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Pope 'The Cuck' Francis Just Destroyed The Catholic Church
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RE: Pope 'The Cuck' Francis Just Destroyed The Catholic Church
(05-07-2019 06:05 PM)Kid Twist Wrote:  What enabled these institutions to be infiltrated, Barron?

It's hard to defend the countless number of "Catholic" universities at this point that do numerous things that are all in line with the idea of "safe spaces" --- and much, much more.

Sorry to come off as defensive, but let's apply your question to every other institution that has been infiltrated by Marxists for the past century starting from the beginning - The Frankfurt school that was welcomed into the highest echelons of American education in the 1930s after fleeing Europe.

Who were they? Why were they welcomed in? By whom? And why into the most prestigious universities?

They tried their strategy of class division in the US and it failed miserably due to American prosperity, standing as a bulwark of wealth for a thriving middle class. When it failed they altered their strategy of division along lines of class to division along lines of race and sex.

What defense could you or anyone else mount against a group with infinite funding to pursue their ends? First it was the schools, as the old generation died out and the new brainwashed generation came of age they'd have their drones in every other facet of America - media, government, religious institutions, technology, the list goes on.

Discrediting any single one of them is a judgement made in error. All these institutions provided valuable contributions to American exceptionalism before their eventual infiltration and corruption.

It doesn't matter who you attack, be it Twatter, the Catholic church, CNN, Democreep pedos, you're attacking the same group of radical ideologues. Thus the remark about Jesuits - which serves to discredit the centuries of knowledge and wisdom they acquired and passed on for the benefit of Western civilization - is a misdirected attack.

If you collect a basket full of fresh ripe apples one day, then some dickhead comes by and drops a rotten apple into it - you'll come back the next day to find a basket full of rotten apples. Upon seeing the basket full of rotten apples, you wouldn't single out one of the apples as the cause, you'd know someone fucked with your basket of apples.

Jesuits have been rotted by the same group of dickheads that have rotted every other American institution.

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05-10-2019 02:53 AM
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RE: Pope 'The Cuck' Francis Just Destroyed The Catholic Church
The leadership of the Jesuit order has been infected with a homo cabal, according to a friend's brother who was in the order, and confirmed by E. Michael Jones.

The Vatican usurper Jorge Bergoglio is a lot worse than I thought. This blog shows some of his appalling heresies:


λ ό γ ο ς
05-14-2019 01:17 AM
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RE: Pope 'The Cuck' Francis Just Destroyed The Catholic Church
The Globalist Pope:

05-20-2019 09:42 PM
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RE: Pope 'The Cuck' Francis Just Destroyed The Catholic Church

Quote:Fragments fall off St Peter's ceiling as Pope Francis says Mass

05 Oct, 2019


Fragments from the ceiling of St Peter's Basilica fell to the ground during a Mass celebrated by Pope Francis on the afternoon of 4 October. There was nobody injured in the incident, which occurred to the left of the high altar as the pontiff presided over the episcopal ordination of four new bishops. As a precaution, the right transept of the basilica was evacuated and the area closed off.

A similar incident occurred in March 2018 when chunks of stucco fell from the ceiling near the chapel housing Michelangelo's Pietà. Although it happened during afternoon visiting time, there were no injuries.

[Image: e8d7d03bf6dcb6d67b81e4f45f949cee-k3NC-U3...1004215242]
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10-05-2019 09:16 PM
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RE: Pope 'The Cuck' Francis Just Destroyed The Catholic Church
Vatican ( The Pope) considering changing thousands of years of Catholic tradition


VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis urged South American bishops on Monday to speak “courageously” at a high-profile meeting on the Amazon, where the shortage of priests is so acute that the Vatican is considering ordaining married men and giving women official church ministries.

Francis opened the work of the three-week synod, or meeting of bishops, after indigenous leaders, missionary groups and a handful of bishops chanted and performed native dances in front of the main altar of St. Peter’s Basilica with a small wood canoe containing religious objects.

