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Things You Accomplished in 2015
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RE: Things You Accomplished in 2015
Some really high achievers here. Congrats on your 2015. I didn't set goals for 2015, but looking back I managed a few things.

- Graduated university and started a career I love. It's not high salary but I arrive to and leave work with a good feeling on most days.
- Started my first business (online).
- 6 notches, including SNL with an 8.
- Started training Muay Thai. It's awesome.
- Wrote a few songs and learned a few difficult fingerstyle tunes. Realized it's really hard to create good music.
- Maybe the best game and life lesson of 2015: got my heart broken and learned how to transform the ensuing inner turmoil into something positive.

Goals for 2016:
- Travel to Colombia for a month. My first trip taken alone.
- Focus on quality chicks and get a few more notches under my belt.
- Learn how to sell.
- Kick ass at my job.

Really looking forward to the coming year.
12-28-2015 01:30 PM
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RE: Things You Accomplished in 2015
A lot can change in a year and this time last year, I was going nowhere. My life was directionless, almost rudderless. I didn't know what I would do. I was on the verge of packing up, giving up and going back home but fortune with the help of a bit of luck swung my way.

- Quit my old job in which I was unhappy in and found a new one with better pay and conditions. I feel quite satisfied in it.
- 3 new notches (currently banging a co-worker who is also a concert pianist. She views me more of a FB but I don't mind)
- Reunited up with The Ligurian and met up with the rest of the Revo Crew (James Rodri and Turysta) Great guys. Also met up with
Triple G for the first time. Solid dude with good game.
- Went cycling a lot more.
- Expanded my social circle due to work and online social activities

- Get more bangs. I have been working on 4 other birds and bangs will follow.
- Get in shape. I have bought a new bike but will use that when the weather gets a lot better some time in late April.
In the meantime, I plan to start working out.
- Finally nail down my Russian. I have been putting it off for a while now but with a private tutor secured, no excuses. I need it.
- Go travelling. I plan on hitting up Russia, Moscow and a long awaited return to the provinces
- Aim for job promotion. I have a big job review coming up at the end of February and if I impress, its a pay rise. I have also
referred a friend to the company I am working in and if successful, it's $2k in my hand.

If I play my cards right, 2016 could be a memorable one.
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12-29-2015 12:25 PM
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RE: Things You Accomplished in 2015
* Started traveling for 3 -5 day explorations and fuckfests to larger US cities. Pipelined before hand online and had success each time I went hooking up with multiple girls.
* Decided to relocate to said city ( about 1.5 Million ) with lots more single attractive young women from a city of about 300,000 where any girl over 21 or 22 is engaged or married due to lousy male/female ratios.
* Learned Russian to where I now am at the beginner/intermediate level (still learning)
* Made multiple new, cool friends in my new city.
* For my advisory business, began gaining new prospects/clients in the new city to add to my already existing client base.
* Improved daygame, approaching skills and learned new techniques to use to decrease my flake rates/increase probability of getting dates from day game numbers.
* Got a better handle on my allergies and on the road to completely getting rid of them.
* Began lifting again after an old sports injury. Growing stronger month by month.
* Got to the point where I now have low to zero approach anxiety.
* Started pipelining several EE girls whom I plan to visit in the spring. One invited me to her house for Christmas but I wanted to wait until it's a bit warmer.
* Banged girls of every race (except Asian)
* Got 7 times more notches than I got in any other year in my life.
* Consistently banged girls much younger than me.
* Improved my wardrobe with new shoes, shirts, blazers and pants.
* Acquired several new big accounts for my business which increased annual revenue.
* Began using daily techniques for achieving a positive mindset, and an expectant outlook for good things to happen in all areas of my life which turned my attitude and results around.
* Read some amazing books and made a list of more to read in '16.
* Gained a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and where to focus for improvement in the future.

- One planet orbiting a star. Billions of stars in the galaxy. Billions of galaxies in the universe. Approach.

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12-29-2015 01:15 PM
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RE: Things You Accomplished in 2015
(12-27-2015 02:19 AM)Geomann180 Wrote:  Notable Events This Year

Got Arrested for Reckless Driving
Got Reckless Driving Reduced to Speeding in Court


Good job getting away with Reckless Driving. I hope you are not proud of getting arrested ..
12-29-2015 02:42 PM
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RE: Things You Accomplished in 2015
2015 was a big year for me.

- Made the move to Southeast Asia before settling on Bangkok as my home base.
- Travelled to Russia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Japan.
- Lived purely off my online income for the first time.
- Banged 30-50 girls. I honestly don’t know the exact number, but it was a fruitful year for game. A lot of hot girls in there and I worked less hard to get them.
- Built a visible sixpack for the first time.
- Met a lot of forum members for the first time and made some great friends in the process.

YardDog, Dagnasty, Laner, Bacon, CJ_W, CleanSlate, Scott Free, Global Entry, Male Defined, Tokyo Joe, Ali, Truth Seeker, 182, Steak, CodyB, Satoshi, Tyler Belfort and Dr FeelGood.

