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Music Industry - puts women on pedestal
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Music Industry - puts women on pedestal
Some of the greatest music has come from the highest creative minds of men -- who labored extremely hard to develop their musical talents - many died early -- bc of their struggles. And then most music men have written about is putting women on pedestals -- especial music from the 60s and 70s period.

Women have been hearing this music over and over with great melodies that stick into the mind like a automatic and continuous record player.

When a beta man gives a girl a huge amount of attention -- she immediately starts to thinks that maybe she is a special snowflake - and she deserves the best. The beta is put into the friend zone while she goes after the bad boys.

So when women keep hearing all this great music from men about how special women are, this no doubt is a very big factor that made women put themselves on their own imaginary pedestal.

Hence the music industry -- especially The Beatles -- are a big factor why women have turned on men -- by wanting equality, getting divorces, treating men as crap etc.

How ironic that Paul McCartney himself was taken to the cleaners by his own wife at the time Heather Mills.

Today Rap is perhaps the most popular type of music. Although I can't stand most of the rap -- it does not put women on pedestals but treats them like crap -- and yet women flock around this music and are its biggest consumers. Rap music make women get wet quite easily.

What a strange irony.

Here is a good example of a song with good melody from the 70s -- that put women on a pedestal -
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02-20-2016 07:57 PM
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RE: Music Industry - puts women on pedestal
Nowadays I can't stand music who puts women on pedestals. Its contents about this makes me cringe.
02-20-2016 08:24 PM
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