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Great Comments By RVF Members
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RE: Great Comments By RVF Members
(09-15-2014 04:56 PM)Veloce Wrote:  I banged my dream girl yesterday. The one I wrote about a few pages back. I know technically this belongs in the "+1 Thread", but since this post is going to be all over the place I'll just drop it here.

The sex was as good as I could have expected. Of course, it's never as good as it should be in your mind. You see a gorgeous girl and something inside hypes it up like, "Man, if ONLY I could bang that girl." As if life will somehow attain more meaning.

Took her on a day trip to a little town I like. Went for a quick hike (it was scorching hot), went for a swim at our hotel. As soon as the room was ready I took her in and it was on.

I could barely fit a finger inside of her. It took some time to loosen her up, but I finally worked my way in. She's either the tightest girl I've ever been with or the 2nd (this Korean girl I banged a few years ago, similar tiny build and insanely tight) Amazing body, just tight everywhere, super thin, and some nice meat on her ass. I was really digging deep and she took it with a look of fear on her face the whole time. She came a couple times (I think) and after I worked her over from multiple positions blew a garden hose load all over her back.

We napped. Woke up, and I took her all over town and showed her my favorite spots. We watched a sunset. We talked a lot. It was a beautiful day. We have a lot of weird quirks in common that I don't hear about too often. Some uncanny ones. The exact temperature we like to drink water. Our thoughts on outer space; some really nerdy shit. She's taken her fair share of acid too, maybe that's what it was.

She talked about wanting something serious, about wanting a family. The conversation moved forward really fast. Asked me if I'm seeing anyone else. I gave out my token response: "Yeah I got a couple wives, some mistresses, about 8 girlfriends." She looked genuinely hurt. Her parents are still together and she was raised by two protective older brothers. She's got very traditional views on building a family and seems like that's what she's working towards. She's 23. Never once heard any bullshit about building a career. For our day trip she'd packed a huge Victoria's Secret duffle bag with multiple bras, heels, full makeup kit. Her nails, makeup, and hair are nearly perfectly done. She puts a lot of work into her appearance. One of the girliest girls I've known and been with.

I felt bad with this one. I felt like a dickhead. Part of me wonders, "I wonder if she would have liked me pre red pill."

My head's all over the place with her. I hate to be that guy saying "This one's different." but she is. They're out there. 10 years ago I would have confessed my love for her, and from what I've seen from her she feels the same way. I told her something to that effect: "You only like me because I'm distant and aloof. If I told you how much I liked you then you wouldn't be interested." She replied with something like, "Are you kidding me? That would make my day." It was a whole day of this shit.

Part of me is tempted to go back, to be trusting and reckless and throw myself into some situation with her. She called me out on it too:
"You've obviously been hurt but so what? So now you turn into the bitches that hurt you?"
"So what, you want me to drop the other girls and commit to you?"
"Don't even talk about it if you're not going to do it."

And on and on. And then we'd have some lighthearted conversation about our favorite foods. Got dinner at this awesome outdoor patio spot, live music, small town people with kids everywhere, a couple glasses of wine. Air like bath water. We'd give each other long eye contact; me thinking how much I wanted to bang again, how much I liked her, how I wish things were different. Her probably thinking what an asshole I am, how to get me to commit, how to get what she wants. Push/pull all day long.

When it was dark I took her out to these orange orchards where there's no street lights. It's dark except for some light pollution glowing on the horizon from L.A. You could see the Milky Way, Casseopea, Big Dipper. She was blown away, had never seen so many stars. Saw a few shooting stars.

She tells me "I'm not going to have sex with you if you're seeing other girls but I still want to hang out with you."
Me: "Too bad, I'm still going to molest you."
And then I'd put my arm around her and watch the stars in silence. It was some real Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper shit.

Went back to the hotel, tried to bang, got the tip in (barely) but she pushed away. I couldn't sleep all night because of a raging hardon so at 6:30 A.M. I told her to get up and get dressed. Drove us back to L.A. through some really scenic countryside while she slept in the passenger seat; her tiny 85-pound frame barely taking up the seat.

I dropped her off and there was no sadness or bitterness. She looked at me with the same happy eyes, thanked me for a beautiful day, we kissed and I watched her bounce off in her tiny shorts, tank top, and ridiculously oversized sun hat with her giant Victoria's Secret duffle bag (that she packed for ONE night).

