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Patrick's Goals for 2016
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Patrick's Goals for 2016
Hey guys, I'm a 20 year old college student who wants to crush it this year. Growing up I was always shy and generally inept at conversation. My worldview was everything I say had to be fun or why bother saying it. This meant that the only conversations I could have were those with people who talked non stop with the occasion joke from me or group conversations with a similar vibe. I've had three girlfriends two were absolute beasts and one was crazy. None lasted more than 2 months.
I've also had one FWB. We'd been friends for years and I'd always liked her, yes I was a raging beta, and after I fell in love with her and had my heart broken. This was when I first learned about PUA. I applied some of the techniques and we became FWB for 2 months before I returned to betaman and she broke it off. During our time as FWB we did everything except sex so I'm still a virgin. Apart from once with crazy, I haven't been with a girl since.

TL: DR - Recovering beta virgin plans to leave his cave

This year I'm going to change that. Here are my goals for 2016.

Voice - This is a major issue as I grew up with lazy speaking habits

Reading out loud
Other voice exercises

- To stay committed to WS4SB
Light exercise morning and evening
- Diet
- Supplements

To become more outgoing

- Dancing 20 minutes every morning- This is a big deal for me as I have never been comfortable dancing in clubs
Talk to everyone I interact with- eg. till workers
practice telling stories

No porn
No video games
To practice gratitude every evening
To become better at writing - 1000 words per day
To get a job
Lose virginity to a 6 or higher

My main goal will be to improve my voice and lose my speech impediment.
I understand most of the principles taught on this site so I will also focus on applying them.

Make 2016 your Year,

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