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D. Trump, the defeated Establishment and... Thomas Crown!
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D. Trump, the defeated Establishment and... Thomas Crown!
Watching (with pleasure, and great hope for the future) president-elect D. Trump on TV these last days, I noticed that he favors dark suits with white shirts and a (quite bright) red tie... I thought to myself, I have seen this tie somewhere - and I remembered where:

[Image: tcamet.png]

[Image: 1078243262.jpg]

It's the red tie from the Thomas Crown Affair excellent (red-pill) movies (a tie inspired by the famous, ironic, and master-troll Magritte painting, Son of Man):

And well, I realized that there are indeed many similarities between D. Trump and Thomas Crown (from the movies): both are fearless billionaires who are not part of the system, and actually game and ultimately outsmart the Establishment (and also of course, alpha men with very classy and beautiful women).

Also, note that the actors who played Thomas Crown on-screen, are (like Trump himself) world-famous super-Alphas: Pierce Brosnan, Steve McQueen.

Interesting too: the way Thomas Crown plays the system - to steal the (presidency-)painting at the museum, against all odds -, is similar to D. Trump's tactics to "steal" the presidency, also against all odds.

If you analyze the Museum-exit scene: Thomas Crown beats the establishment (symbolized by the police or FBI: remember mister Comey?) by confusing his opponents, being fast, adaptable and on the move, and appearing simultaneously on multiple fronts: Reminds me of D. Trump's high-energy multiple-rallies campaigning...

And at the end (of the movie and campaign), his opponents are beaten and in a daze, not understanding how they managed to lose a battle that they were certain to win... So, don't you think that in a way the Thomas Crown movie strategy seems to mirror the victorious D. Trump campaign strategy?

Worth noticing also: the famous soundtrack of this movie, Sinnerman from Nina Simone, sounds like the warning D. Trump sent to the corrupt Establishment (the sinners): I am coming, I'll drain the swamp, and you won't have a rock to hide under...
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11-14-2016 04:16 PM
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RE: D. Trump, the defeated Establishment and... Thomas Crown!
The original Thomas Crown Affaire was better
11-15-2016 12:11 AM
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RE: D. Trump, the defeated Establishment and... Thomas Crown!
I also believe that Trump uses all powers of persuasion.

While Presidents wear many ties over the course of their time in office, it is on the high visibility days the most pictures are taken, and the colors have association. Like how a song can immediately put you into a memory, a place, or a time of your life.

I recall Blue being GW Bush's color for whatever reason.

Just a quick search, there's this article from 2008 that describes Reagan:

Quote:There was another, even more fascinating sartorial issue attached to Reagan: the red tie. Reagan himself was not overly devoted to red ties, however when word leaked out that the First Lady’s favorite color was red, guess what happened? Almost overnight, anyone seeking the president’s attention, from journalists to politicians, were sporting red ties. Their female counterparts suddenly discovered red blouses, scarves and jackets in their closets.

[Image: Reagan+SOU2.jpg]

So, like Thomas Crown etched himself as a strong male character in your mind to be remembered for 20 years, Trump is possibly utilizing this imagery as just another part of his brand that burned into the retinas of voters as they nod their heads in agreement to his words.

There are lots of possibilities for why red was/is his choice- from his personal historical preference, Red Tie= power and confidence; or he wants to disassociate from Bush and the GOPe and align with Reagan (subliminally)...

Or maybe he likes red. I can tell you that I wore a suit to my election night event. I wore dark suit, white shirt, red tie. It worked on me. It's his brand now.
11-15-2016 12:32 AM
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