Look at my phone with some angry texts from my gf. She's worried about me. I text her back while looking at pics of the other girl. I feel completely haggard.

Pull off into some run down strip mall neighborhood diner in the Valley, order up some over medium eggs, bacon, toast, hashbrowns, and salsa. It's all cooked correctly.

It's 95 degrees at 9:30 A.M. and the eggs are fucking perfect.

[Image: giphy.gif]

A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.

A true friend is the most precious of all possessions and the one we take the least thought about acquiring.
12-05-2018 04:08 PM
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RE: Great Comments By RVF Members
yankeetravels' reflections on the meaning of Christmas in the "The Christmas and New Years Holidays are my Least Favorite Time of the Year" thread: https://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-66191-page-4.html

(12-24-2018 10:14 AM)yankeetravels Wrote:  Reading this thread, I feel the need to put my stake on Christmas. I tend to have a different view on it than most of the forum, believing it's one of the highlights of the winter season and probably one of the five best days of the year for family. I definitely understand the people that don't like the holidays or feel some sort of depression during them, and there's things that annoy me about the holidays too. But, I am someone that has grown up with close family and has mostly held onto it.

One thing I tend to believe is that Christmas (Thanksgiving too) is a redpill within the redpill. What I mean is that Christmas is the type of thing men bitch about not caring for in a similar way that women bitch about not caring if they're single on Valentine's Day. They care, but want to remain strong at least for face to take on the tough holidays.

Christmas despite the materialism around it offers something that is very difficult to buy. A foundation. A foundation that offers love, support, and togetherness no matter what the circumstances. One example is that I mentioned in other posts I lost a close relative a few years back. He died close to the holidays and that first Christmas without him was very difficult for my whole family. Definitely the toughest one I have faced in my life. Despite all of us being miserable that Christmas, I think it was unspoken that the rest of us were grateful to be going through this with each other instead of on our own. Without a strong family, I think a lot of us would've drank ourselves into an oblivion for those couple of days.

I remember watching The Bucket List movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Nicholson was a rich, lifelong bachelor and Freeman was a lifelong family man. Both had a terminal disease and went on a trip to do certain things before they die. When they got back, Freeman spent his last days with his wife of 50+ years, his kids, and his grandkids. They ate together at a big family dinner with Freeman and his wife staring at each other from across the table looking happy, scared, and appreciative. They both knew this might be the last big holiday dinner together, but they also both took the time to look around at the foundation they created together. Meanwhile, Nicholson went home, thought about his broken family relationships of the past, and ended up sobbing about it in front of hookers when it finally clicked to him that he was going to die alone with nobody really giving a shit he was going to be gone outside of his money.

Christmas I think we all know is about family. But the redpill in it is that it signifies the strength of the foundation of family. For a lot of guys, I think this is their eventual endgame or at least in the back of their minds, and Christmas forces us to take a hard look at that foundation and our closest relationships around us. It can be depressing if you realize you don't have that or just lost it as an adult. It makes us realize it may be important to keep good relationships with our family because like it or not, at the end of the day they are the most likely people that would be there for you if you're down.

If you spend it with family you love, great. If you spend it with family you hate, perhaps ask how you can improve or fix that situation with giving up as more of a last resort. If you spend it traveling, nothing wrong with that as long as it's not an every year thing. If you spend it with friends, that can be potentially rewarding as you can discover you have friends close enough to consider family.

Christmas makes us realize who we love, who we care about at the end, and the foundation we currently have. Reflect on it. Don't waste it.
12-24-2018 01:08 PM
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RE: Great Comments By RVF Members
(01-11-2019 12:38 PM)eradicator Wrote:  Plenty of times when I get a bitchy text from a girl, I think anything but a dick pic is a mistake.

Great philosophy.
01-12-2019 05:23 PM
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Rainbow RE: Great Comments By RVF Members
(01-12-2019 05:23 PM)Graft Wrote:  
(01-11-2019 12:38 PM)eradicator Wrote:  Plenty of times when I get a bitchy text from a girl, I think anything but a dick pic is a mistake.

Great philosophy.

[Image: drake-hotline-bling-jacket-moncler-1-480x320.jpg]

(03-17-2014 07:07 AM)Days of Broken Arrows Wrote:  I had an empty feeling when I had one nighters so I got in relationships. That left me empty and feeling I should be dating around.

