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The Star Wars thread
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Leonard D Neubache Offline
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RE: The Star Wars thread
(Yesterday 02:08 AM)Captainstabbin Wrote:  ...
Take away Han and Indy and Harrison would be known as the guy sucking dick for a spot on a soap opera.

In fairness that fate would be more noble than doing Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

God demands of Man responsibility. God demands of Woman vulnerability. These are their curse and blessing alike. Libertianism is to Man as Feminism is to Woman.
Yesterday 02:38 AM
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RE: The Star Wars thread
< The Lucas 1981 talk is the usual nihilist Jew writer trying to convince Lucas to add death and darkness to the world.

Fuck that - there is enough of that shit. Sometimes life is light and happiness as well and movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Back to the Future embody that positive spirit. Of course it would have made more sense for Endor to be a Wookie planet with those giant beasts swinging tree from free and being able to actually fight back against the empire in a Vietnam jungle territory.

Lucas does world-building quite well and the overarching positive idea.

And frankly Star Wars is easy to create good stories over - no need even to have the original actors there. But you have to create compelling characters instead of shitty agenda or diversity ghosts:

The characters in that little trailer sound more fun and interesting than any of the new ones. The sexy bountyhunter being the woman of the sith would be the most popular Halloween costume next year if that was made into a movie. There are other countles such stories:

The world is huge-ass and they could have the old characters do their cameos even up to their 80s in many movies in small roles. Disney could have milked this cow to 20 bio. $ in profits.

But of course that would entail holding back on the agenda, have lots of toxic male characters, cute sexy female ones, have good ancient character building and maybe have at least have the movies encompass the positive uplifting spirit.

Nah - it will be shit. It will be stupid crap even like in the Mandalorian of the bountyhunter instantly pulverizing a few of the scrap-metal aliens and then talking with them funnily the next day. You have dark shit of little creatures being roasted alive while looking at it because that is the Disney way - this dark "kill Yoda, kill Luke, kill someone Lucas" shit.
Yesterday 04:47 AM
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RE: The Star Wars thread
I think it's fine for SW movies to have dark elements (haven't seen The Mandalorian yet though, so can't comment on that), but nowadays nobody seems to know how to do it anymore. Both the prequels and sequels were just all over the place thematically. Like at the beginning of Episode 3 you had the infamous slapstick fights against the separatists' droids, followed by Dooku getting decapitated. Also the whole battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan, followed by Anakin falling into the lava pit and getting reassembled into Darth Vader while being conscious throughout the process. So the "darkness" is just conveyed through physical violence and anguish. There is nothing going on on a psychological level.

Same with Episode 8 where Snoke gets cut in half and Rey/Kylo's fight with his guards. Like most of the film, Johnson amateurishly coats everything red. We don't know who any of these guys are, we have no investment in either Snoke or those guards. Besides the incompetence of the fight choreography, it was kind of strangely brutal how these guys just get slaughtered like pigs.

The original trilogy had some mature subjects like torture, the genocidal destruction of a planet, Leia chained up in a sexy slave outfit, etc. but it's all kind of sensibly edited so that a 9-year-old kid can watch it just as easily as a grown-up. It's not all unicorns and flowers, but the tone of the movies is uplifting. Nothing is done gratuitously. Then Lucas apparently lost his touch because first he made Episode 1 so fruity that most of the fighting is between cartoon creatures and mindless droids, and in Episode 3 it's all grimdark again. In the prequels people keep losing hands, taking something from the original trilogy and taking it into ridiculous territory. Then in the sequels, lightsabers deliver glancing blows that cause tiny burn wounds, until Snoke gets the chop that is. It's like film makers have become unable to get the tone right and they just constantly produce unsettling, inconsistent shit.
Yesterday 03:29 PM
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RE: The Star Wars thread
Danny Alberta pretty much nails it. Disney will drag Rise of Skywalker's lifeless corpse across the finish line to declare victory, no matter how bad the movie is. Disney is as much a propaganda company as it is an entertain company now, and they'll use every means available to promote this pile of shit in the most positive light.
Today 05:10 PM
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