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Vile Sluts Who Accept More Dick Than a Urinal [re-titled 3.0]
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RE: Vile Sluts Who Accept More Dick Than a Urinal [re-titled 3.0]
(09-13-2017 08:52 AM)rorochido1 Wrote:  Would you take a good woman with a child from a past failed relationship? Assuming her story checks out and seems like a legit case (widowed?)

Not a chance, I'm not using my resources for someone else's kid. I wouldn't want my wife to give her resources (attention etc) to someone else's kid either. I'm in the same boat looking to crank out some male heirs. If a girl has even ever been pregnant before at all it's a hard next.

(09-13-2017 09:01 AM)rorochido1 Wrote:  Wish I could add meaningful direction to this topic but, I think the solution for bar or club sluts is to do them in the bathroom or parking lot. Don't bring them home or pay for hotel. Hell, don't pay for anything period. Banana

I always told them I lived with a roommate and after some drama we had an agreement to not bring girls over unless we both met a girl and agreed. No way around it and it gets her wondering. Easy to roll to her place or bang it out in the car.
09-13-2017 09:39 AM
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RE: Vile Sluts Who Accept More Dick Than a Urinal [re-titled 3.0]
In more sane times, extended family and the church would help widowed women of good standing. Widows who have lived good lives in the service of their husbands should be supported by extended networks of people who appreciate their sacrifices as mothers, even if men often have understandable misgivings about raising another man's child.

On an unrelated note, I have a friend of mine who is falling for a single mom (fling she had, then the man dumped her). He's already tight with his own finances, and I've warned him about the risks. She's hyper-feminine, so I can see the attraction, but I've warned him against it. Hopefully, he heeds it.

John Michael Kane's Datasheets: Master The Credit Game: Save & Make Money By Being Credit Savvy
Boycott these companies that hate men: King's Wiki Boycott List

Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value. -Albert Einstein
09-13-2017 10:56 AM
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RE: Vile Sluts Who Accept More Dick Than a Urinal [re-titled 3.0]

Agreed it can come off very outlier & at times idealistic...

BUT all change & growth comes from the edges, then the herd within comfort & stability eventually grows up towards more profitable states. (It's a neverending cycle)

Where we are as a society simply reflects the collective...

Society doesn't need to collapse if we grew up which in terms of family & raising kids which we got a longgggggggg way before alternative & more profitable ways are potentially possible. (Society is already in a social/sexual bubble for transition)

Note: Omitted example to keep on topic

Most people give zero fucks about a stranger. Says alot about society as a whole far less keeping society going.

You create your own reality doesn't mean ignoring this "virtual world". You get cancer or loss leg you gotta deal with it. However, a social loving/giving won't just be left to rot & even the lonely if he accumulated wealth can pay for the help. Heck, look at the dumb stuff randoms donate on gofundme, such TOOLS are rather new potential possibilities.

Quote:You write very seductively of what might best be described as a phase in life, or a passage, or, for most, a young man's game.

Agree AVERAGE man will secure a woman to breed & raise a family, it's within our primal programming. Many have affinity, others don't. (IMO, I feel outliers are just here to nudge human species, lots of people in history are known because they were outliers and MANY unknown)

Quote:It is true that many men are judgmental and have double standards. That doesn't mean that all the men looking for their untouched virgin have those qualities. 

This is ego/fears and denying current state of reality...
- Fertility Rate is higher, no need to spread seed to HOPE you get a kid who survives the harsh environments humans once lived in (Recently seen video in india where a wild boar was being chased because it had a fetus in it's mouth...An uncommon story in this age)

- Sex was turned into recreational exchange of energy (A realm opened up for spiritual growth and unity possibilities)

- Women no longer outnumber men by a long shot & monogamy/wedding created so average man doesn't get weeded out (A realm opened up for people to experience giving unconditional love to others HOWEVER, this has shown UNPROFITABLE due to modern fears/ego and lack of understanding of sexuality & drives...More people added into the mix with exotic relationships are even more unprofitable for the average)

- Most aren't dying of war, natural disasters or lethal diseases

Can go on and on BUT a woman sexuality, past or experience says little to nothing about her overarching quality of being.

