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Approaching and Hitting the Male Wall
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DrCotard Away
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RE: Approaching and Hitting the Male Wall
At least NTP leaved a worthy thread here. The other threads created by him are pretty useless thanks to his copy pasta skills.
05-18-2016 07:23 PM
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doc holliday Offline
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RE: Approaching and Hitting the Male Wall
(05-18-2016 05:06 PM)TheOllam Wrote:  Just realized this was an NTP thread!

Serious post. My Dad is turning 60 this year, and the wall is beginning to Punish him.

The bigger issue is actually emotional. Dude is done, and it's really sad for me to see him this way. He's holding down a crappy job at a mechanical contractor, but it's the end of the road for him. He has no plan for anything, he's just existing and turning nihilist.

He just does not listen, and takes no action to improve himself. Zero self care, no regular doctor/dentist visits, foolish diet, poor time management. He was blessed with amazing youthfulness his whole life, remaining healthy and disease free. But this blessing is now a curse because he does not really understand what's entailed in diet and thoughtful physical maintenance. He's still lean, but his energy levels are shot and he's coughing/hacking a lot.

I also realize how few friends he has these days. Just seems like there's nothing left. Not here to make a sob story, but does anyone have ideas on dealing with health issues for a parent that has lost drive? What if I told you what I say to him does not seem to matter anymore and he's tuned me out?

Thanks, making the best out of this NTP thread!

The hardest thing here is that you have to try and find a way to get your dad motivated to do something about his situation. If you can get him to go to a physician, not any physician but a concierge style physician who specializes in men's health issues, they can do a full blood work up, physical, hormone panel etc. then he can get a good idea as to what's going on. Maybe just make the appointment for him and drag him there once you find one you like.

Trt is certainly something for him to consider but it needs to be in context of a whole lifestyle change with diet, exercise. If you can get him to start on his physical health then once he starts seeing improvements here, then he can start working on other things like his teeth, and his emotional health. The right physician is critical here and you really need to talk to a few of them. It's hard at that age because a lot of people give up and it sounds like your dad is at that point. Somehow, you need to get him motivated but I would try to drag him to the doctor as a start. If you have any brothers or sisters you need to get them to help you. You can also try to get him to travel a bit to help him reacquire some zest for life. Some new age stuff like meditation could help too. Hell, get him a 20 yr old escort. Nothing like sex with a young chick to help get reinvigorated. Finding something to get him wanting to live again along with starting to take care of his health is how I would approach it. Keep trying with him, don't give up and try to find something, anything to jump start him.
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05-19-2016 11:15 PM
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RE: Approaching and Hitting the Male Wall
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02-24-2019 09:33 PM
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RawGod Offline
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RE: Approaching and Hitting the Male Wall
After a lot of observation, I can say that the male wall hits at 55. You can be 55 and if you have been taking care of yourself, you'll look like a slightly craggy and grey-templed 35. That can be a pretty good look. But between 55 and 60 you'll get visibly old, almost no exceptions. A (well-kept up) 55 year old can be dating a beautiful 28 year old woman and look like a boss, the same guy at 60, he'll look more like a sugar daddy. That's just life.

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02-24-2019 09:52 PM
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66Scorpio Offline

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RE: Approaching and Hitting the Male Wall
I haven't been in really good shape since my early 20s when I was in the army reserve. In terms of women, I guess I peaked in my early 30s. I did OK through my 40s as well. It was when I hit 50 that I really noticed things. My body just doesn't work the way it used too and I find myself having more "brain farts" than before. I need a bit of a renaissance because my wife is 18 years younger.
02-24-2019 11:50 PM
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