Led in procession by the pope, the bishops then headed to the synod hall to chart new ways for the Catholic Church to better minister to remote indigenous communities and care for the rainforest they call home.

Among the most contentious proposals on the agenda is whether married elders could be ordained priests, a potentially revolutionary change in church tradition given Roman rite Catholic priests take a vow of celibacy.

The proposal is on the table because indigenous Catholics in remote parts of the Amazon can go months without seeing a priest or receiving the sacraments, threatening the very future of the church and its centuries-old mission to spread the faith in the region.

Another proposal calls for bishops to identify new “official ministries” for women, though priestly ordination for them is off the table.

Cardinal Claudio Hummes, the retired archbishop of Sao Paulo and the lead organizer of the synod, said the priest shortage had led to an “almost total absence of the Eucharist and other sacraments essential for daily Christian life.”

“It will be necessary to define new paths for the future,” he said, calling the proposal for married priests and ministries for women one of the six “core issues” that the synod bishops must address.

German Cardinal Reinhard Marx, who himself is under pressure to relax celibacy for priests in his native Germany, said the married priest question is complicated, since any moves taken to address the priest shortage in the Amazon will invariably echo throughout the universal church.

“The participants of the synod know, and also the pope knows, that this is also a discussion in other parts of the world, so they have to be very prudent,” he said. “But they will speak about it, that’s clear.”

Francis opened the meeting by extolling native cultures and urging bishops to respect their histories and traditions, rather than imposing ideologies on them in a new form of colonization.

History’s first Latin American pope has long had great esteem for indigenous peoples, and has repeatedly denounced how they are exploited, marginalized and treated as second-class citizens by governments and corporations that extract timber, gold and other natural resources from their homes.

Speaking in his native Spanish, Francis told the bishops how upset he became when he heard a snide comment about the feathered headdress worn by an indigenous man at Mass on Sunday opening the synod.

“Tell me, what is the difference between having feathers on your head and the three-cornered hat worn by some in our dicasteries?” he said to applause, referring to the three-pointed red birettas worn by cardinals.

Francis urged the bishops to use the three weeks to pray, listen, discern and speak without fear. “Speak with courage,” he said. “Even if you are ashamed, say what you feel.”

The synod is opening with global attention newly focused on the forest fires that are devouring the Amazon, which scientists say is a crucial bulwark against global warming. It also comes at a fraught time in Francis’ six-year papacy, with conservative opposition to his ecological agenda on the rise.

Francis’ traditionalist critics, including a handful of cardinals, have called the proposals in the synod working document “heretical” and an invitation to a “pagan” religion that idolizes nature rather than God.

To that criticism, Hummes denounced Catholic “traditionalism” that is stuck in the past versus the church’s true tradition, which always looks forward.

“The Church needs to throw open her doors, knock down the walls surrounding her and build bridges,” he said.

But there are limits to how far the church will go. Despite appeals from religious sisters and women’s groups, no nun will be able to vote on the final synod document, even though women do the lion’s share of the church’s work in the Amazon.

Sister Alba Teresa Cediel Castillo, a Colombian nun participating in the synod as an expert delegate, said the time will come eventually.

“That there must be greater participation of women in ecclesial life, I think yes,” she told reporters. “We’ll get there, but little by little. We can’t pressure. We can’t fight. We have to dialogue.”

In keeping with the meeting’s environmental message, the synod organizers themselves are taking measures to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Organizer Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri told the bishops there would be no plastic cups or utensils at the meeting, that synod swag such as bags and pens were biodegradable, and that the emissions spent to get more than 200 bishops and indigenous from South America to Rome — estimated at 572,809 kilograms of carbon dioxide — would be offset with the purchase of 50 hectares of new growth forest in the Amazon.

- One planet orbiting a star. Billions of stars in the galaxy. Billions of galaxies in the universe. Approach.

10-07-2019 08:56 PM
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