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Non-weightlifter/non bodybuilder types bodies as "alpha male".
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RE: Non-weightlifter/non bodybuilder types bodies as "alpha male".
(08-18-2016 05:05 AM)SegaSaturn1994 Wrote:  In my not so humble opinion some people may be discouraged by the myth espoused by some bodybuilders that weight training is hard. It's actually one of the least time consuming activities out there. There's even stories out there of Mr. Olympia contenders going drinking and binge eating prior to contests. Compare this to running tens of miles a day like some marathon champs do or having to deal with other people's bullshit and egos and get bruised on a regular basis several times a week (martial arts).

Unless a guy is serious about a sport that requires him to carry less mass, I don't see any reason why the average guy should not bodybuild as long as he does not waste his money on useless supplements, wreck his spine with risky movements or just obsess about it needlessly because the only thing that counts is performing a few simple movements consistently a few times a week in his home gym. It's a low hanging fruit that remarkably few (though quite a few still) have grasped.

You're revealing the extremely low amount of effort people are willing to make, actually. Putting an honest 30 minutes a day into anything would yield good returns in a few months to a few years, whether you're talking about writing fiction, welding, learning to play an instrument, or lifting in the gym.

I'm not sure self discipline is technically a skill, but whatever the right noun to describe it, it's mostly lost. Most people are motivated to avoid consequences of failing to do stuff; they are not motivated by chasing the rewards of consistent effort.
08-22-2016 07:16 PM
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