: there a quite a few Brazilians that live out here.

Doesn't hurt to stop, especially if there is a contest going, the 83 is a nightmare during those times.

Finally you'll get dumped into Haleiwa, to tip of Northshore, we usually went to Breakers Bar and closed it down, there are a few others, most the locals party here, so do some nationals.


If you surf, this is paradise, if you love the ocean, it is also.

Some good tips in Town:

Make friends with sailors and marines, they'll be your best friends and great wingment, luckily I was introduced to a few by a good friend.

I personally roam with a bunch of dudes, 4 max, there are decent bars in Town.

Keep friendly with the locals, don't fuck with anyone that has a "Defend Hawaii" shirt, sticker, or tat.

[Image: defend.jpg]

Don't be a Haole Laugh http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haole

Check out the Stairway to Heaven Hike - make sure to get there early as fuck to beat the security guard, they won't fuck with you on the way back down.


And most of all remember to "Keep the country, country !"

My Year in Review Guides 2014|2015|2016

Podcast with H3ltrsk3ltr, Cobra, and Vinman.

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RE: Honolulu, Hawaii Datasheet
If you had a couple of weeks, would you stay in Waikiki?
N. Shore?
07-18-2015 12:56 AM
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RE: Honolulu, Hawaii Datasheet
(07-18-2015 12:56 AM)The_CEO Wrote:  If you had a couple of weeks, would you stay in Waikiki?
N. Shore?

I would stay in Waikiki if your looking to hookup. Best logistics for daygame, and best nightlife on the island. Anywhere between Lewers St and Kapahulu Ave. You can rent an apartment on airbnb in that area for a relatively decent price. North Shore is nice to visit, especially during the winter big wave swells, but not worth to stay there if your visiting short time.
07-22-2015 07:00 PM
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RE: Honolulu, Hawaii Datasheet
spent two weeks of oct 2016 in hawaii in hononlulu - waikkiki quick recap
waikkiki is very day orientated for game
night life wasent that great , but acceptable - alot of sports bars

mondays - lulu's turns into some kind of dance floor and bar night, besides that not really worth checking out besides that

friday - sat - play bar - kinda of a hiphop bar its alittle outdated but i had a great time, also theres a great bar to pre drinks with $2-3 drinks 4 minute walk from playbar thats a rooftop patio bar ...i tryed to google it but if you venture you cant miss it, theres also a strip joint a few doors down. friday and sat spent doing the three in rotation

night life seemed to die down around 4 am and starts around 11pm for these spots .
11-01-2016 07:17 AM
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RE: Honolulu, Hawaii Datasheet
VERY cool writeup. I am considering coming to Honolulu for the winter. It sounds like if you are into day game and into asians, Honolulu might be the best city in the US for this. Is that right?
11-21-2018 03:08 PM
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RE: Honolulu, Hawaii Datasheet
Also - Fucksong, this is probably the most useful post I've ever read on this site, thank you!
11-22-2018 09:55 PM
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RE: Honolulu, Hawaii Datasheet
(05-14-2015 11:34 PM)fucksong Wrote:  I’ll just lay down the key bullet points here and for more details, scroll down below:


Are all of these still true?
11-26-2018 06:57 PM
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RE: Honolulu, Hawaii Datasheet
I've pretty much found 4 core day game spots:

- Waikiki
- Ala Moana Shopping Mall
- U Hawaii Manoa Campus
- Fort Street Mall Downtown

Are there any I'm missing?
03-22-2019 01:38 AM
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RE: Honolulu, Hawaii Datasheet
Anyone doing any decent daygame out on the water? I've found that there are a ton of smoking hot women surfing, but I find it much more difficult to pull numbers on the water as opposed to just out on the street.
04-20-2019 11:02 PM
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