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Scientists Confirm Einstein's Prediction of Gravitational Waves
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RE: Scientists Confirm Einstein's Prediction of Gravitational Waves
I said that the analogy is logically circular. That was not a remark on any sort of planar geometry.
You 'need' gravity to explain gravity.

That's my refutation of big tittied redhead's claim that his is "how" or "why" gravity works. Nobody knows either answer.
I wrote a reply to the guy wondering about if the universe was an infinite number of planes or a large circular thing. The captcha ate my post.

Assuming the big bang happened, the universe should be approximately spherical. The real nature of the universe might be impossible to know because it could take until the heat death of the universe to cross it (or the big crunch, whatever happens). If you have to think of gravity, since it's a field force, play around with some magnets, as they also obey the inverse square law. You can send me a PM if you're still wondering about something.

(02-13-2016 08:21 AM)Ensam Wrote:  
(02-12-2016 04:18 AM)britchard Wrote:  [quote='robreke' pid='1219395' dateline='1455243140']
Gravity is such an interesting subject. I believe it's directly correlated to time.

From my understanding the two things that can alter time ( time relativity) are speed and gravity.

The higher the speed and closer to light speed and/ or the more intense the gravitational field, the slower time passes for the individual experiencing either.

I once saw a TV programme that used atomic clocks to show that over 3 days, time passed about 0.00000000000026 seconds more quickly at the top of a mountain compared to sea level.

Think about that for a second. It is literally mind bending. 2 clocks that are very accurate, running on the same counting/timing mechanism, 1 is slower.

This is a relatively recent discovery:
Wikipedia Wrote:The SI second was defined in terms of the caesium atom in 1967, and in 1971 the name International Atomic Time (TAI) was assigned to a time scale based on SI seconds with no leap seconds.[10] During this time, irregularities in the atomic time were detected and corrected. In 1967 it was suggested that nearby masses caused clocks to operate at different rates, but this was disproven in 1968.[11]

The clocks in GPS satellites are actually set to run a little slow (38 microseconds per day) on the ground so that they'll run at the correct speed when in orbit .

Physicists have known about time dilation for probably thirty years before they came up with definite evidence for it (if that is in fact the first time they had evidence about it).

Otherwise nobody would have decided that ultra-precise atomic clocks would have been worth shooting into orbit.
General relativity asserts that gravitational forces affect the rate at which time passes so I'm not sure why this would be considered a discovery, unless for some reason it was in dispute that relatively weak gravity affects the flow of time.
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