Many others in there too (you know who you are!) but I don’t remember their usernames. If you haven’t yet met any RVFers then you are only experiencing a small slice of what’s possible. I highly recommend networking in person. This is a truly great community that we have built here.

Priorities for 2016

1. Making money and building my businesses, in terms of both freelancing and passive income. I wasn’t disciplined enough about working in 2015. Working for yourself is challenging and it can be too easy to goof off. Establishing a solid work routine is my number 1 priority going forward.
2. Saving money. My goal is to have a considerably higher net worth by the end of 2016.
3. Dress better. I’m too lazy about this. I will build a better wardrobe without breaking the bank. Quality over quantity.
4. Better gym lifts. In 2015, I lost strength and muscle mass from a lack of routine and lots of travel. Going to reset my gym routine this year with 5x5 to build back up.
5. Game will take more of a backseat role. Banging attractive women is meant to be the side dish of life. Work first, play second.

PM me for accommodation options in Bangkok.
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01-01-2016 04:22 AM
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RE: Things You Accomplished in 2015
- Lost 40 pounds in about 3-4 months. (got fat after living in the US for a few months on 2014). Made it a point to work out every day. Haven't missed a day since August.
-Made some strategic alliances which helped me attain some fame/recognition. Those didn't work out so I ejected from those partnerships.
- I've always "needed" to work with someone by my side, but this year I realized I need to do things on my own and that helped me with the motivation and strength to start my own solo venture this year.
- Stopped drinking, smoking cigs and a few other things that were not healthy. Don't know why, just don't need 'em anymore.
- Started saving some money instead of pissing it all on food/beer/women.
- Stopped watching porn/deleted it all from my computer after reading Napoleon Hill's (think and grow rich) chapter on sex transmutation.
- One of the most important ones: stopped trying to do stuff to make people like me.


- Travel to Europe
- I make about 30 bucks/month from my hobbie but I want to turn that into maybe 300-500$/month by June 2016. I know I can. I just have to take all the small steps.
- Make new friends, the kind of friends who are successful and inspire you to be like them.
- Read a new book every two weeks.
- Start learning/training boxing.
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01-01-2016 07:21 AM
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RE: Things You Accomplished in 2015
What I have accomplished in 2015:

- finished military service (infantry)
- became aware of the fact that a red pill community exists (never heard of Roosh, Tomassi, Crauser, Quintus...)
- started going to the gym again. So far I can commit 2 times a week.
- started an online hustle (with zero cash and with existing inventory) and made money
- started doing HTML5 and CSS courses on Khan Academy. So far so good
- started updating my wardrobe (I still wear a lot of stuff from my high school days because I never cared that much about that aspect of Game)

What I WILL accomplish this year

- finish Uni (almost done, doing great so far)
- expand my online hustle (today I got one contract to do). Main aim - have 1000$ (more is always welcome, of course) worth of sales
- open a shop with several friends I met in the gym - all of them businessmen with experience
- expand my social circle further
- try to go to the gym more often (like 3 times a week)
- lift my own weight on the bench press (so far I can lift 55kg, and I am 80 kg heavy). Getting there.
- start doing deadlifts and squats again (cannot at the moment, due to recent traffic accident)
- learn how to make web sites and raise my income (I guess I need more than HTML and CSS
- cross 60 kilometers with a bicycle
- improve my knowledge of krav maga and start learning BJJ.
- open a local ( Balkan area) RVF chapter.
- deflower a religious girl and live to tell the tale (will start with religious Muslim one, and finish with a Ultraortodox Jewish one, if given the chance). That will deserve its own thread once it starts.
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01-01-2016 11:03 AM
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RE: Things You Accomplished in 2015
In retrospect I don't think 2015 was a good year for me. I had one big plan to move to Berlin which failed and lost some money/time because of it.

- one-month trip to Germany, Belgium and Italy.
- broke up with German GF.
- decided to move to Berlin in September.
- September's plan failed and postponed to April-2016.
- dual European citizenship entered its process' final stage.
- saved 20k euros for an Eurotrip as soon as I land on Germany.
- pulled off a big jog change during an economic crisis with a good laid off agreement (more money), earning more now in a different job 3 weeks after.


- become a DJ (intensive classes start next week)
- to move to Berlin in April (had made a 2-year-long plan for this, it's in the final stage finally).
- first solo Eurotrip (Russia, Poland, Germany, Czech republic, Ukraine, Austria and Hungary)
- to start working in Berlin as a senior software engineer (current career).
- to reach income of 80k euros/month.
- to live in my own appartment without roommates. (which I'm sick of already, I just put up with living with someone else for saving money for my goals).
- to meet RVF members in Europe or in Brazil.
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01-06-2016 08:23 AM
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RE: Things You Accomplished in 2015
1. Discovered the Red Pill, while recovering from knee surgery
2. Successfully converted one friend to the Red Pill ( with many more unsuccessful attempts with other friends)
3. Learned some new skills: Welding and SCUBA diving
4. Decided on a new career (Lineman)
5. Started taking personal improvement seriously: Started lifting again, and learning to play an instrument.

Got more plans for the upcoming year. The Red Pill has truly changed my life.
01-06-2016 06:28 PM
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