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My Travel Journal
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RE: My Travel Journal
My shortest date ever:

Met this chick on vncupid last year and she basically went cold on me after a few texts. I managed to get her out after she flaked on me the first time. Prior to meeting up she changed our meetup time not once, not twice, but three frigging times. I thought she had a few screws loose. Come meetup time, she tells me because she didn't see me at our meetup time she went home, but then returns back after I said I arrived. It was literally like a few minutes after our agreed meeting time. Upon arriving, she says she can't find me, despite me providing her with basic instructions (meet on the main floor beside the elevators). When I finally meet her, I ask her if its her first time here, she says she's been here a few times already. If you've been here several times before, then why can't you find the elevators? I was already getting annoyed with her. Her height was average, face slightly cute, but on her pics she had a great rack and dressed kind of slutty. She seemed a bit off. Once I told her let's go downstairs to get coffee, she tried to grab frame and suggest we leave and grab a taxi to go somewhere else. Fuck no! I told her I wouldn't be able to buy her a slice of cake if we went somewhere else upon passing by a bakery. I pointed to several slices of cake and even 3 small cakes shaped like a teddy bear. But immediately the bitch pointed a big giant cake and told me she wanted that, no, demanded that I buy her that. The cake cost like 260k, not something that would break the bank but also something that cost more then a day's salary for some locals. I thought the bitch was out of her mind. I had literally met this girl for less than 5 minutes and already she was demanding that I buy her a cake for her birthday that passed away 2 days ago that cost more then a day's salary for a local. I pointed back at the slices of cake or the small cake, telling her that she can't eat that whole thing but she tells me she's gonna take the whole cake home (no doubt to eat with her family and friends and tell them how much of a fool I would have been to buy it for her). I tried to act calm and collected but she was really pushing my buttons. I mean who the hell did she think she was to be demanding that I buy her a cake for her birthday that passed away 2 days ago? I told her maybe some other time in the future, but she said no! She wanted that cake now. We bickered for a bit. I was starving at this point so I grabbed a slice of swiss roll and proceeded to pay for it at the cashier. The bitch looked at me with a bitch face and then asked if I was going to buy the cake for her or not. I gave her a firm no and then she said ok bye, and I replied "ok bye". What a fucking gold-digging bitch. On her zalo, I had saw that she already received 2 cakes on her birthday and now she wanted a third one for something that already passed?

Who the fuck did she think she was to be making demands like that to me? She hasn't put out, she flaked on me the first time, and was too stupid to figure out where the elevator was at a mall she went to several times before. She didn't deserve shit. I bet she got super spoiled by some beta chump in the past who was bending over to her ever wish and now she thought she could get her way with me. I mean its one thing for my gf to ask me to buy her a birthday cake but quite another for a chick who I've known for less than 5 minutes to demand that I buy her one. After getting rid of this bitch, I met up with my wing and we hit the streets to do some night game.

After several failed attempts to approach girls, I finally mustered up the courage and approached two girls. One wearing a very beautiful white dress and the other a black top. I managed to hook both girls and then my wing jumped in. Unfortunately for him, the girls speak next to no english so I was practically on my own here. After several minutes of talking and me finding out what they were doing, I suggested that we go for a drink somewhere and got my first double instadate here in vietnam. The one in the white dress ended up being a part-time model! This is what I love about game. You can basically replace any bitch that gets out of line any night of the week.
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