I had an empty feeling dating around, so I got married. That left me empty, feeling the whole world was out there having more fun.

I had an empty feeling when I got divorced and now look back wistfully on the nice house we used to have that someone else lives in.

I had an empty feeling working my butt off. When I achieved a big goal, I had an empty feeling because I missed the struggle and security of being immersed in my work and not having to think of bigger issues.

The fault is not in our situations, but in ourselves. If you feel empty in one situation, odds are you'll feel it elsewhere. I'd recommend figuring out what your deeper issue is before you make costly mistakes.

I have a vivid memory of turning 20, having a one-nighter with a woman I was dying to bang, then driving home on Route 29 north on the way back from DC, thinking to myself "Is that all there is?" and feeling suicidal and daydreaming about driving into oncoming traffic.

In retrospect, the problem wasn't the one-nigher(s) but me. Looking back, I should have been enjoying the moment. I was young! People liked me! She had great boobs and was 19!! When will that come around again?! But I was dealing with serious underlying issues of depression and anxiety that nothing solved -- not time, nor maturity, not marriage, not divorce, not success, not achieving any goal. Shame it took decades for me to get this.

Deal with the larger issue, whatever it is, not the one-nighters.

[Image: drake.jpg]

Bruising cervix since 96
01-15-2019 11:00 AM
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RE: Great Comments By RVF Members
RE: Virgin, 27, is arrested after posting on Facebook his plan to carry out mass shooting

(01-29-2019 11:53 AM)Jetset Wrote:  - Doesn't want to fuck a thousand hoes.
- Doesn't want money.
- Wonders why women want nothing to do with him.

The public will judge a man by what he lifts, but those close to him will judge him by what he carries.
01-30-2019 12:21 AM
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RE: Great Comments By RVF Members
PapayaTapper in the Andrew Yang thread in reference to UBI and the democratic socialist policies:

(03-12-2019 06:53 PM)PapayaTapper Wrote:  [Image: slide_1.jpg]

....the pursuit of happiness.

Key word:

the action of following or pursuing someone or something.

Fuck all you lazy, cowardly, Un-American communist traitorous fucks.

Id take 1 hard working immigrant with sincere aspirations of making a better life for himself and his family over a 1000 of you.

If youre not sure if Im directing that at you or not then I more than likely am.

Did I say fuck you?

Just in case

Fuck you

Read My Old Blog - Subscribe To My Old Blog
Top Posts - Fake Rape? - Sex With A Tranny? - Rich MILF - What is a 9?

"Failure is just practice for success"
03-12-2019 09:02 PM
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RE: Great Comments By RVF Members
I have a huge folder of screenshots from this forum and from RVF in it's prime when guys like LolKnee and A.V. Vader would drop knowledge bombs in the comments, one of these days I'll compile them into a .pdf or something.

I think getdownonit's quote is a great one and very relevant to my life at the moment:

"A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance."
03-13-2019 09:13 AM
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RE: Great Comments By RVF Members
(03-17-2019 12:37 PM)ArloDash Wrote:  Digital nomad isn't a great term for what most of us do.

I typically spend 6 months to a year in a cheap place. That's long enough to get the vibe of a place, long enough so that if you have to buy some basic kitchen shit it's not a total waste of money, and short enough that you can skirt most visa rules.

The other big benefit is that it forces you to be minimalistic with your possessions, a little blessing I've noticed from having to downsize to a few suitcases.

Other benefits include a varying selection of fresh pootytang, meeting new people and exploiting new opportunities in business, and just satisfying a general sense of adventure.

On top of this, you save loads of money and end up years ahead of your peers financially, if you save your money properly, who are slaving away in the office back in the USA.

So yeah. More money, fresh selections of girls whenever you want, change of scenery whenever you want, and minimalism. Most guys eventually just land on a place they like and stay there forever, or just move back to the USA.

That being said, I typically orbit around Ukraine and usually end up back there.

(04-21-2014 04:47 AM)WestIndianArchie Wrote:  On the cool, she probably had at least one too many tortiillas, but the tetas was mas gorda, comprenede?
03-18-2019 04:47 PM
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RE: Great Comments By RVF Members
(08-01-2016 10:43 PM)Noir Wrote:  Aggredor, I feel your pain brother.

