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The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
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Big Grin The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
Now that the election is over, and Trump has won against nearly impossible odds, and yet I knew he'd overcome them and take the blue collar rust belt states and Florida with at least 30% of the Latino vote, it's time to get down to business gentlemen. Just as I was confident Trump would win in a fair election, I also know what is going to happen to the future of America's economy should his legislation pass. I know what needs happen in the Republican party for the country to survive, and for the well-being of our Neighbors. I also know what must happen on this forum, and for the men here. And I think I know what must happen for me.

But before we get into any of that, let’s process what just happened over the past year and a half. This monster thread will be a five part series. Take your time reading and replying to this thread. In total hours, I’ve spent days writing it.

Part 1: How the Manosphere Saved the Republican Party, and, Consequently, America

The Effect of the Manosphere Upon the Primaries

During the primaries, all we needed was to do was campaign on the internet. And there was a reason for that. People who vote in the primaries are typically well-informed voters. Well-informed voters use the internet. The internet is far more powerful than television or knocking on individual doors. Well-informed voters understood the TV had become propaganda back in 2013-2014, and we were the biggest part of redpilling the internet. It’s funny, the term redpill, as far as I am aware, was coined in the manosphere, with Roissy being the most articulate (now Chateau Heartiste), then we developed more redpill ideas here which were broadcast more at Return of Kings, and now the term “redpill” is even used everywhere on the net. You even hear it in day to day conversation sometimes. Our effect on the culture has been massive.

They say politics is downstream from culture, and now we have a President who once said to “grab ‘em by the pussy.” Laugh We shouldn’t dismiss how influential we’ve been, although it can be hard to measure our influence as we have no direct measuring instruments to know for sure. But we can be confident in our knowledge that the redpill concept started in our communities and spread to the rest of the world.

How, you ask? There are two types of leaders - political leaders, and thought leaders. Both are equally important, but the internet has changed the nature of the game for intellectuals. Previously thought leaders had to get their word out through books. Books are a holdover from the printing-press era, a 550 year old invention. We are so used to the reality of the printing press and books that people are still catching onto the power of the internet.

We no longer need books. Authors can just write essays and get read within seconds of publishing. Thought leaders today are more powerful than ever before. Control a man’s thoughts, and you control his behavior.

For 99.9% of people, all thoughts come from words used by other people. Almost all knowledge is inherited, except for the geniuses among us who create the first thoughts. This is why Orwell said freedom of speech is really freedom to think. This is also why free-will is largely an illusion. Your thoughts are rarely your own. Therefore we know what we hear spoken by others came from someone else. And the whole redpill philosophy is nothing more than a reassertion of basic human nature, and, more importantly and novelly, of female nature, something completely lost on the vast majority of philosophers throughout Western Civilization with the notable exception of Arthur Schopenhauer’s On Women. Thus I, MikeCF, Roosh, and most of the smartest men of the manosphere all give credit to Roissy, who was the most articulate and accurate philosopher of women in the 20th century; an early adopter of the internet to spread contrary ideas, a man who took the simplistic PUA movement of the early 2000’s into so much more. He sparked a movement that took Roosh to the next level (ironic as Roosh’s blogging encouraged Roissy to start his blog) and create his own forum, which then gave rise to the many esteemed posters here, and Return of Kings as the pre-eminent media outlet of the redpill manosphere.

This forum has easily been the greatest think-tank produced in the last 30 years on cultural issues facing Western men. In fact, I am tempted to say it is the greatest cultural think-tank of all time because of it’s use of the internet, plus it’s rules for free speech, plus the banning of women (because they distract men!). So many different men from America have chimed in here, from every state in the country, although mainly from the NorthEast, and many from all over the world, producing thoughts and opinions contrary to nearly everything taught about women in the past 100 years, and in many ways, the past 1800 years. You have to go back to Roman times where the women were equally as decadent as the ones we have today to find similar opinions as ours, such as Ovid, but even then, the lack of internet meant it was easy to suppress those voices and keep the truth of women hidden from other men.

As a result, this forum was extremely important for winning Trump the primaries. We tilled the cultural soil using the internet as our plow, which paved the way for a man like Trump to reap the harvest.

