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Computer Programming
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Computer Programming
I've heard many great, new things about this up and coming field. The coding bootcamps that have been springing up around the nation can net you a fancy new job in the tech sector with salaries around 80k/ a year with about 4 months of schooling.

The field is expanding. From a firsthand source, I was informed that the number of programmers employers are looking to hire greatly outnumbers the number of programmers available in the market today, which surprisingly isn't that massive a number.

There are plenty of upsides, and even though this job requires a lot of mental calculation and working indoors with computers, there is a prolific community of programmers. Many are working to create new products and programs that will revolutionize the modern world.

I highly recommend this field if any of you are looking for a good, stable job. There is also the option of freelance, which I am curious about. If any of you are already programmers, could you shed some light on what it's really like? I'm learning about it and like what I've heard thus far. Specifically, if you have taken freelancing opportunities, could you inform us of that also in terms of experience and the lifestyle it offers?

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01-01-2016 07:54 PM
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RE: Computer Programming

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01-02-2016 12:48 AM
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