I need to give you some background to understand where I am coming from. I have nothing to hide and I hope this helps a few other people as I have been through quite a bit of shit that has taught me a few lessons.

I am hitting mid-20s now and my father is 61 and mother is 66. I have a strong suspicion that my dad has Asperger’s due to his strange ways and my mom is riddled with Rheumatoid Arthritis. One is from a very rich family and the other from a very poor family. One is white, the other is not; they lived on opposing sides during apartheid in South Africa. When I was 5, they moved overseas as my dad has dual EU/RSA citizenship so no grandparents to take care of me in my absence. I pretty much took care of myself and this made me less reliant on my parents and I took pride but also despised them for this. As you may have guessed, I am the only child (important).

I had a very bad relationship with my parents growing up. I had fights and sent my dad to hospital once. Nearly jumped out of the car on the highway due to an argument we had. I left home at 19 to go to the army (compulsory and honestly, good for people). That ended up being worse than home but I learned my lessons. I got an honorable discharge to leave and go to university instead of wasting multiple years of my life doing mundane shit (occupied place but not in a state of war so just basic training, gun shooting and mainly babysitting the camp). That was the last time I lived at home and it made me grow as a man, going to the army and university on the other side of Europe.

This being said, it could always be worse. This is important, perspective. My girlfriend has a super dysfunctional family and due to this, she is very supportive of mine and makes an effort, I should probably do the same.

Tangents aside, I will break down what I did, what I am doing and what I will continue to do.

What I learned:

Leaving home is good for you but go and make a life elsewhere

See the world for yourself and understand that there are many things your parents have been sheltering you from. Some good, some bad. You will hate them or thank them but ultimately, the lesson remains; most parents are just winging it. This will put it into perspective for you, when you have children. You can’t plan for it, you just adapt around it and make shit happen. Some people have things work out for them, others don’t.

I upped and left Europe and moved back to South Africa, away from my parents. When they visit, I feel like they are being invasive. Nonetheless, people grow fonder of each other in their absence.
I am sure you have come to appreciate certain things in their absence. They are humans, they love you unconditionally and they have sacrificed a lot to get you to where you are. They live for your successes, to be able to impress their friends during their dinners, to be able to look back on how far you have come. I do shit for myself but I also aim to make my parents ever increasingly proud.

Accept them for who they are

They are who they are.
They grew up in different times, a different era and life was very different. Due to this, their understanding is less and less of what you experience and your lens on society. My mom was shitting in a hole in a mud hut 20m from her home. No electricity or water. My father lived in a 6 room mansion, went to the best boarding school in the country and fought in the war (he has some crazy stories). Their understanding of current life is way different but props to my parents, they are very open-minded.

Respect who they are as you would want to be respected

Regardless of what they say, they will respect you and it would take a very bitter individual to not respect their children, given you are not fucking up your life. Understand that they have your best interests in mind. One thing I learn as I get older, parents know better than what we usually do, when it comes to major decisions which are based on morality and ‘forks in the road’.

Understand what they are going through

You don’t need to agree; they aren’t seeking your approval anyways, due to the nature of your relationship. All they want is for you to understand. This is very easy to do.

- This is why they complain, they have too much free time and/or live in fear of not being able to adapt as fast as society is changing. We complain about the shit on this forum and we are sub-40 for the most part.

- This is why they are needy, because they want that validation and assurance that you will be there for at the end of the day, family > all.

- This is why they are particular, because they are entitled to be that way with their time. A lot of people at that age have made shitloads of sacrifices and are tired of doing so. They will hold their ground over the little things because to them, I don’t think they are as insignificant.

- This is why they bicker with each other, because with all their investment in each other, neither of them as won the power struggle to change each other. Ultimately this is what keeps them together, they are still challenging each other. This is what I noticed with divorced couples and couples that are still together. Some lose the motivation to challenge each other, others continue to do so.

The reason I write this long post is to help you understand because understanding is what I lacked. I wish my therapist told me this when I was 15 and being taken to anger management for being excessively violent as a kid and seeking out alternative channels (hooliganism) to exert these insecurities. I hope to help anyone else avoid this.

Step 1: Understand their perspective. Leave home, grow up (if you take this as condescending, you need to grow up), have experiences that will throw you outside of your comfort zone.

Step 2: Accept who they are and that they will not change. All you can do is accept. You can still change, they cannot. This comes through the form of respect.

