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I Fucking Hate Friends
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RE: I Fucking Hate Friends
(03-30-2016 03:33 PM)C-Note Wrote:  Interestingly, the writers for Friends were sued for sexual harassment. Evidently, while they were working writing the show's episodes they made a lot of sexist jokes and comments, including saying that Courtney Cox had "twigs and sticks in her pussy" and that one of the writers "should have banged Anniston when he had the chance." They joked about making Joey a "serial rapist" and described in detail how they would write the story. The network agreed that they said those things, but the environment was necessary for "the writers' creative process." I believe the case was settled for undisclosed terms.

How does that jive with the atmosphere of the show?

I think this is like a scene from Mad Men when they are shooting the Utz Commercial:

Prior to this, they are warned NOT to being the client to the set, but of course the person taking the client and his wife around decides to bring them to the set anyways. As you can see from the clip, since the actor/comedian was in the 'creative zone' while shooting the commercial, it got very ugly, very fast with the wife of the client becoming a target of the comedian's creative process on the set with upsetting insults.

I can see how the writers have to be in a mode like this when trying to write a script for a comedy show.

What I would not understand with Friends, why everyone else was not made to keep away from the writers when they were working. I expect that as long as you didn't wander into the room where they were writing that you would be left alone.
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03-31-2016 04:28 PM
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RE: I Fucking Hate Friends
I actually take back some of my words at the beginning of this thread. I've had some extra free time this month so I fired up the Netflix and watched the last 2 seasons of Friends....and I gotta say it was pretty damn good Laugh

Look, it's a light-hearted show, and yea I can see how it's bluepill and promotes fucked up gender dynamics etc. But the bottom line is the chemistry between the actors is great and there are some genuinely funny/dramatic moments. If you didn't shed a tear during the series finale, you're a cold-blooded prick Wink

And as another poster noted, it's great to have some knowledge of the show when it comes to gaming foreign chicks as they are FAR more likely to be familiar with it than any other one. Friends was hugely popular abroad (Seinfeld not so much).
06-09-2016 03:38 PM
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