Most of time a chick is willing to be LOYAL it's just the dude quality of being is probably LOW and/or just not a good fit for each other where she feels more suppressed & 2nd rate rather than an actual teammate...Look how many dudes CLAIM to be in loving relationships yet slaying on the LOW. (Imagine if their gf was doing that #DomesticViolence)

Quote:There's probably couple of guys in their sixties out there, still going to raves, still with their finger on the social pulse, still pulling through force of character.

Do you plan to be one of them? Nothing wrong with that, it is just that for those guys to exist, you still need a bunch of people shooting for goodness, fairness, consistency to hold society together to allow the libertines to liberty.

Highly Probable as I have an affinity for it...

BUT others can take what is good for them and discard the rest. However, most men are generally DEAD inside by that age. Check out the grant study the dudes who made it to old age either had a loving family OR great social network. (Either way directing good vibes to others)

Quote:Would you say you have conquered fear and ego more than your less flashy brothers?

Hard to quantify BUT based on experiences I hit it off GREAT with most strangers. I'm fearless & willing to sacrifice myself for others (if put in such life & death situation) as I've proven to myself once.

I want to see the world do better & grow, I don't need a label because essentially "were all one" but that concept is non-existent in society of "As Long As I Am Good" is the usual outlook.

We could go deep into all this but I like to remain quiet and in this case not get off topic BUT socially the world as a whole SUCKS...If it weren't for school, college & work the world would be in a sad state of loneliness.

@Mufasa where do you personally draw the line between standards and slut shaming?

There is no line for me, what matters is INTENT. If a chick had a grand ole time and was happy with her sexual past...CONGRATS!!!

A chick refraining from sexual experience OR looking stunning has ZERO correlation to her QUALITY OF BEING.

Low sexual experience is male ego/fear related & LOOKS is just a shallow interpretation that "she must be amazing" without actually knowing anything about her nor having been in a wide range of experiences...But atleast they can say "My Woman Is Hot" #Lame

Coming out of my 1st ever relationship (2.5 years) I can say dudes are taking such ROLES "very lightly". Had I realize what I know now you'd have heard me stating the word "buffoonery" many times.

NOTE: My gf grew immensely due to our relationship and "on paper" coulda worked. Just I don't have an affinity for it and it is a distraction to my higher purpose. It made me feel like a prisoner in a word of exploration & growth...I don't care about comfort, stability, fantasy bubbles because it'll all END at some point. (We aren't immortals in the land of earth world)

Quote: Are you saying that is a girl loved you (as much as she could) and was loyal but you later learned she did some GRIMEYYYY shit you would stick it out?

If you knew she was a hoe bag before hand would that affect your judgement for the type of relationship you're entering with her?

are you giving them a clean slate regardless of what you know about them?

Clean slate...

If anything my GF past experiences played a role in ME liking her more as our relationship was more tolerant and unconventional in some aspects.

Regardless the DYNAMICS there was alot of love. However, due to this realm not being much of an interest in my life it just raised bitterness for all things annoying that came as a result of being in a relationship.

Beyond that though any woman, in a legit male "loving intentions" relationship will bask & enjoy it because it fulfills a feminine energy. This is when you see true "ride or die" loyal girls because such a realm is far better than NOT.

For most this would be MAGICAL as my gf & I once concluded with such "connection" wars and BAD intentions to others wouldn't be possible...Sadly monogamy is an easy environmental closed loop of "Us vs Them" creating 2 connected beings having fear/ego of outsides. (Queue border controls & fearful/ego countries)

All off-topic stuff but you get my drift...

A woman being slutty has no direct correlation to anything other than HOW SHE INTERPRETS IT. Some women might view it as transformational fun while others might realize it goes against their female drives.

