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Paul Krugman Exposes Our Fake Political System
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Paul Krugman Exposes Our Fake Political System
Not intentionally, of course.

When watching Ron Paul in the last election place second in the debates, while even conservative media acted like he didn't exist, I realized that we had much bigger problems than the "liberal media" - all media was selling us out. Basically, Ron Paul wasn't an establishment Republican, therefore, they crushed him. In fact, I would bet that it was Republicans who were the ultimate ones behind many of the lies they made claims about, not the Democrats.

Note that I do not agree with Krugman's views whatsoever; I find it interesting that he's willing to openly write that there's a group of Republicans trying to keep certain candidates down - establishment Republicans are desperate for either Bush or Rubio, though they might compromise on Cruz.

This whole system is fake; there is no constitutional republic in the United States, where the people have a voice about who represents us. It's a scam. While I'm not a huge Trump fan, knowing that establishment Republicans hate him may push me to pull his vote just to flip them the bird in the primary. Regardless, no one wil beat Hillary as she'll have the entire establishment - both sides - behind her.
12-04-2015 06:17 PM
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RE: Paul Krugman Exposes Our Fake Political System
The current culture war is not left vs. right, but reasonable vs. unreasonable. It is the hallmark of decent people that they're able to put aside their upbringing and previous ideology in order to recognize true values.

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12-05-2015 02:07 AM
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