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Civilization is on the Y-chromosome Attempt at ROK Article
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Civilization is on the Y-chromosome Attempt at ROK Article
This is an attempt at an ROK article. I'm not a writer and english is not my native language. Therefore it would be much appreciated if people would correct any grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, if someone with better vocabulary and writing skills feel they can convey the scientific method better then me, be my guest. I'm very open for criticism of any kind. I just want the scientific truth spread, that's honestly all I want. For some reason, I'm failing when i try to insert images. The images are important though, a picture can say more then a 1000 words, so be sure to click them. And yes I know, should newbies be allowed to post threads?

Civilization is on the Y-chromosome.
It is men who invent, build and maintain civilization. Women cannot be men, and therefore will never perform those tasks. The science behind this fact.
I decided to write this essay to end the Cultural Marxist propaganda, that there are no fundamental differences between men and women in what they can do. As it stands right now, if men stopped working civilization would completely collapse. This is just a fact. One only needs to look at whom do the vital jobs that are absolutely necessary for civilization to comprehend that. If men stopped working, billions of people would die of starvation because not enough crops would be produced, in addition, no planes, no cars, no ships no satellites, no metal, no electricity, no computers, no phones, no new buildings and no maintenance of the old ones, no new roads and the list goes on. If men stopped working, we would as a species, be set back to the stoneage. To quote a feminist.
Quote:"If civilization had been left in female hands we would still be living in grass huts." - Camille Paglia
This is not a generalization. It is a scientific fact, and in this essay I will prove it. I will do this, by outlining a simple experiment that can be done fairly easy. My essay will be in five parts.
Part 1) I explain the biological difference between men and women, not in the anatomy, but in the brain.
Part 2) I explain how there is no proof that women can be men, and that the burden of proof really has shifted to the people who wishes to claim otherwise.
Part 3) I explain how this difference can be filmed for the whole world to see. By performing a simple experiment. And prove Camille Paglias assertion once and for all.
Part 4) I explain the evolutionary reason why women can’t be men.
Part 5) I come with a conclusion.
Do not be despaired by such a long essay, it's just 4000 words. I will use many pictures making the essay longer, but pictures don’t take a lot of time to read.
Part 1)
The fundamental difference between male and female brains.
A woman has x-x chromosomes and a man has x-y. I don’t want to waste too much time on statistical outliers such as hermaphrodites, males with x-x chromosomes and women with x-y chromosome. The scientific fact is that the Y-chromosome is needed to produce a male. Whether that be a normal male or a hermaphrodite with penis and testicles. Males with x-x chromosomes has a gene from the Y-chromosome, (the Y-chromosome from the father), transferred to his X-chromosome, so the Y-chromosome is still needed in males with x-x chromosomes. Males with x-x and females with x-y are infertile, while their value as human beings are equal to all others, in Mother Natures harsh worldview they are evolutionary dead ends.
Ok, so what is it about the Y-chromosome that produces a male? In short, on the Y-chromosome there are genes that only exist on the Y-chromosome. One of those genes is the SRY gene. Which is the gene that makes a fetus to start producing testosterone. That gene is defective in women with x-y chromosomes. We all start of as females, as the testosterone (and other male hormones) kicks in, a male fetus starts to “deform”. Changing the body of the fetus, (penis and testicles) and the brain.
Quote:“We know that hormones influence brain development in the womb, yet before age 13, boys' and girls' mental circuitry appears similar. During puberty, hormones may again have a powerful effect and contribute to rewriting the teen brain.”
Now I know it says the brain appears similar, but it quite clearly states, that they know hormones influence brain development in the womb. From the same article.
Quote:“Research has found some key differences that could explain why we expect males and females to think and behave in characteristic ways.”