What MOST ignore are how women use SEX to barter shit & play games. Those are the real fuckups YET people BUY-IN to say they got a hot fuck-doll they give monthly allowances too or waiting x-number-dates to have sex.

Imagine a chick coming across the potential man she could lock down BUT is unwilling to entertain "power games" of her withholding sex as if it's some scarce commodity (sex shouldnt be a commodity it's just another form of expression)

SHE FUCKED UP if the guy gives opportunities elsewhere. In her mind, he was unwilling to wait BUT like a hooker you just set the foundations of a shitty dynamic.

P.S...My gf and I essentially were just hanging out & hooking up. We had no intentions in being together. Sadly such cultural dogma would also be the downfall, we shoulda just remained how we were initially.

@astro I don't know what feminist doctrine is, I just look at CULT-ures objectively which are generally filled with dogma as we collectively spawn CULT-ure.

You are asking an "event" question...The issue is how'd you reach a point where someone is disrespecting you and where are you in your head that you feel the need to kill them?

You're right we may never reach a better society BUT that's based on collective whole...

Society is in for some harsh lessons, I'm just chillin back like the old man and BEING the best I can be, part of the solution on whatever scale I'm capable of.

Quote:Given how things "are" (high divorce, cheating, etc) it's absolutely imperative that a guy who has invested in himself, avoided playing in to accepting what is pushed as acceptable, etc... that he actually has standards. High standards. If you act like a whore, you get treated like one. If certain (even majority) of woman are ok with that, I don't give a fuck. There's still women who exist who adhere to values because they have the ability to see in to the future and realize natural urges can be and should be controlled to meet their goals of a better future for themselves.

This just reads like a bitter man whining that it's everyone else's fault BUT HIM...

Just because you bumped some stats up and accumulated power/control doesn't mean you are a HIGH QUALITY person who is worth a woman enticing, locking down and remaining loyal too.

Alot of divorce, cheating, domestic violence & BS is the man's fault...
- How many dudes banging on the low?
- How many dudes think of themselves before their woman?
- How many dudes actually KNOW THEMSELVES?

Dudes slide into relationships thinking they should be treated with royalty because they got a few coin, can support a woman and raise a FAMILY.

That DOES NOT MEAN...That man, can raise a high quality family. That same man, is probably berating his woman because she slept with 30 men in her 15 years before finding you at age 30. (O wait, this forum generally don't believe 30 year old women are of any worth...So 32 men by age 23)

No one is saying "unwilling" or "incapable" which lies the BS of acting like women are 2nd rate humans. Women in general are far more adaptable than even the most adaptable man.

Women are driven to entice & lockdown a quality man. However, the nature of your writing is as if you're trying to

FORCE something that women would naturally enjoy if given THE RIGHT GUY.

Newsflash...Most dudes ARE NOT the right guy. Go look at IG messages sent or shit women are sent online.

Hordes of THIRSTY zombies just trying to get their dick wet. Some high quality men they are begging for crumbs...Only to teach the woman's offspring "gotta beg to get"

Which disclaimer...

It's funny that people on a PUA forum is oblivious to the fact that...They're far eager to gain rapport with a hot woman more than THEMSELVES.

I can say with a FACT there are less men of high quality than WOMEN. You're bank account, materials or glam lifestyle you can provide holds no weight other than "batman" spotlight of "Please Take Advantage Of Me"

That trophy wife is evolved...Adaptable to "put on a front" gaining the support, maybe going as deep as having offspring...But her LOVING WAYS is directed to your children & "unknown man".

This is because you built a relationship on a shallow/physical foundation of "security". Security is better than a life long experience of "meh" dealing with "meh" guys.

Only way to negate all this is BE A BETTER MAN and treat women as equals with loving intentions.

