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Pictures: Donald Trump Rallies Vs Bernie Sanders Rallies
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Shocked Pictures: Donald Trump Rallies Vs Bernie Sanders Rallies
On the political spectrum i generally fall right in the middle. A true moderate of there ever was one. I am however reluctantly planning for voting for El Donaldo Trump!

My friends, acquintances and social circle are 70% pro Bernie Sanders & 30 % Trump. But something was weird. I noticed that the guys i respected the most all plan on voting for Trump. All the people in best shape are voting for Donald Trump. And most surprisingly ... all the prettiest girls who are in long-term relationships or married are also voting for Trump.

So i proceeded to googling videos and pictures of Trump & Bernie Sanders rallies.The results were interesting to say the least! These are not cherrypicked pics with the purpose of making any one or the other candidate look bad.

A picture speaks a thousand words! So 10 pictures speak ... 10,000 words?


[Image: COu10pPWoAAO4Uv.png]

[Image: trumpmanchester-cm-061815-536x357.jpeg]

[Image: ?m=02&d=20150822&t=2&...XNPEB7L00U]

[Image: 19388373388_cf2cd3d712_k-998x665.jpg]

[Image: trump-coalitiom.jpg]

Most look like regular people with jobs trying to make it in this crazy world we live in. Compare the above to Bernie Sanders supporters below.


[Image: Qzl38jJ.jpg]

[Image: contentide26d2ae473a0011d7b0f6a70670095f....jpg?w=512]

[Image: 1434989414378]

[Image: BuyingaPresident9915.jpg]

[Image: DEM-2016-Sanders.jpg]

Like i said, these pictures are not cherry-picked. All you need is google images. I hope these images will help us all reflect about which side we are on.

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11-08-2015 12:50 PM
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RE: Pictures: Donald Trump Rallies Vs Bernie Sanders Rallies
Nice post but this probably could have gone under the Donald Trump thread

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11-08-2015 12:55 PM
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