The article later tries to ignore this, because, political correctness. But instead of spending too much time on arguing over lab results, I will just prove the fundamental difference in part 3. For now, I will just give the reader a small overview of the statistical differences between male and female brains that everyone agrees on. Men have on average.
Bigger brains.
More brain cells.
Quote:Dr. Bente Pakkenberg, a female neurologist who examined the brains of 94 adult corpses, told The Washington Times. ''There was a 16 percent difference in the count -- almost four billion fewer nerve cells in women than in men. That really surprised me.
Shoutout to Dr. Bente Pakkenberg, I’m from Denmark and so is she!
Men think differently than women.
Quote:Our studies are finding significant differences in the brain circuitry of men and women, even when they're doing the same thing: It's like two people driving from Philadelphia to New York, who take different routes, but end up at the same place," says Ragini Verma, PhD, associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
Ragini is another female.
And the last difference is harder to measure, but logic tells us it must be true.
Men have more mature brains.
Women mature faster, men mature more.

Quote:Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies have made it possible for scientists to watch the rate at which the PFC matures, and have discovered the male brain doesn't fully develop until age 25. Meanwhile, women experience a maturity rate of 21 years-old.
Some might think that makes women superior. “Haha men mature at a slower rate, women must be better!” Anonymous reader. Well considering men do all the vital work to invent, build and maintain civilization, that notion is, if you will excuse me, slightly retarded.
Just too quote a famous philosopher.
Quote:The nobler and more perfect a thing is, the later and slower it is in arriving at maturity. A man reaches the maturity of his reasoning powers and mental faculties hardly before the age of twenty-eight; a woman at eighteen.
Modern science seems to agree with him.

Part 2)
I explain how there is no proof that women can be men, and that the burden of proof really has shifted to the people who wishes to claim otherwise.
You know how women are really strong and independent and don’t need men right? (except for civilization), well I am from Denmark, so let us see some strong and independent women from Denmark show what they can do without men, before we turn our eyes to the rest of the world.
Quote:The first time the organized women’s camp was held was in 1971. About 400 women participated in this - the world’s first (probably)women's camp - here you can read a bit about the history of the camp.
The organizers explained that there was a need for a women's camp, because "in daily life are all things firmly divided between what we have to do and what men should do. In the camp, there are no men, and therefore we will naturally come to take over all functions and working areas. In this way we learn to work together and trust each other, and learn that we can do it without men, and that there are no certain things that women cannot do.
The camp was a huge success, and was in the following years expanded again and again. In 1976, there were 1300 participants – and just as many rejected.

Let’s see some pictures from 1971, when women finally break free from the Patriarchy.
Free at last, free at last! The camp is still going strong, and every summer women go to the camp to prove they don’t need men. This is the camp 44 years later in 2015.
Aside women putting on some pants do you notice anything different? No? Me neither. Just to put this in perspective.

This is The Great Pyramid of Giza. The big one in the middle.
Men build that pyramid 4500 years ago. That’s four thousand and 500 years. They did it without modern machinery. They did it in 30 years. In a desert!
Just as a side note regarding the women’s camp. They still go to the grocery store nearby to buy food. I’m not kidding.
Ever since the 1960’s women all over the Western world has been telling men that they don’t need men. If we count the women from USA and Europe from 1960 to 2016 that’s how many women? A billion? Just a guess.
If women could, they would build the tallest and most beautiful building in the world without help from men. Just to give men the mental middle finger.
Is that statement true or false? Remember, some things or funny because they are true. If you laughed, doesn’t make it false. The statement is obviously true. They would, both men and women know it. So where is it? Well, it sure isn’t in Denmark. There exists no building in Denmark build only by women. There is a clay hut, but I will get back to that. And how can I be so sure there is no building in Denmark build only by women? Because they would make damn sure to tell men if they did it. That’s how I know. Google is invented.
Ok, so let us look to the rest of the world.
Women Build. And plenty of pictures of women constructing. Here is the thing though. Despite all the buildings all these women helped construct. There is not one house on that website that is built without men. And how can I be so sure? Well, first of all I browsed the website and so have others whom I argued with about this. And they never constructed a building without men. Besides, we all know if they had, they would put it on the front page. Just to make it clear, I have had this discussion with many people in Denmark, including politicians, brain scientists, and journalists. None have found a house constructed without the help of men. You, my dear reader, are welcome to try, search the web. But keep in mind, I’m not saying there is any particular thing about constructing a house that women cannot do. One of the fundamental difference between men and women lies not in the individual capabilities, but in the ability to cooperate. Ok, so what have women built without men?
Clay huts.
Build by a Danish woman in Denmark. Now, do we know for sure that no man helped? No. In fact, it is admitted in the description in some of the buildings they had help. Also, the windows and the metal in these clay huts are leftovers from men’s civilization. Also, if they used any kind of tools involving metal, that would also be men’s civilizational leftovers. So Camille Paglias claim still stands true.