I've been with and fooled around with women from all walks of life. The horrors of "feminism" is laughable. Awesome guy is an awesome guy and all politcal/social BS becomes irrelevant. (Been with many feminist and women life purpose to empower other women...And i don't mean in some autistic extremist manner)


Honestly, I think the rules, roles & obligations were meant to CONTAIN the quality men from taking all the women & pseudo quality men attempting to maintain control/power...

I wasn't born then BUT look at sexuality within history, especially libertine movement...

Behind all the facades of tradition & formality you had the rawness of HUMAN SEXUALITY.

Who is probable to have started ostracizing?

Man with 10-20 women harem who's main chica liked another man? Such "love" to ostracize her when she FREELY may have felt it was the better choice for whatever reason.

Man who ain't get shit, always awake because the alpha is banging 3-4 a night while he's been dealing with blue balls for 2-3 years...Now his cold hearted self is trying to round up the other lames to overthrow the alphas so they can have open season on forcing their way on the women? Such love.

BUT...Before he implements such plan the newest woman of the harem happens to like Mr Bitter Beta BUT he calls her a slut for indulging in orgies.

So much pandemonium...Some religious freak finds it profitable to do...MARRIAGE...

Everyone is entitled to one man or woman...

Queue, "You can't suppress human sexuality" chant...

2017...We are finally slightly more liberated and showing the TRUTH about marriage. Thank social media for all the sexual stories coming out.

This is like france a few centuries back (Search libertine movement)

Quote:It's only in the last 50 years where feminism is trying to flip this. Women are free to be open with their sexuality and fuck whoever they want as movies and TV tell them it's ok. Where has it gotten us? The destruction of the nuclear family. 

Now take a moment...What if we all said OK, have fun as long as your safe and happy...

How does this destroy the nuclear family?

It isn't the ACTION or EXPRESSION...It's the intention & interpretation. It's a big deal in society to have sex under such roles.

Sex is just sex, a recreational activity when you objectively look at it at this point.

The ego of "Only I Fuck This Man/Woman" is where all the destruction & fear comes from.

Quote:(((They))) try to label males with this behavior as playboys...then it was players...and now it's fuckbois. Each label trying to put a negative connotation on a man who gets a lot of pussy but surprise, surprise: Women are still attracted to these types of men because...well, they get a lot of ass and therefore are of high value (i.e. Alpha). 

Hahaha didn't even know that is what the term fuckboi meant...

Many times this is just BITTER women still unable to entice & lockdown a man. However, the pickings for a quality man is LOW.

A woman can quicker grow into a loyal loving woman THAN a man can because basic drive is spread the seed...

I'm no conspiracy theorist BUT this is probably why tons of T & DHT inhibitors are so prevalent and porn is an added distraction. #KeepTheAlphasDistracted

Quote:Personally I don't slut shame. Hell, I love sluts. Makes my job easier when the woman is willing to spread her legs at the drop of a hat. However, deep down, I know it just isn't right.

You shouldn't hold societies burdens...

Intend good loving intentions & let it be a transformational experience for both yourself and the women you come in touch with.

You can't save the world BUT you can touch those who come in your presence.

I've ALWAYS had wonderful sexual experiences as I grew into this way of being. Women are an amazing juxtaposition of man.

We just fail to see the BS they deal with...

Take a simple "walk in public" my ex gf got approached EVERYDAY when alone. Lets be frank we all know majority just wanna get there dick wet...How fun can life be when everyday you deal with zombies??

However...Most just think of THEMSELVES not realizing they're either part of the problem or solution. "What can I get" is the real collapse of society in expression of scheming, fraud, deception, lies, and stealing.

P.S...I never speak on solutions as they're untested, idealistic & would require a major cultural shift. 10-20 years from now there will be lots of crying, suicidies and domestic uproars as today social/sexual "general" realms DO NOT WORK, it's utter dog shit. Those who think the past times of parents & grand parents were ideal...Lets just THANK the universe we didn't have social media then. - "Lifestyle Over Pickup"

10Lifestyle Facebook Page
09-13-2017 02:55 PM
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RE: Vile Sluts Who Accept More Dick Than a Urinal [re-titled 3.0]
Ha! You're defending whores still. Whores are still whores. I wouldn't hire an employee who jumps around a lot, why would I invest in a girl like that as well? She's a reformed slut coming to the wall and finally realizes what she really wants?

