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Post a collection of Some of Your Best Comments/Observations
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Post a collection of Some of Your Best Comments/Observations
With all the material that is generated- either here or on comments to articles, or even comments outside of ROK, a lot can be missed. I wanted a thread where you post your favorite points, sayings you came up with etc.

Here are mine (with some edits):

Why is it the “birds and the bees”? I never understood why that couldn't have been explained as "stick in the hole." If the stick goes into the right hole, a tree will grow.
And if the stick goes in the wrong hole, it could break- or rot.
A woman can always receive food and shelter, one way or another, by spreading her legs.
Lived in a house in college, one of the girls downstairs was vegan. Eventually got into that right before she moved out, but I didn't lick it. . . different smell . . . just different.
I am an animal, or rather I transform into one and roar like a savage beast before blowing my load into a woman.
Cottage cheese. Tried and true.
When I was in undergrad and pre-red pill, I once remarked to a friend "I hate the rich snobby stuck up bitches. . . I also really want to have sex with them"
social media requires input. . . apparently any input will do.
Suddenly, out of the hills pours a small army. The last of the men who were secreted away during the MGTOW times, and Lo! Their spears were long and glimmered in the sunlight. The Femi-Gods ordered their legions of sissified antimen forward, but the men in their stern wrath scattered the antimen like leaves in the wind. The antimen became afraid and threw themselves on their faces. The men pursued the shrieking Femi-Gods to the cliffside and cast their enemy down into the depthless dark. The remaining women gasped in surprise as their gods were overthrown and dropped to their knees and worshiped the long spears of the men. The remaining antimen watched and stroked their numbed members as they slunk away in the shadows.
There was a great blaze across the sky and a capsule fell into the ocean. Emerging from it was an astronaut who had been in cryogenic sleep for the past few decades. His name was Genghis Sherman
Buzz Max Power Armstrong, recently returning as the sole human to come into contact with alien life.
Immediately upon landing Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong’s testosterone levels were so high that it set off the masculinity alarm. All feminists on the planet were immediately triggered and went into a PTSD panic.
White Knight beta security forces, imagining that they might get to have sex for the first time ever, flew into action and patrolled the streets looking for Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong.
But Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong was to powerful. He had spent a number of years on the alien planet Yasina where gravity was 5x as powerful as on earth. The first security teams to try to take Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong on were instantly destroyed as he used his mighty gravity powered fists to beat them to a pulp. Then the Feminists sent in the tanks and helicopters, but due to “equalizing” work quotas- no men had been doing the maintenance for years, and all the vehicles were barely operating.
Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong, seeing the pathetic state of the helicopters and tanks used his alien death ray- given to him by the naturally three breasted princess of Yasina for giving her the best lay of her life and a wonderful half human son which she dutifully cared for. The death ray vaporized all the antiquated barely functioning war machines of the feminists.
Suddenly Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong, opened his shirt and bared his manly chest hair. All the non-fat women who had somehow escaped feminist programming thronged to Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong. He took them off to a secret island paradise and set up his death ray to autoshoot anything that came near. All the feminists of the world complained and bitched to each other because Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong had created a male space and taken all remaining thin feminine women with him. But they could not approach and could not invent anything to overcome Genghis Sherman Buzz Max Power Armstrong’s death ray because that would require science and there was a feminist quota for that too.
The end.
Thus was a pall cast upon the land, the SJWs, the degenerates, the carriers of the disease. It was a time of darkness. And hark, here waddles a great dark figure, and drags a pale horse behind it, crushed to death under its great weight, and the figure had a name- Lindy West.
And the Lord looked down upon all peoples, and had great pity for them. The Lord gathered up all the West infected women and brought them together into one place. Then the Lord took out the great firmament, hard and swollen with the Lord's power. It was this firmament that created the heavens and the earth and spurted out the great Milky Way.
And the Lord prepared his rod, and for 40 days and 40 nights sweet ambrosia rained down like sweet white snow. It covered the West disease, and when it touched them it burned. Burned hotter than the greatest hellfires. It burned away the fat, the fake hair colors and the degenerate wicked thoughts of third wave feminism.
And lo! rising from the splooge pits came thin, feminine, and submissive women, many had turned Asian. And they cried out their testimony, for they had been cured by the seed of the Lord, and their skin was so smooth- like Oil of O'lay.
And strong masculine men came and took them up wives, for they had been cured. And the new wives were submissive to their husbands, and pleasured them, and through the return of the natural order, harmony returned, and peace and bounty came among them, and the Lord was pleased.
The ideology of SJWs:


The manly response:

06-03-2015 12:23 AM
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RE: Post a collection of Some of Your Best Comments/Observations

Old Chinese Man Wrote:  why you wonder how many man another man bang? why you care who bang who mr high school drama man
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06-03-2015 04:13 PM
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RE: Post a collection of Some of Your Best Comments/Observations
"Never underestimate the thirst."

"Never underestimate the hamster."

"Game trumps it all."

Take attention away from attention whores and all that is left is whores.

Team Backwards Primitive.
06-03-2015 07:16 PM
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