Quote:If civilization had been left in female hands we would still be living in grass huts." - Camille Paglia
The clay huts are basically advanced sandcastles, being hold together by leftovers from men’s civilization.
Just to reiterate. If women could without men, they would build something alone the line of this.

So far, all they have to show is this. And that’s being very generous.
There was actually a woman in charge of the construction of Trump Tower.
What a good girl! Very clever to, probably an IQ way above mine. But then again, there are also child geniuses.
But It doesn’t stop with buildings. One of the fundamental differences between men and women, what truly separates the two genders are men’s ability to cooperate with each other.
Women can be lawyers, right? And they can be secretaries, right? What do you need in a lawfirm? Lawyers and secretaries. So where is the major lawfirm runned and owned by only female lawyers and secretaries? I mean, if they could run a major lawfirm without men, they would do it right? Just to give men the mental middle finger. What about hospitals? Women can be doctors, nurses, accountants, janitors, basically every position in a hospital can be done by a woman. So where is that hospital? We all know a woman can do a man’s job, so where are all the companies with exclusively women? They been the majority of voters ever since they got the right to vote, at the very least since the late 60’s early 70’s where all over the Western world anyone who managed to turn 18 can vote. They are now the majority of universities students. And still, can someone even find a restaurant where all the chefs, dishwashers and waitresses are females?
Let me give you an example, of a woman who tried to run a females only company. I highly encourage you to read the entire article, it’s hilarious from start to finish.
To sum up the article.
Quote:Despite being in charge, she was scared at the prospect of being bitched about - it was as though, in a women-only environment, staff were unable to keep their defined roles.
Professionally, however, the company was somehow thriving.
We secured two programme commissions, one with ITV and a series with Living TV, so could afford new offices in West London.”

The effect a lack of testosterone was having in our office was even more apparent when I temporarily hired two male directors to work on a series (camera operators are usually men because of the heavy equipment). The team suddenly became quieter, more hard-working and less bitchy - partly because they were too busy flirting”
“And while I stand by my initial reason for excluding male employees - because they have an easy ride in TV - if I were to do it again, I'd definitely employ men. In fact, I'd probably employ only men.
“Making close to half a million in our first year should have meant profit, but this was wiped out by high salaries and accounting errors by staff. “
“To pump extra cash into the business, I sold both my cars, but it was too late and we went bankrupt in March 2007, less than two years after I'd formed the company.
Though I will not absolve myself of all guilt, I believe the business was ruined by the destructive jealousy and in-fighting of an allfemale staff. Their selfishness and insecurities led to my company's demise. When I needed the socalled 'Sisterhood', believe me, it just wasn't there.
Part 3)
I explain how this difference can be filmed for the whole world to see. By performing a simple experiment. And prove Camille Paglias assertion once and for all.

Ok. So I mentioned I would outline an experiment that would prove women can’t be men once and for all. Here it is.
Take all the materials needed for building a house, including the inside utilities like electricity and plumbing. Just a small house. Like the one in the picture. Take all the tools needed. Put it all in a construction site. Provide the construction site with necessary electricity, food, water and trailers. Build a big fence around that construction site. Then take the best of the best from all 3,5 billion women in the world with x-x chromosomes and put them in there. Along with a female camera crew. Have them try and build the house without men. Have the female camera crew videotape them failing. And they will fail. As a comparison one would off course do the exact same experiment with men. Same house and same tools. Is this a dumb experiment? Why yes it is, but then again, I’m not the one claiming women can do anything men can do.
Is there any chance of women with x-x chromosomes being able to build that house? Maybe. Here is how it could be, maybe, theoretically done. A man with x-x chromosomes who got the SRY gene from his father passed over to the x chromosome, could undergo a sex surgery, then come and help the “real” women build that house. However, these women would be infertile and unable to pass along their mentality to their daughters. And since there exists no house today, it is a far fetched theory, there are other genes on the Y-chromosome that might be necessary to civilization.
How the women fail depends on their character. Either they get in arguments, their emotions take over and they either start fighting each other or leave the construction site in anger. Or they control their emotions and just do nothing. Just stand there and look at each other realizing they are women, and therefore lack the mentality to do men’s work. This can be filmed, for the entire world to see, if someone decides to perform the experiment.