Just give it some thought. If you don't mind settling (that's what you're doing) with a woman who has demonstrated a lack of good judgment, a lack of self worth, a lack of being future oriented, then may the pattern repeat itself.

They are good for fucking. They aren't good for pair bonding. There's a saying about turning a ho in to a housewife.
09-14-2017 08:52 AM
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RE: Vile Sluts Who Accept More Dick Than a Urinal [re-titled 3.0]
High volume ho's make great fucks if you can get past the stench of the various decaying man yogurt in their cooch. But their minds/souls are typically fucked and worn-out well beyond their pussies. The mental scars and confusion of having countless men smash, bust and dash over the course of many years is huge. The thirst for constant new cock never wanes because she has been conditioned to receive new cock as a substitute for love. Taking new cock is her only sustaining form of validation. When you see a chick taking 2+ dicks simultaneously, that is her ultimate sexual experience. Lucky for her, there is plenty of cock freely available. Let her feast. Never try to limit her voracious apetite. That's like trying to turn a lion into a vegan. Accept a slut for what she is and everybody's happy. Wife her and misery will ensue.
09-15-2017 09:32 AM
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RE: Vile Sluts Who Accept More Dick Than a Urinal [re-titled 3.0]
I can see what distant light is talking about and think he is really onto something.
09-16-2017 09:17 PM
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RE: Vile Sluts Who Accept More Dick Than a Urinal [re-titled 3.0]
@distant light. You made very good points. But it you forget to notice men and women are not equal. Also, it looks as if you had great relationships with women. Me, if I just want the sex, after I nut. I'm ready to go. You said sex can be a spirit opening experience and then later sex is described as a basic physical activity? It can't be both. Also, do you believe sex for a man versus a women is the same? Does, pair bonding mess up due to, too much sex- when you compare it to a man versus a women? It's does seem you miss that gf of yours also. Also, the shot you took on the forum about the how we think on the forum, looked bad also. I think we in general believe women in general aren't our equals. But overall, your post did shed some light.
09-17-2017 08:27 AM
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RE: Vile Sluts Who Accept More Dick Than a Urinal [re-titled 3.0]
(09-15-2017 09:32 AM)Pheonix Wrote:  Snip

With that user name

[Image: eb6.jpg?1307463786]
09-17-2017 08:54 AM
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RE: Vile Sluts Who Accept More Dick Than a Urinal [re-titled 3.0]
(09-15-2017 09:32 AM)Pheonix Wrote:  High volume ho's make great fucks if you can get past the stench of the various decaying man yogurt in their cooch ...

09-17-2017 09:49 AM
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RE: Vile Sluts Who Accept More Dick Than a Urinal [re-titled 3.0]
I agree with what Distant Light is saying. I won't repeat the things he wrote.

A 23 y.o. girl with pierced tits who fucked and sucked dick like a pornstar and easily had vaginal orgasms once said to me : ''It takes a lot of practice to become great at sex.''

There is a fascination for virgins and women with limited sexual experience here. Do most guys realize the gamble that they are taking on their sexlife in the long run when they begin a long term monogamous relationship with a woman with no/minimal sexual experience?

I don't think so. I met a great, beautiful and conservative woman who was a virgin five years ago. I took the gamble for the sexlife to come. I said to myself, I'll be patient with her. Five years later I definitely lost that gamble. It's not a matter of ''training'', you can't predict how a woman will evolve sexually. If you begin a relationship with a woman who has significant sexual experience, you know what you are going to deal with right off the bat.

Before that relationship, I used to fuck many of those women who are sexually experienced aka ''sluts''. Great at sex, high sex drive, confident with their body image, etc. I'm experienced and was both in LTRs and had my fair amount of ONS, hookups, flings, etc. Well I'll never get the same quality of sex I used to have with the woman I'm with now.

