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Managing relationships...
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Managing relationships...
Evening fellas, I'd like to share a situation with you all that I find somewhat unsettling.

A friend of mine is friend's with this girl who is due to be married in 6 weeks. She's been in a relationship with the dude for 8 years. The chick is quite attractive, 7/10, tall, slim body, late 20s but looks good for her age. She could pass for 23 quite easily. According to my friend, this girl is a diva and loves to be treated like a princess. The fiancé earns a lot of money and he spoils her rotten with all the luxuries you could think of; fancy restaurants, extravagant birthday celebrations, expensive holidays, etc. Now this dude is supposedly average looking, mid-30s, slightly overweight, short and has an introverted personality.

Last year the chick went on a girls' holiday to Ibiza. She meets some dude from the US. She confided in my friend that they kissed but didn't bang which he and I suspect is probably bullshit.

Earlier this year the chick goes on some sort of bachelorette party with her girls across the US, all probably funded by her boyfriend. Whilst in Vegas she keeps texting my friend complaining that a bunch of hot guys keep hitting on her and that she needs him to protect her (he's a big, strong guy). He is jokingly outraged by this and tells her she should be telling this to her boyfriend back in London, not him. Just so you guys know, my friend and this girl have a strictly platonic relationship. They've been friends for a long time and he's no stranger to either game or the nature of women.

Before she returned to London, she 'just happened' to visit the same city the dude she met in Ibiza is from. Again, she denied anything of significance happened. The fiancé of course has no knowledge of this. I actually feel bad for the guy. The marriage seems destined to fail, like most and it's situations like this that further reiterate my stance on women and relationships:

- Keep your chick on lock at all times. Be the boss. Call her out when she acts up.
- Be willing to walk away from any situation. If the odds swing in her favour, there's usually very little you can do to swing it back.
- Make sure she knows that your time and presence is a privilege to her which is something she needs to earn. Being overly available is anti-game.

For those of you in a serious relationship, how do you manage things?
06-25-2015 05:53 PM
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RE: Managing relationships...
Your case is nothing out of the ordinary "alpha fucks beta bux" and female hypergamy. A typical provider type wifing up a decently hot girl who uses his money to cheat on him and will definitely divorce rape him later.

If the guy is a decent enough fellow, I suggest you and your friend do something to let him know. Divorce rape and getting cheated on by someone you love are things I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy.

Back on the topic. This is something I have been thinking about a lot these last few weeks. Sadly this is where I think even redpill men are stuck. Seems like the only option viable these days is to be in a LTR and still game on the sides to keep your mind sharp and your options open. But this is more of like "build an escape hatch" resort rather than "fortify the house" resort. It doesnt directly strengthen the LTR itself, it just makes sure you wont get oneitis.

There's the age-old idea of fucking her very well, but then every player worth his salt knows that this is not sustainable. Old dick = boring dick unless you are really an artist in bed.

IMO the best way is to first find a girl worthy of a LTR. Even this is no guarantee since unless you keep her under lock and key she will be exposed to poisonous women/society and get hit on by thirsty man. Any girl can strays if they go on the wrong trip or run into the wrong guy when you aren't there. That is still less of a threat than her own feminine nature. My mentor once told me that "if you ever find a girl worthy of LTR, you must protect her against the world AND against HERSELF". Girls are retarded and sometimes do stupid shit out of the blue, and her hamster make her do things that are bad for you and her.

Setting the frame right right from the scratch would help establish the correct frame of the LTR. Then you need to wrinkle in all the stuffs like dread game, drama, and the occasional romance act.

There's deep conversion game but I frankly havent seen it works with a quality girl.

Frankly I dont know. You could be doing everything right and the LTR still crashes. LTR and marriage are so dangerous today because men have everything to lose and women have everything to gain. It used to be viable because cheating was universally condemned and a cheating wife might be a dead wife, now its considered a must-have life experience. Unless you can somehow make her believe that losing you = losing everything, its hard to keep her hypergamous nature in check.

So most guys with their heads screwed on will know that LTR and marriage are not a good choice, but what if we DO want them? Game gets old and not everyone wants to keep hitting the field forever.

Ass or cash, nobody rides for free - WestIndiArchie
06-25-2015 06:25 PM
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