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Game could have saved a life?
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Game could have saved a life?
Swipe from ny mag about a 50 year old who voluntarily got chemically c-worded


I was 50 years old the first time I slept with a prostitute and she was the second person I’d ever had sex with. I lost my virginity to my wife and neither of us had had sex before. I had a normal childhood. My parents stayed together. I lived in a blue-collar neighborhood. I was very shy and I didn’t really date. I was a nerd and introverted. I went completely quiet around girls.

Whole article is interesting

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12-02-2015 02:45 PM
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RE: Game could have saved a life?
First comment at the bottom of the article


Heres some better advice - dump your bossy wife and keep seeing the prostitutes. There is nothing better than sex with DIFFERENT women. Regardless of what society tells you, this is normal. Your marriage is a socialized idea. Freedom of choice is the best thing there is - feminists know that, thats why every demand always have the words "choose" or "choice". And i'd bet all your kids are grown up. Having sexual urges and frequent sex leads to longer life in men. And sex has nothing to do with intimacy - another social fabrication that really has no meaning. Except that there are a whole lot of penalties when men try to get out of that trap called marriage.

God bless this man.

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