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Fat Fuck Wins Project Runway
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RE: Fat Fuck Wins Project Runway
Thread title said Little Dark beat both of us to it, with much choking, restraints and finishing off by coming in her nose while simultaneously grappling with a hungry anaconda in Isis controlled territory, under heavy fire.

he he he......
11-08-2015 08:17 AM
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RE: Fat Fuck Wins Project Runway
I watched the show this season partly (do some reading during it), because my girlfriend finished a fashion school and likes to watch that kind of crap.

Her win was criticized by plenty of industry insiders due to her inability to finish garments properly and frankly even due to her weaknesses as a designer:

[Image: anigif_optimized-16023-1446817352-4.gif]

[Image: tim-gunn-project-runway-lifetime1.jpg?w=...;amp;h=432]

The entire team this time was criticized by Tim Gunn. He did not state it clearly, but it seems that the producers were more concerned with SJW talking points and "diversity" than with actual skill.

Also I doubt that most plus-size women who can actually afford designer clothes would want to have her flowery monstrosities. It's a win for PC-SJW-culture and a net loss for civilization.

As others have also stressed - wealthy plus-sized women don't give a rat's ass whether the designer is plus-sized too. He or she should just be able to create good clothes which mostly deal with covering up their bodily weaknesses. Only cultural marxists and SJWs are concerned about who creates those things.

Vitamin C Megadosing:
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11-09-2015 01:49 PM
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RE: Fat Fuck Wins Project Runway
[Image: mimi.jpg]

11-09-2015 02:43 PM
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RE: Fat Fuck Wins Project Runway
Western Civilization is circling the drain. This is proof.

Articles and posts that we have reached peak leftism and peak social justice are belied by this stuff.

The new Western mantra is that everyone must bow down to cultural and economic Marxism. Everyone must earn equal or nearly equal income despite varying levels of talent, work ethic and skill. Everyone is pretty and deserves to be told as such, even if obese women are obviously not so. Everyone is entitled to a safe place to feel good, even if they are otherwise a complete mess, failure in life and total degenerate. Everyone is entitled to succeed and "win", in both life and business, despite not creating anything anyone else would want to buy or view or actually ever achieving anything of note. Everyone is "healthy", even if they can't walk twelve paces without risking a coronary event.

Objective realities be damned. Personal judgment be damned. Facts, in particular, be damned.

In essence, reality is ignored or becomes subjective. In turn, reality then becomes illusionary, which is not especially healthy in a mental context. It can soon become unhealthy in a physical context.

All of this can only lead to complete, total and utter societal collapse.
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11-09-2015 02:55 PM
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