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IRT publicly masturbates to white woman, Indians apologise
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RE: IRT publicly masturbates to white woman, Indians apologise
(05-22-2015 07:06 AM)TravelerKai Wrote:  
(05-22-2015 07:00 AM)Libertas Wrote:  There's a reason why the State Department has issued warnings to young women traveling in India. This is that reason.

This is actually a real issue that Western feminists could focus on, but we know they won't because that requires effort and might be Racist.TM

Why are Western White women still traveling in India alone? Did CNN's non-stop coverage of it last year not do enough? Do the The US Border and Customs officers need to pull them to the side before they board a plane just to hammer in the fucking warnings? How stupid or ignorant can they be? I saw a poster on the wall in the passport office a couple months ago, talking about the travel advisories.

[Image: Eat,_Pray,_Love_%E2%80%93_Elizabeth_Gilbert,_2007.jpg]

λ ό γ ο ς
04-28-2016 10:29 AM
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RE: IRT publicly masturbates to white woman, Indians apologise
hindu nuffin
04-28-2016 06:52 PM
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RE: IRT publicly masturbates to white woman, Indians apologise
(05-28-2015 05:49 PM)Sourcecode Wrote:  How are they so repressed with such a high birth rate and population

The birth rate is really varied by region. In the south, such as Tamil Nadu, TFR is equivalent to Scandinavia, and lower than many american states. India as a whole will hit replacement levels by the end of the decade.

Furthermore, there is an inverse correlation between birth rates and sexual open-ness/promiscuity.
04-28-2016 09:35 PM
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RE: IRT publicly masturbates to white woman, Indians apologise
(04-28-2016 08:24 AM)Going strong Wrote:  What I find offending is, she asks for two weeks of free accommodation, and would refuse to give sex in exchange...!? So, what exactly does she offer in exchange? Her bubbling attention-whore entitled personality?

To paraphrase her: "thanks but no thanks"!

Not a whole a lot, going by the rest of her CS profile.... Banana tard

[Image: zEs0MCx.png]

She does write a killer blog though?!?

Lucy Hemmings Wrote:Thoughts on this body…

A couple of weeks ago, I took a pretty spontaneous vacation-within-vacation trip to the Philippines with my wonderful friend Sarah and a couple of her lovely friends. It was a true vacation, something that despite years of backpacking I haven’t done in a long time – we drank cocktails by the pool, we tanned (okay, they tanned, I burnt and peeled), we partied and scuba dived and gossiped. We ate nice meals, we went on boat trips, we watched the sunsets and took photos. We also stayed in a swankier-than-swanky apartment with so much room for activities.

[Image: IMG_4776.jpg?resize=1024%2C768]

It was one of those vacations where it feels like every day is a brochure for a holiday magazine – we even joked that in years to come, we’d come back and find that this photo was being used as an advertisement, because let’s face it, it’s a pretty awesome photo.

But, as I look back over our photos, I notice one thing in common – that in so many photos, I’m the first one to cover up.

Yup, I think I developed a bit of a temporary issue with my body.

Okay, before I delve into the somewhat slightly uncomfortable topic of body image, I want to express that I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m not looking for someone to tell me I look good, or bad or anything in between. I’m not boasting, I’m not whining. I’m simply talking about the way I feel about the vessel that is my body and how I feel about it today.

I’ve never spent a great deal of time thinking about how my own body looks and I’ve certainly never spoken about it here on this blog because frankly, I’ve always seen it as trivial. I don’t like worrying about something that, due to genes, is really down to chance… the foundation of our appearances is a total lottery.

I was raised to hold compliments of intelligence, wit or components of my character so much higher than my appearance, something that now, in my late twenties, I appreciate more than I could ever have known – for example, this little story…

So, a good few years ago, I had a little holiday romance with a strapping young man. We had a movie romance – falling for each other, discussing life after death, watching sunsets, planning out a future we knew would never happen but just because it was fun doing it, sitting in parks, restaurants, cafes, learning about each other and falling in summer love. We kept in touch throughout the year and when I returned to the same spot the next year, we tried to rekindle it. We failed miserably. Something was missing – he wasn’t the same, there was no energy or excitement. I chalked it up to him enjoying his first year at university and having a lot on. We respectfully ended it, he drove me to the train station and we parted on excellent terms. I spent the summer in the city with my best friend and I never thought twice about what went wrong.

The guy and I stayed friends and years later, he confessed that the second year I came back, he wasn’t attracted to me, because I (and I quote) “Had gained a lot of weight“.

Do you know what I love about that? At no point did I ever question myself. I was aware I’d gained some weight, thanks to all the beer at my university, but I just never even considered that it could be down to something like appearance… weight just wasn’t a part of how I viewed myself.

So, back to the Philippines and my reluctance to be anything other than fully dressed.

I hate to admit it, but the fact that my travel pals basically could have stepped out of a catalogue probably played an influence, I mean – do you even see these girls?!

Even though the logical part of my brain told me that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that what’s inside your head is more important, there was also that little voice that said “Yeah… but look at her abs! Look at her tan! Look at her body!”

It shouldn’t be that way.

The Change

I’ve just finished my second 10-Day Vipassana Silent Meditation course and I had a lot of time to think about this. It was around the third day when I started noticing changes in my body that my train of thought changed paths. In Vipassana, you’re encouraged to work towards being able to sit for a minimum of an hour without changing your position or moving. Let me tell you, this is hard. Really, really hard. Aches, pains, pins and needles, itches and distractions, plus the knowledge that nobody is going to tell you off if you do move – you’re your own boss.

Day four was a breakthrough for me – I was sat, cross-legged, going through the meditation technique reasonably successfully for about 30 minutes when pain flooded my body. Sitting for an hour sounds pretty easy, but you know what? You bloody try it. It hurts.

Vipassana provides you with a technique to observe your pain rather than reacting to it; and when practiced properly, it’s incredibly effective. But, being able to enable this is difficult – even after two 10-day courses, I still find myself only able to use the technique if I really, really focus myself.

Anyway, back to day four and my pain-ridden body. Until this point, I had never been able to manage a full hour of stillness. I’m not entirely sure if it was ability or attitude, but for some reason day four was different. As the pain shot up and down my right hip and knee and the voice screamed “Just move your leg, move the way you’re sitting, nobody cares” another feeling entered my body. A quiet, calm feeling that told me I didn’t need to move and that I could do it. I could overcome this pain and I could sit still.

And you know what? I bloody did it. I sat, observing my pain and watching it come and go in waves. We are told everything will pass and as with everything, my pain did pass. When the gong sounded, signalling an hour had passed and I realised I could move, I had a new thought. A thought of how unbelievably lucky I am to be in this wonderful, incredible body that has overcome some amazing things.

This is a body that can sit for an hour being still, partnered with a mind that can calm the body, a body that overcame nights in a Cambodian hospital, a body that has carried me through the Himalayas or moved me through ocean depths. A body that has put up with sweltering heat in the desert or freezing cold in the mountains… a body that puts up with not enough sleep, or not enough water, a body that forgives me when I’ve eaten too much or had too much tequila. A body that has carried my backpacks, pulled my suitcases, held cramped positions in tiny trains and buses. A body that has learnt how to sleep on the most uncomfortable floors or how to overcome panic in stressful situations. This, this body is the most beautiful, wonderful, tool I will ever own – and I am so happy to be in it.
04-29-2016 12:35 AM
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