To understand just how big our impact has been, we need only to look at how much single men abandoned the Democrats and their feminist platform. A loss of 15% Democrats and a gain of 5% Republicans translates to at least 15 million men:
[Image: tOVHQl1.png]

Make no mistake, we’ve destroyed the hegemony of the feminist narrative with our internet army. At least half of America’s single men (mainly young men) think feminism is bullshit. And since it is mainly men who vote in the primaries, we were able to use logic and reason to persuade the non-internet men into accepting Trump and dominate the primaries, with the largest victory of any Republican nominee, ever, of 14 million votes.

A resounding victory, yet, we still have more work to do, although at this point the inertia is doing most of the work for us. We’re also moving away from hypocritical Christianity and toward real Christianity, where acceptance of our Neighbor’s sins is the norm instead of ostracization so people can love and heal each other as neighbors. This is also critical, as I will explain below.

Still, when Trump announced his campaign, there was still a lot of uncertainty about the man and his policies. We hashed out our arguments for and against Trump on this board, and once our arguments were developed, we went out onto Twitter, political websites like Breitbart, Reddit, DallyCaller, 4chan, 8chan, the disqus comment sections of mainstream news like NBC and MSNBC, and we crushed all other arguments with ease. The people who watched us defeat our cuckservative opponents then copy-pasted the arguments to other sites and took them to their friends and family, who then carried these arguments to other places, etc.

The internet is truly an amazing game changer, and it has had an amazing impact on our culture and democracy.

Covering for Trump

To be a successful politician, a person needs to be charismatic, authentic, and articulate speaker. Trump had two out of three. Clinton only had articulation. Thus to win the game for Trump, we needed to articulate for him over the internet why his policies were actually best for America. Most of that time was spent dismantling accusations of racism, sexism, and other attacks against his character. There was very little in terms of policy, because our opponents lost on policy. But sometimes we needed to chime in on that as well.

A particularly great example of the power this forum has was when, during the primaries, Trump’s opponents were slamming him for being against free-trade. Using my knowledge of economics and politics, I created a thread on March 4th, “Why Free-Trade Cannot Co-Exist With Currency Manipulators,” and quickly watched how all discussion on the subject moved to Trump’s favor in the internet public discourse. I would copy and paste the arguments I wrote there in many other conservative forums and threads. About one month afterwards, I noticed the voices talking about free-trade disappeared. Within a few months of the posting of that thread, Trump started to describe how current trade policies “are a one way street,” although it’s impossible to say if Trump came up with that on his own or someone handed it to him, it certainly felt the arguments in that thread got echoed to where they needed to be.

Another example, although much harder to prove, was Lizard of Oz’s thread “Trump General Election Policy Proposals Part 2: Reviving the American Family,” where to the best of my knowledge was the first place anyone coined the meme “#TrumpBabyBoom”! He wrote that thread in May 7th, and on July 20th Ivanka read her proposal to help working class moms with tax deductions and other childcare incentives. Because the time differential between the thread and Ivanka’s speech is only a month, it is harder to prove that Lizard of Oz was the inspiration for her speech, and it does seem likely that Ivanka was thinking of those ideas for quite some time on her own. But the #TrumpBabyBoom tag was first posted there, and it is totally possible the ideas in his thread echoed through enough people to reach someone in the Trump campaign.

It was a snowball of ideas. And the ball started here and a few other places. The internet, with total free speech, means that only the strongest arguments survive. And on this forum, with a large collection of intelligent men, and, very importantly, no women to distract us, we developed the arguments that would win the day and win the primaries. Special credit goes to Deepdiver as the first pebble that started the avalanche; I recognized the truth of the salty ol' SeaDog's arguments and moved to defend and articulate them to the rest of this forum and I watched our arguments spread like wildfire through the internet. We won the internet for Trump.

Not only was RVF instrumental as a think-tank for Northeast Conservatives, but I’d also like to give credit to mypostingcareer for Conservatives in the South. Although that forum is rather distasteful with its explicit racism, it doesn’t change the fact that they are very influential within conservative circles in that part of the country. Whether we like it or not, racism is the norm in much of the MidWest and South. Blacks and Whites do not get along due to an extremely ugly history, and the grudge has continued for over two centuries now. And the Democrats have been using this grudge as a political strategy to win votes from Blacks with no care about feelings of love or peace. Racial harmony is bad for the Democrats, and, again, whether we like it or not, the racist Whites of the South and MidWest are our rivals and deserve respect. They still honor ideas of Rule of Law and Christian Neighborly love, but they have trouble accepting Blacks as Neighbors. And likewise Blacks have trouble accepting Whites as Neighbors. Up in the northeast, we notice that Talmudic Jews have trouble accepting Whites as Neighbors. But we’ll discuss more about this when talking about the future of the Republican party down below.