Part 4)
Why women can’t be men.
It’s called evolution, and is something that apparently is no longer being taught in schools and universities. If we look at homo sapiens closest relative the chimpanzee, we find the answer. In a chimpanzee pack there are 2 distinct behaviors/mentalities/instincts, that only the male chimps do. One is the territorial attack against chimpanzee packs. This is described here.
Quote:He added: "What we've done at the end of our paper is to turn the issue on its head by suggesting our results might provide some insight into why we as a species are so unusually cooperative. The lethal intergroup aggression that we have witnessed is cooperative in nature, insofar as it involves coalitions of males attacking others. In the process, our chimpanzees have acquired more land and resources that are then redistributed to others in the group.
And here.
Quote:Chimpanzees exhibit a behavior known as boundary (territory) patrolling. The male chimpanzees of a social community will walk around their territory in a straight line. These chimps walk along the edge of their territory and the neighboring territory in slience, searching for any predators or other chimpanzees from other communities. If the group comes across another chimpanzee they will attack it in attempt to kill the chimp.
These patrol groups are usually made up of males, on occasion a female will join the group but they are usually infertile. The average patrol time is 2- 2.5 hours.”
The other one is hunting in packs. Described here.
Quote: Although chimpanzees can and do hunt alone, they often form large hunting parties consisting of more than 10 adult males, plus females and juveniles.
So far, to my knowledge, no one has ever observed a pack of female chimpanzees hunting without males. A female would rather hunt alone, then with other females.
I write this again, One of the fundamental difference between men and women lies with men’s cooperative skills.
The average number of children a female homo sapiens has had throughout most of world history has been 8 children, keep in mind most children used to die before they ever became adults. As hominoids progressed male and females did not start to resemble each other, they evolved for different tasks. Females would take care of the children and be pregnant most of the time, while the males ran around honing their hunting and warfare cooperative skills. Honestly, this is something you can explain to children and they can understand it.
The same reason there has never been an all-female army, is the same reason women can’t invent, build and maintain civilization. It’s not because women are inherently more moral, it’s because there exists no “sisterhood in arms” Only Brothers in arms.
The exact same cooperative mentality needed for war and hunting, is what is needed to build and maintain civilization.
There are plenty of other experiments one can do, to prove civilization is on the Y-chromosome, then asking females to build a house without men. They all involve women being left alone, proving what they can accomplish with no men around. Asking 3,5 billion women with x-x chromosomes to build a small house with everything installed, just seems like the most easy one.

Part 5)
I don’t blame people for not coming up with an experiment, that proves women can’t be men. However, I do blame the cultural and intellectual elite for being so dumb, that they claim women can take over for men. That if men just help around the house and help out with children, women will suddenly become men and do men’s work. Gravity did not come into existence with Newton, people knew not to jump of high cliffs before Newton came around…
Next time you see women complain about “toxic masculinity” “evil patriarchy” and “oppression”, just know, that you are looking at some of the dumbest creatures who has ever walked on the face of this earth. They will gladly use buildings, roads, cars, trains, planes, electricity, telephones, tv, railroads, couches, chairs, plastic, pencils, and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and fucking on, and the list will not stop, EVERYTHING, and this really is everything, is created by men. If you are a female reading this, you are using “toxic masculinity”. If you really want to be free from the “patriarchy”, go out in the woods, make a grasshut and use stonetools. Otherwise, shhhh. No one is forcing you to live in civilization, just leave, if it is not to your taste.
The major reason for why women are so dumb, to think that they are oppressed, and not simply incompetent lies not with their iq, but their mentality. It is best explained by Rollo Tomassi in his essays on female solipsism.
Quote:Women are bad at reasoning, but good at rationalization.
Let that sink in for a minute. One cannot rationalize without the faculty for reason. So are women really bad at reasoning? No, actually they’re great at it.
The difference is that women don’t place as much value on Truth as they do upon self-preservation, and therefore their reasoning processes do not abort when self-contradiction is reached. They’ll just rationalize their way out of that too, if exposed.
Ultimately, the so-called hamster reflects an underlying difference in value systems more than in reasoning ability.
That’s why, after a billion women with massive freedom and wealth, who never accomplished anything even remotely remarkable without men’s help, women still think they are oppressed, it never occurs to them, that they are just incompetent
So how can this experiment be done? Well, you will never get the current intellectual lightweights in academia to do the experiment. But you could perhaps get someone like the mythbusters to do it? I don’t know, just a thought. A man like Carl Icahn might be willing to finance the experiment. Finally, you could take away women’s right to vote until they either build that house or shut the fuck up.

