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Compilation thread for pro-Trump arguments
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RE: Compilation thread for pro-Trump arguments
I wanted to add this argument:

Lefties claim Hitler was elected to office and then started his master plan:

Paul von Hindenburg Independent 18,651,497 49.6%
Adolf Hitler Nazi Party 11,339,446 30.1%

Hitler LOST that election in 1932

Quote:Hindenburg, who owed his election the support of the Social Democrats, took office with little enthusiasm. On May 29 he dismissed his intercessor Chancellor Brüning and appointed Franz von Papen, a declared anti-democrat, his successor. Although Hitler lost the presidential election of 1932, he achieved his goals, when he was appointed chancellor on 30 January 1933. On February 27, Hindenburg paved the way to dictatorship and war by issuing the Reichstag Fire Decree which nullified civil liberties. Hitler succeeded Hindenburg as head of state upon his death in 1934, whereafter he abolished the office entirely, and replaced it with the new position of Führer und Reichskanzler ("Leader and Reich Chancellor"), cementing his rule.

So another person APPOINTED Hitler to power not the fucking voters.

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RE: Compilation thread for pro-Trump arguments
Posted this in the main Trump thread but wanted it to be here too so people can reference it when it comes to "Trump would be more wealthy if he just invested in index funds" meme.

Quote:Occupy Democrats shared an image that said if Trump had taken the money he got from his father and simply put it in a fund that tracked the S&P 500, he’d have $8 billion today. While it's true that Trump got a leg up from his father on the order of many tens of millions of dollars, this specific claim suffers from a key flaw.

The only way to hit the $8 billion mark is to start with $200 million in 1982, and it's wrong to say that was Trump's father's money. While the father's business put Trump on the path to have $200 million in 1982, Trump himself had been running the company for eight years.

Reditt is usually a den of massive cuckery but there was a comment (on the mma subreddit of all places) that broke it down pretty well:

Quote:People always say this, but it isn't even sort of true. First off, Trump has like 5 siblings. Secondly, his dad didn't die until like 1998, by which point trump had already made billions, lost billions, and made billions back again. Third, his dad's max net worth was like 150 million or something.
He never inherited that much from his dad in straight up cash. Mostly he got business connections, access to financing, and just general knowledge about how to develop real estate.
Also, even if you assume he did inherent 100 million in 1979 (which isn't true), and invested it in the S&P 500. This would be worth about 5 billion today, which is in the neighborhood of trumps net worth. However, you have to make a ton of assumptions for this to be the case:
Trump actually bought in 1979, which was at the bottom of a business cycle. It would be similar to if you bought a bunch of stocks in 2009. Its easy to get great returns when you assume all the purchases are right after a recession.
It assumes trump spent no money. Like he just invested it all and spent zero dollars every year. Meanwhile, he has giant lavish apartments all over the place, flies on private jets, owned a giant yacht, and hangs out with models all the time.
It assumes trump paid no taxes on his earnings. In reality he has probably paid like a billion dollars in taxes over the course of his life.
Additionally, there are maybe 1000 billionaires in the world? About 1/2 of those came from from middle class backgrounds; it might actually be 2/3 I can't quite remember. How many people are there with parents worth a 100 million dollars? Probably more like 100,000. It might even be more than that.
I don't think anyone is arguing that trump wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He defiantly was. However, the argument that he is a bad businessman, or could have easily made that much money with passive investment, or that its easy to become a billionaire, is frankly ridiculous.
05-25-2016 11:02 PM
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RE: Compilation thread for pro-Trump arguments
Trump actually spontaneously came up for the idea of drip proof (non-melting) ice cream in an interview back in 2003 with Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen), which he quickly walked out of when he realized the guy was trolling him and wasting his time with the idea of an "ice cream glove".

In October 2012 Trump posted this on his twitter:

Quote:I never fall for scams. I am the only person who immediately walked out of my ‘Ali G’ interview

Even in a mock trolling interview that lasted just a minute, Trump dropped a solid business idea.
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RE: Compilation thread for pro-Trump arguments

How To Un-Hypnotize A Rabid Anti-Trumper

When you encounter a rabid anti-Trumper, ask her what are the biggest concerns of a potential Trump presidency.

If “Supreme Court nominee” is one of the top objections, discontinue your persuasion for ethical reasons. This person has put some thought into the decision and has a legitimate opinion that is at least partly based on reason. I don’t recommend changing that person’s mind.

But if a person’s main objections to Trump include any the following four reasons, I would consider it ethical to apply persuasion.

Objection 1: Trump is a loose cannon who might offend other countries and maybe even start a nuclear war.

Objection 2: Trump is terrible at business because he has several bankruptcies.

Objection 3: Trump is a racist.

Objection 4: Trump is anti-women and anti-LGBT

If any of those four objections are behind an anti-Trumper’s opinion, you have ethical license to persuade, so long as you are sticking to facts and adding context. I’ll show you how to do that with each objection.

Objection 1: Trump is a loose cannon who might offend other countries and maybe even start a nuclear war.

