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Pope 'The Cuck' Francis Just Destroyed The Catholic Church
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RE: Pope 'The Cuck' Francis Just Destroyed The Catholic Church
(05-07-2019 06:05 PM)Kid Twist Wrote:  What enabled these institutions to be infiltrated, Barron?

It's hard to defend the countless number of "Catholic" universities at this point that do numerous things that are all in line with the idea of "safe spaces" --- and much, much more.

Sorry to come off as defensive, but let's apply your question to every other institution that has been infiltrated by Marxists for the past century starting from the beginning - The Frankfurt school that was welcomed into the highest echelons of American education in the 1930s after fleeing Europe.

Who were they? Why were they welcomed in? By whom? And why into the most prestigious universities?

They tried their strategy of class division in the US and it failed miserably due to American prosperity, standing as a bulwark of wealth for a thriving middle class. When it failed they altered their strategy of division along lines of class to division along lines of race and sex.

What defense could you or anyone else mount against a group with infinite funding to pursue their ends? First it was the schools, as the old generation died out and the new brainwashed generation came of age they'd have their drones in every other facet of America - media, government, religious institutions, technology, the list goes on.

Discrediting any single one of them is a judgement made in error. All these institutions provided valuable contributions to American exceptionalism before their eventual infiltration and corruption.

It doesn't matter who you attack, be it Twatter, the Catholic church, CNN, Democreep pedos, you're attacking the same group of radical ideologues. Thus the remark about Jesuits - which serves to discredit the centuries of knowledge and wisdom they acquired and passed on for the benefit of Western civilization - is a misdirected attack.

If you collect a basket full of fresh ripe apples one day, then some dickhead comes by and drops a rotten apple into it - you'll come back the next day to find a basket full of rotten apples. Upon seeing the basket full of rotten apples, you wouldn't single out one of the apples as the cause, you'd know someone fucked with your basket of apples.

Jesuits have been rotted by the same group of dickheads that have rotted every other American institution.

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05-10-2019 02:53 AM
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RE: Pope 'The Cuck' Francis Just Destroyed The Catholic Church
The leadership of the Jesuit order has been infected with a homo cabal, according to a friend's brother who was in the order, and confirmed by E. Michael Jones.

The Vatican usurper Jorge Bergoglio is a lot worse than I thought. This blog shows some of his appalling heresies:


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05-14-2019 01:17 AM
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RE: Pope 'The Cuck' Francis Just Destroyed The Catholic Church
The Globalist Pope:

05-20-2019 09:42 PM
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