From space to get a bigger view.
Men 4500 years ago in Africa
How we are guessing it would have looked.
Danish white women after 44 years of trying to show they don't need men.
Everything you see in that picture is produced by men. Even the tents are bought in a store. Produced in a factory build by men. The failure of women trying to prove they don't need men is hard to explain.

If anyone ever wondered why Abraham Lincoln decided to give black men the right to vote, without it ever occurring to him that white women should have the vote, it's because he had an intuitive understanding that civilization is on the Y-chromosome. Because let's be honest, we all know some entitled white woman at some point asked him, "you will give niggers the right to vote, but not us!?" And Abraham Lincoln, being the honest man the he was, Honest Abe, had to tell her the truth. " All men are created equal honey, and you my dear, are not a man"
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10-15-2016 04:37 PM
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RE: Civilization is on the Y-chromosome Attempt at ROK Article
So 3 users liked this post. I would love some feedback on it. I had myself just turned 28 before I started to consider the difference between men and women in a serious way. The guy who started this thread might also have some feedback?
It was actually this forum, and Rollo Tomassi that made me realize women can't build a house without men. Not Camille Paglia. Someone on this forum in some post said something along the lines of" There must be some kind of experiment that can be done, that does not involve strictly survival", like this ROK article.
To put it short. When I finally figured it out, I actually checked myself into a mental hospital to see if I, or the rest of the world, had lost its mind. Turned out to be the rest of the world. They let me out after 3 days. One of the male staffmembers turned fairly redpill Blush
Confession time.
Yeah that is me, and I'm fine with getting banned again.(although please don't Roosh?, I donate again the first or just buy a new account, whatever you want) The reason I bring it up is because I noticed Libertas stopped posting right after I made this thread. Libertas! First thing, I saw in a post, I think it was in the migrant invasion, that you changed your mind. Good. Second. Do not feel ashamed! You are way way ahead of the curve, I was in every single way more bluepilled and dumber then you, at your age, I'm only 30 but still. Unless raised by a seriously redpill father, the brainwashing from school and media is just to much for anyone to withstand. I noticed your lack of posting because I love your posts, you are too important a part of this forum to stop posting. Everyone has had some opinion they deeply regret, I was a socialist, and would have defended women's right to vote even more ferociously then you did. Three weeks to election, where are you posts?
I would love some help to clean up this essay and make it look good. Anyone who wants to help can just be co-author. But the essay has to have that condescending tone, because it has to be a mental sledgehammer that hits the progressive liberals right where it hurts them the most, their belief of intellectual superiority. If people are being left with two choices, feel like an idiot or change their mind, most will change their mind. The essay is not meant for redpill men, but for bluepill. If this gets turned into an article, I will from Denmark sit and spam that article to every male american Hillary voter I can find on facebook and twitter and anywhere else. One of the things i think is lacking is that people don't co-author. In scientific journals it is completely normal, this is a scientific essay, and I'm asking for help to get it done
10-18-2016 07:56 AM
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RE: Civilization is on the Y-chromosome Attempt at ROK Article
A lot to read through, perhaps try to break it down in smaller chunks. It's an interesting theme/meme and I agree if you keep hammering it and asking why women can't build a house, eventually it might seep through into meme status. Keep going.
10-18-2016 08:59 AM
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