Step 3: Control your anger for it is pointless, frame your relationship as positive and be calm. Put it into perspective. When we are in the army and there was the ‘idea of being invaded’, my trials and tribulations with my family seemed insignificant.

As a man, you have the ability to control such anger. We can only get angry at things we see in ourselves. When my dad used to piss me off it was because I would see myself being able to do things like that. The more I vowed to not be like him, the more it happened. I think this is probably where ‘pushing buttons’ comes from.

Step 4: Devote yourself to your own cause. I have been building my own life, my own skills and generally have for a long time. You enter this world alone and you leave this world alone. You will earn the respect of your parents and they will stop nagging you when they start to see you as a man, not a child. Your anger is one of a child, not an adult and it creates this beckoning cycle. Your father will respect you and even though your mom will always treat you like a child, she will also respect you (women ping through their alpha male’s reality).

Step 5: Recognize that their time on this planet is limited. Take care of them if you can. Set them up for happiness, health and financial security. They trust me to make certain decisions on their behalf and I told them, they are not mine to make. I simply encourage them. My parents now live a happy, blessed life with friends that love them and a logistically perfect life. My mother has taken up other hobbies and my dad has gone on the be one of the de-facto authorities in his obscure hobby (Aspergers people seem to be like this).

Step 6: Do all the above and love unconditionally. The harshest thing after burying your child is one that does not love you in return despite your efforts to do otherwise. This comes from accepting old age and life. We will also be that way. We can only learn from those older than us in such scenarios.

80% of my life revolves around me. The rest is my family and 2 other individuals who I consider family.

I work hard to give back and sustain them financially and for their health. I will go to church with them, even though I don’t follow religion, just to show face. I call them once a week to let them vent to me for this is who they are.

We live in a society where people spend more time on facebook stalking hoes than actually phoning their parents and connecting with the people you are the closest to, literally and figuratively.

Women, jobs and mates come and go but family is forever. They will get sick and need you to take care of them. The same way that when we have children, they are there to take care of them while we hustle.

It could be a cultural thing, being Mediterranean but I am proud of it.

The more you respect and love them, the more freedom they will give you.

They only start interfering when you start to distance yourself from them as it becomes a power struggle.

Finally, there is a book that I would have liked to have read earlier, to help understand difficult interactions you may have; It’s called Games People Play by Eric Berne. It has a few examples which were relevant in the 1960s but certain things ring true. How people fall in to three ego states of Parent, Child and Adult. It covers Transactional Analysis.

I wish you all the best man.

(04-21-2014 04:47 AM)WestIndianArchie Wrote:  On the cool, she probably had at least one too many tortiillas, but the tetas was mas gorda, comprenede?
03-18-2019 05:13 PM
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RE: Great Comments By RVF Members
(03-23-2019 09:42 AM)zamfir112 Wrote:  
(03-23-2019 09:36 AM)Davoer Wrote:  What's the reason of. That 'decline'?

leftist media who fund pro women anti men&family propaganda
the mass immigration in Us and EU
feminism movement
laws tend to favour women in the US
the internet
cheaper flights than ever, you can now fly to poland for 50 euros for example
liberal abortion laws
hollywood and kardashians etc

should i go on?

(04-21-2014 04:47 AM)WestIndianArchie Wrote:  On the cool, she probably had at least one too many tortiillas, but the tetas was mas gorda, comprenede?
03-25-2019 12:42 AM
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RE: Great Comments By RVF Members
(11-11-2012 05:02 AM)ghostdog Wrote:  Artsy chicks are eternal tragic paradoxes. It's like knowing a couple of morbid truths about themselves actually incraeses their solipsism. If you mess with them make sure to let them know on some level that you don't give a shit about how unique they are. They're still just sacks of fluid to ejaculate into.
04-26-2019 06:48 PM
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RE: Great Comments By RVF Members
(06-23-2013 03:20 PM)Giovonny Wrote:  You are a chef at a hotel? You have a lot of hot guests at the hotel..

You should be banging the guests!

But, I know you can't because of the law. Thats bullshit!

A hotel chef should be allowed to fuck the hotel guests!

That makes me sick. You have a great niche in a great location but you can't take advantage of it because some lawyer will say that you violated the law. I want kill myself right now!

Gio is the best.
05-18-2019 03:32 PM
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