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How exactly does Soros profit from destroying societies?
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RE: How exactly does Soros profit from destroying societies?
(08-24-2017 12:36 AM)Orson Wrote:  
(08-24-2016 10:28 PM)CynicalContrarian Wrote:  For any human to put so much time, money & effort into 'ruling the world'.
It does all seem rather futile.
Lenin, Stalin, Kissinger, Soros.

They're all dead or near dead & yet none of them have managed to be the proverbial 'king of the world'.
Human life spans are too short.

Mayhaps there's an otherworldly & sinister lot behind the whole plan...?

How does Soro's profit? As Watergate taught us, follow the money!
Maybe. Unfortunately, his empire is a closed shop (save for the hacked emails and docs). However, Soro's doesn't appear to profit.

So, here's another theory.

I've read a lot that Soro's has written, and I've followed his interviews. He seems coherent, and earlier in life was the sparkling writer.

Could this aging billionaire be a victim of his very one handlers? Based solely on the foregoing, this seems a stretch.

But I watched a video of him at a CATO conference on the US Constitution (because of some of his writings on the subject) from about dozen years ago. And even watching it a couple times, Soros was badly out of his depth. He could not really answer questions put to him and appeared not to grasp the queries, much less answer his interlocutors.

That's not normally what happens to serious authors (and Soro's is one).

What does happen to rich and busy accomplished men who rely on the advice of many experts? If they don't screen them well, they get misadvised and their funds are taken or misapplied against their wishes? Against the ends they truly seek!

While I deeply doubt that his "wishes" are abused against his consent, that doesn't mean that "experts" - with their own, seriously wrong-headed and anti-Open Society (to use his own named cause from Karl Popper), agendas - defeat his ultimate goals?

Does Soro's hire highly educated SJW-type activists, but those drawn from the NGO and social worker set? And thus they are ideologically disposed to endores the Prog-Leftist herd thinking, instead of seeing around globalist-prog think propaganda, which has demonstrably failed and does violate principles of freedom, could Soro's be led astray?

At any rate, the biographies (or interviews) of the professional altruists Soro's uses would tell the tale - that's the missing ingredient in my interpretation which needs answering

He wouldn't be the first rich bastard to REALLY believe in his goodness while doing real world damage and evil. And fail to see the error of his ways.

Put differently, unlike Maurice Strong - the rich Canadian Godfather of the UNFCC (UNs Framework Climate Convention, think "COP21," the Paris "Agreement" and the Kyoto Protocol, etc) which sponsored the IPCCs global warming and world government mission - Soro's writings and persona are not obviously those of a one-world socialist/fascist government utopian! To the contrary, his philosophical idol, Karl Popper, only advanced "piece-meal" problem solving by the government. How does he get seduced and led astray, and down the path towards utopian ideals? Through his "handlers."

Hence, my contrarian theory about the mysterious Goerge Soros: he's not really innocent, but done in to do evil.

By contrast, Strong's Marxist socialist origins were deep and early etched in life, and his aim to "Save the World" from humanity transparent: "If we don't change, our species will not survive... Frankly, we may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrial civilization to collapse." -From Wikiquote (credited to National Review in 1997.)

Soro's secretiveness helps to drive conspiracy theories. And we like to believe them. But what if the truth is more prosaic?

Good post.
When I was a little kid I sort of had Soros as a hero. Lots of reasons. I wanted to be a trader. He was self made, from E Europe. He hated the City of Ldon and saw it as a joke where clueless rich kids got jobs from their dads and did shit at the expense of others. In his late 20s he had been rejected by all the banks in Ldon and was buggering around selling Rizzlas on a beach in N Wales (not even somewhere warm!). He was 35 when he started his 1st hedge fund. But that was decades before most people had even heard of hedge funds. His partner Jim Rogers seemed a decent type of guy. And Soros was very honest it seemed. He saw George Bush as a scumbag. He said that the market would never solve all problems and he exposed some of the con tricks of finance.

Unfortunately, whether I've learned more about him, or whether he's changed massively, the Soros I read about of the last few years seems like an absolute ubercunt. He wanted to destroy trading (for traders large or small)with a tax (whether the trader makes a profit OR a loss!). All revenue would go to his, Buffett's and Gates pet business profits in Africa. All under a bullshit guise of "humanitarianism". Even fuckwits like the head of the Anglican church believed his scummy plan. He's commited all sorts of evil in E Europe, and esp against Russia. It seems he promoted the worst form of globalism, faggotry, anti-male, anti-Westerner, anti-nation shite imaginable. Apparently promoting floods of 3rd world garbage into Europe AND planning massive profit making from it.

My guess is that he is senile AND now a puppet of other groups. And they have a lot of shit on him/have intimidated him. There have been foiled assassination attempts on him. So I think there's a deal. Soros and his family get to keep their billions - alive. And he talks all the Establishment globalist, libfag trash. Or atleast sits back while his hijacked foundation does.

Soros also fits another role - the patsy, the Lee Harvey Oswald of the REAL Establishment. The REAL powerbrokers. Thats why so much of what you read about Soros is written by village idiots. The "its all the fault of da jooz" brigade. As if the rest of the Establishment (over 90% non Jew) is purer than the driven snow.
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09-01-2017 02:58 AM
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RE: How exactly does Soros profit from destroying societies?
Soros is not a puppet.

Soros is a world force to be reckoned with.

We have no idea how integrated he is into the "liberal world order" as it is known in most of the world. Consider my surprise when a I watched a documentary about a female prime minister in Liberia and what she did for women's right and who was in that meeting on TV, Mr. Soros himself.

This guy is a well known power player and has his fingers everywhere. There's probably a couple hundred really big players in the "liberal agenda" and Soros is one of the top guys. Another one is Henry Kissinger, who is one of the worst war criminals in the world. Did you know that it was Henry Kissinger who advised the Egyptian president back in the 70s to use the Muslim Brotherhood to attack the secular marxist left in Egypt? I didn't either.

The fact is, these guys pop up everywhere, again and again and almost always they bring doom and destruction.
09-01-2017 02:55 PM
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