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Wide Grip Deadlifts - Great Exercise
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Wide Grip Deadlifts - Great Exercise
Just getting back into these and loving them. Often referred to as the "Snatch-Grip Deadlift", i.e. a deadlift with the same grip-width you'd use for an Olympic Snatch.

I don't go as wide as that, but the wider you go, the more the lift differs from deadlifts - and in a good way.

Charles Poliquin named them as his "If-you-could-only-do-one-exercise" exercise.


Similar to a normal deadlift, but:

-More glutes and hams
-More mid and upper back
-A little more quads
-Less lower back
-You'll be lifting less than you can deadlift
-Less taxing overall on your CNS - you can do them more frequently, and do more volume

They're now my primary barbell lift for the meanwhile.

They feel better on the lower back than deads, more of a whole-body lift, quicker to recover from, and I love the upper back stimulation (so sore the day after).

I really believe wide-grip deads are way more than just an assistant lift.

They are ideal as a "minimal effective dose" lift - e.g. ONE big lift for strength and size, for those who don't really care about putting up powerlifting numbers or squatting five plates, etc.


Very simple lift.

Basically it's a normal deadlift, but with hips starting a little lower and hands gripping the bar wider apart. Keep that chest up, push through the ground, hold on and stand up straight.

I prefer wide, but not quite snatch-grip - a little easier on the wrists, and doable double-overhand or hook grip, without straps.

If you try them, let me know how you go!
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11-10-2015 01:27 AM
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RE: Wide Grip Deadlifts - Great Exercise
I like this one, but it's definitely not a "go hard or go home" lift, so I recommend never going anywhere near failure. Sets of 3 are good enough.

It's actually very taxing on the low back due to the angle (basically you're doing a deficit deadlift), but the weight used is way less than a full conventional deadlift so it doesn't feel as bad.

Great for upper and mid back strengthening.

Great assistance for the full deadlift.

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11-10-2015 07:43 PM
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RE: Wide Grip Deadlifts - Great Exercise
If we're talking snatch grip deads, then StrikeBack is on point, train them not for repetitions, but rather for strength. Back in the day I would train these and conventional deadlifts, as well as front, back, and overhead squat variations; you will never be stronger in your life.

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11-10-2015 09:17 PM
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