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Venezuela is collapsing
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RE: Venezuela is collapsing
These chinese investments are like the fables russian investments, and the iranians too in the last past years. The money will go to Maduro´s pocket, and little in infraestructure or industry will be seen by the comon people.

When i´m feeling blue, when i just need something to shock me up, i look at this thread and everything get better!

Letters from the battlefront: Argentina
02-17-2017 10:48 AM
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RE: Venezuela is collapsing
‘Maduro Diet’: 3 Out of 4 Venezuelans Lost ‘At Least 19 Pounds’ in 2016

Quote:A poll released this week among Venezuelan nationals found that 75 percent of Venezuelans reported losing “at least 19 pounds” in 2016, while 93 percent of Venezuelans said they do not have the money to secure three meals a day for themselves.

The Living Conditions Survey, organized in part by three national universities, also found that 83 percent of Venezuelans were below the nation’s poverty line.

While 78 percent of respondents confirmed that they eat breakfast, only 32 percent said they eat two meals a day.

A poll released in September found that 15 percent of the nation relied on garbage, most from industrial businesses like groceries and restaurants, to eat. Over half of Venezuelans said they had experienced going to bed hungry, and a similar amount said they were forced to take days off from work to search for food.

Video surfacing this year appears to indicate that scavenging in garbage dumpsters for food has become so popular that Venezuelans now stand in line in front of dumpsters to look for food. Venezuelans have begun sharing their findings of garbage piles with high potential for containing sustenance on social media.

Venezuelans eating rotting food risk their health on a regular basis, and incidents of entire families dying due to eating old or rotted food have occurred.

Desperation has also fed crime in one of the most violent countries in the world. The Miami-based El Nuevo Herald published a report last month detailing new robbery tactics growing increasingly popular among Venezuelan youth. Gang attacks on people leaving markets have become more common, while the frequency of robberies in general increased between 15 and 20 percent in most municipalities nationwide in 2016.

Maduro has responded to the growing threat of famine with a number of measures that appear to have worsened the situation. Last year, Maduro ordered the military to take full control of the nation’s food supply. Soldiers in charge of the food subsequently began demanding bribes to ship it around the country. When they were not paid, the food sat in docked cargo ships, rotting on many occasions and worsening the scarcity.

Maduro also created a government unit called the CLAP (Local Committee for Supply and Production) to monitor the distribution of food packages in urban areas. Anti-socialist groups have accused the CLAP of distributing the food only to known government supporters and threatening not to feed households that have expressed opposition to socialism.

Maduro announced this week that he would expand the CLAP program to government salaries, meaning government workers would be paid with CLAP food packages. In some cases, government workers would receive ration tickets to be used at government-controlled markets for food.

“A food ticket is not a salary,” protested Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles Radonski, an opposition politician. He added that the tickets may soon be worthless thanks to hyperinflation: “What does someone do when 100,000 bolívars in food tickets disappear thanks to inflation, because the price of food goes up every day?”

  • Venezuela is starving
  • People literally eat garbage
  • Venezuelans have social media, but nothing to eat
  • Gangs are now formed just to acquire food
  • Food is rotting in cargo ships thanks to corruption
  • Access to food is restricted to government supporters
  • Opposition to socialism could mean no food for you or your family
  • Government workers will soon be paid in food stamps

How glorious is socialism!

But wait, I saved the best part for last:

Quote:Maduro has previously joked that his mismanagement of the economy has made Venezuelans fitter and more sexually virile. Referring to “Maduro’s diet” in September, the head of state said on national television, “Maduro’s diet gets you hard – no need for Viagra!”

02-21-2017 02:37 PM
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