Now I'm deeply bonded to a beautiful green eye blond, young, smart woman with a very low sex drive and significant sexual issues that I think are non-fixable. If I break up, I'm in for some serious emotional pain.

Take your gamble. If you think that it's a matter of ''training'' your inexperienced girlfriend with very low notch count, to become a great sexual partner, go for it. You might be in for a suprise though after a lot of time invested. If you have a low sex drive and average sex is okay for you, by all means, go for it.
(This post was last modified: 09-17-2017 01:07 PM by Lermontov.)
09-17-2017 12:51 PM
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RE: Vile Sluts Who Accept More Dick Than a Urinal [re-titled 3.0]
FUNNY...the old saying was ..The only reason men got married was for regular sex...Lermontov proves times have changed

Does one suit fit all in today's generation? (probably)

I read above on the willingness of (desperate) guys to marry a whore with a kid (incredible)...once a whore always a whore .ESPECIALLY with today's self entitled sluts in the welfare state

Even before today's liberated cock riders 10 percent of ALL children born to blissfully wed couples were unrelated to the unknowing fathers. It is still so bad that hospitals won't ask the fathers blood type or for blood if the child is injured and needs blood.(no blood match)

A slut goes against every instinctive evolutionary female characteristic....sluts are fun to play with but get lost in the morning (or before)

Only guys get the boner with sperm to impregnate the fucking world (if need be) for LIFE ....because women usually died giving birth to our big human heads and guys produced the women (technically or pillaged for more women)

Sluts are only good for 5 years (legally 18 in most states/countries to 23)...then let them be lesbians and cat ladies or FB guys go get a good woman or be a monk if too stupid to figure out what a good woman is.

Life ain't short anymore... guys have a lot longer than the 5 years a slut has... to party and live!..the sluts know it and will cling onto any man later when going under...don't join up and waste years with a whack job you'll never trust.

I'd replace VILE with filthy rabid dog

I'm so good at sex I don't need a partner
-Lounge Lizard
09-17-2017 11:13 PM
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RE: Vile Sluts Who Accept More Dick Than a Urinal [re-titled 3.0]
Experience DOES help make a woman better at sex - but it has to be the RIGHT experience.

Getting plowed by 3 guys while high on meth is not gonna make her a better lover.

Getting pumped and dumped by a new dude each weekend is not gonna make her better.

What experience makes a woman a great fuck? Her fucking one dude who loves her and who she loves and feels very comfy letting go with.

What's better, a woman who does the same "pornstar technique" on a different guy each weekend, or one with a blank slate that takes her time to figure out exactly what YOU like through trial and error and your schooling her? The answer is obvious.

Orgasmic? That's largely a function of a woman's physiology - not because she's taken yards and yards of casual dick.

A virgin is a bit of a gamble if you don't know how to property assess the situation. Look for one who can't keep her hands and mouth off your dick. One who cums from digital stim. You can tell if a virgin has a dirty mind without fucking her. A virgin and a prude can be two different things entirely. I dated a virgin in college who loved giving me sloppy wet handjobs and watching me bust my nuts all over her body. I'm quite sure she sucks and fucks the living hell out of her husband.
09-18-2017 04:38 PM
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RE: Vile Sluts Who Accept More Dick Than a Urinal [re-titled 3.0]
Tl;dr from a lot of the views being espoused here:

You aren't that good at teaching a woman to please you and are relying on the experience of other (past) men to have taught her.

Look at the stats. If you just want to stay single and bang a variety of girls, it makes total sense you want to maximize the pleasure. If you're looking to have someone by your side, and you happen to like a very experienced girl... well, you better be keeping it real with her. You'll have to show her you're her best option. There's far less room for error, unless you don't mind settling down with a reformed slut a few steps away from going to the shelter to get her cat lady starter pack.
09-23-2017 07:51 PM
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