Persuasion: Trump has five decades of acting rational in business dealings, and getting along with people all over the world, including China and Russia. By now you would have heard stories of Trump being a loose cannon in his business dealings if such a thing had happened. We are hearing no stories of that nature. And people don’t suddenly change character at age 70. (That last sentence is the important one.)

How risky is Trump? Consider that Trump has never had an alcoholic beverage. He was against the Iraq war. He doesn’t want boots on the ground in Syria. He wants a strong military to discourage war. Trump personally gains nothing from war, but he has a lot to lose, including every building with his name on it.

Putin already seems to like Trump. They are similar characters in terms of their persuasion talents. And it wouldn’t hurt to be on good terms with Russia while we go after ISIS. Trump seems to have that relationship covered.

Trump has been negotiating with the Chinese for years, with no problems yet. And the Chinese leaders are not children. They got their positions by being great deal-makers, like Trump. They might not want to negotiate against Trump, but they aren’t afraid of his personality type. Trump often tells us that his first bid in any negotiation is super-aggressive. China knows it too. They are not naive. They can tell the difference between a negotiator and a madman.

Objection 2: Trump is terrible at business, as proven by his several bankruptcies.

Persuasion: Ask how many bankruptcies Trump has had. Most people say between 5-10. Then ask how many entities Trump has his name on. The answer is about 500. Then ask if that is a good performance for an entrepreneur who is often trying things in new fields.

(Asking questions in that fashion is good persuasion technique. It removes the adversarial frame and gives the person a sense of coming to a new conclusion without pressure.)

Then explain how licensing works. Trump puts his name on various products and he gets paid even if the product or company does poorly in the end. That’s an example of Trump taking the LEAST risk in a deal. The other parties take larger risks and frequently fail. Trump gets paid either way. All parties to the deals have lawyers who review everything. Trump isn’t taking advantage of people with his licensing deals. Licensees are knowingly accepting the riskier side of the deal because they also have the biggest potential upside.

Trump doesn’t like risk. We see it in lots of ways. For example, Trump has never been in a physical fight. He asked his wives to sign prenups. He creates separate entities so some can go bankrupt without bringing down the rest. He licenses his name so he gets paid even if the company buying the license does not make a profit. And he diversifies his portfolio to reduce exposure to any one risk.

Based on everything we see, Trump consistently tries hard to avoid risk in everything he does. And people don’t change character at age 70.

The exceptions to Trump’s risk-avoidance include some of the provocative stuff he is saying during the campaign. That behavior looks risky to most observers, but it was exactly what got him the Republican nomination. Evidently, Trump takes risks when doing so makes sense.

Objection 3: Trump is a racist.

Trump has never mentioned race beyond pointing how how many African-Americans and Latinos support him. Ask your anti-Trumper to offer evidence otherwise. Then point out…

Mexico is a country, not a race.

Islam is open to all races.

If the topic of Judge Curiel comes up, point out that all human beings are biased by their life experiences. Ask anti-Trumpers if they think Curiel would be comfortable at his next family gathering if his verdict favors Trump. (Notice the question form of persuasion again.)

Acknowledge that Trump was offensive when he attacked the judge’s parental connections to Mexico. But note that it is also good persuasion and good legal strategy. It puts the judge in the tough spot of either siding with Trump or appearing biased if he does not.

Then point out that only the Democrats are talking about race. And all of that race talk has been divisive. Trump has literally never said a negative thing about race during this election.

(Professional pundits will talk about Trump’s so-called “racist dog-whistles,” but normal voters do not mention it. They don’t know what it means.)

Objection 3.1: But Trump wants to discriminate based on religion!

Persuasion: Clarify to the subject of your persuasion that Trump only wants to discriminate against non-citizens. That is literally the job description of a president.

For context, point out that Islam is unique among religions in that it includes an order from God that Muslims should overthrow any government that is not compatible with Islam. Moderate Muslims around the world ignore that part of the religion, but refugees are coming from places where it is considered mandatory.

I don’t think other religions have a mandatory requirement to overthrow the government. So comparisons to other religions are nonsense. And the job of the president includes knowing when to make exceptions.

If you think we can screen Muslim immigrants well enough to stop all of the terrorists and future revolutionaries, just think about any job in which you had coworkers. Remember how incompetent some of them were? Those are the types of people screening immigrants. Does that feel safe to you?

Objection 4: Trump is anti-women and anti-LGBT


Trump is the only candidate calling out Islam for its followers’ views on women and the LGBT community.

Trump wants women to have the right to own guns to protect themselves.

Trump is the only candidate concerned about crimes against women that are perpetrated by illegal immigrants from Mexico.

Trump has a long business record of promoting women to executive positions in his company. He was doing it years before it was fashionable.

The women in his personal life – including his ex-wives – seem to like him.

Trump is offensive in the way he has talked about women. But keep in mind that Trump has offended nearly everyone at some point.

The way to know your persuasion is working is that your subject will change the topic instead of addressing your point.


You: Mexico is not a race.

Subject: Well, Trump also had bankruptcies.

Don’t allow the topic to change. Instead, say again whatever you said just before it did. Make each point about three times, with slightly different wording each time. After the third restatement of your point, without an objection from your subject, allow the topic to change. It means you won.

Let me know how it works out.
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