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Poll: Which is more alpha, Studying Hard or Playing Sports?
Studying is harder than sports
Sports is harder than studying
Studying is harder than sports, but somehow sports is more alpha
Neither studying or sports are alpha
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Academic is MORE ALPHA than sports
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RE: Academic is MORE ALPHA than sports
(01-10-2016 01:46 PM)Beyond Borders Wrote:  ^ I'm no mod, but I think you may be jumping the gun a tad on assuming the request will be heeded.

I give it less than 2 weeks.

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01-10-2016 05:07 PM
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RE: Academic is MORE ALPHA than sports
OP, it seems like your data-mining hasn't been very efficient, because I suspect you missed this gem from Excelsior.

Today's Disney princesses want effortless attraction

Long story short, girls couldn't give less of a fuck how hard you worked to be the prince you are. They only care about the end product.

In the animal kingdom, alpha refers to the big ape that gets rewarded with pussy harems, while the weak betas run around wanking each other. In human terms, I equate betas to those more likely to get cuckolded if their loving wife encounters a willing sperm donor with superior genetics.

The mating strategies of alphas and betas differ. What a smarty beta with a shiny ivy league PhD can (perhaps!) offer is a life of comfort for his wife and offspring. 'I'll always take care of you, honey.' But he can't offer them genetic superiority of a professional athlete, unless he convinces JJ Watt to do him a solid and provide a sample. Wait, but if you paid for it, is that still cuckolding?

Just like a beautiful girl has a genetic pull on me that a homely, dumpy, acne ridden girl can never achieve, certain guys genetically pull girls.

Alphas are guys that short circuit women's brains to just want their seed for some 'inexplicable' reason. Betas luck into their pussy through more practical means. Like studying hard and reminding her how alpha he is/n't.
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01-10-2016 06:04 PM
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RE: Academic is MORE ALPHA than sports
(01-09-2016 12:15 PM)Dr. Kahn Wrote:  I am sure she wasn't wetting herself, but she was scared though. She avoided us all night. She was supposed to be our waiter, but she sent her friends instead; because deep down she knows she was rude and disrespectful. My behavior basically called her out on it. I was even thinking of talking to the manager about her disrespectful behavior(but my friends insisted i should let it go.)

Knowing how people work, and having spent time in a restaurant way back when, I would say she wasn't afraid of you in the way you think. Probably just found you to be extremely weird/creepy and she no longer wanted any sort of interaction from you.

As others have pointed out, you could have easily rectified that with a smile and simple request to sit elsewhere.

The tone you have screams "little man" issues. Should you work out as you plan, you will hopefully lose the need to be so combative when it comes to situations that you could easily solve with words rather than "intimidation".
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01-11-2016 06:34 AM
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