The effect of these two forums is obvious when examining how the primary season went; Trump had trouble in the MidWest, but crushed the Southeast and Northeast. The MidWest’s Conservative base barely watched TV or used the internet, and the apparent purity of a guy like Ted Cruz was most superficially appealing to them. Things like multi-million dollar loans from Goldman Sachs went unnoticed. Fortunately the MidWest became redpilled by the time the General Election rolled around and they were forced to pay attention to Trump.

Thus, during the primary season the this forum had heavy influence on how well-informed voters on the internet made their decisions, but it sure didn’t hurt that Trump was an easy sell either! There can be no more doubt about the power of the internet with free speech. It allows men with virtually no social standing or money to shape the thoughts of others. Previously it was said, “the pen is mightier than the sword,” but now we can confidently state that the keyboard is mightier than all the world’s armies and trillions of dollars.

After seeing just how much of a role we played going into the primaries, we can now be more proactive in creating cultural and political changes through our internet influence for future national elections. Local elections are much harder to influence in this way, but perhaps we can get there eventually as well.

Applause for MikeCF

Special mention needs to be given to Mike Cernovich, forum legend and now superstar birthed from the RVF. He got redpilled here, and redpilled many here. I remember causing him cognitive dissonance at least once about a race question, which helped him to grow as a thinker. He was sitting on a pile of cash from his previous divorce settlement and absorbing the ideas of this forum, then put his own cash and his own intelligence to use by writing his first book and doing live news via Periscope. He successfully carried the ideas written here to a much larger audience with his fearless journalism and has been rewarded mightily for it. Before Trump ran, Cernovich had become mildly successful with around 10K twitter followers; by the time Trump made his announcement speech he was around 20K; by the time of the RNC he was at 100K; and now he is at 160K and climbing. I’m sure Cernovich continues to check in every once in awhile. He still follows me on twitter, because he is not one to betray those loyal to him first. He is a man’s man.

I would consider his work on the RNC and DNC to be the best pieces of journalism produced in 2016, a real eye-opener on how badly our media was controlled:

Mike has become the new face of journalism, and I hope he takes guys from the manosphere to build his empire even further. I don’t think Trump would have won the primary or general election without MikeCF. He probably got Trump an extra 3-5% of his vote through his reach. A spectacular job done Mike. One of the manosphere’s finest.

Changing Strategies for the General Election

We cannot give us ourselves too much credit. Although we were pivotal during the primaries for influencing Conservatives nationwide, especially in the Northeast, once we got to the general we found ourselves battling the well-established and entrenched TV media. Older voters, women, and liberals who did not read within our circles and whom we had no influence over, were now part of the pool of voters we needed to compete for and could not rely on the internet to sway. It was a much harder game.

Thus, during the general, it was mainly up to Donald Trump and his team to beat the machine, and we knew he was the only one who could do it which was a big selling point we had for him during the primaries. We understood that his independent wealth, mastery of the media, and tight game was only way to shine the sunlight down into the cave and get voters to deprogram themselves away from old media and into new media, the internet.

I felt like Mr. Trump had what it took to be successful in the general, and as soon as the LA Times/Dornsife poll came out, I knew my earlier convictions were verified when I saw him beating Clinton by 7 points after the RNC. Everyone else kept getting scared by the other push-polls showing Trump behind Clinton, but those polls had weak methods. Anyone who took a high school stats class could have told you why. The LA Times/Dornsife university poll started with a statistically representative sample of America’s demographics, and then polled that sample. The LA Times only replaced the people polled if they dropped out of the survey due to personal reasons. Conversely, just about every other poll took the opposite approach - calling up random people, polling them, and then applying “filters” and “weights” to make the sample representative. In other words, the LA Times poll worked forwards, while the others worked backwards. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out why working backwards in statistics is usually a horrible idea. The potential for bias that can be introduced with such backwards methods is enormous.

The other polls that called the election correctly are People’s Pundit Daily and the Investor’s Business Daily. The PPP poll used a mixture of LA Times methods with a bit more random sampling plus a stable core of the same people constantly being polled, while the IBD used the traditional method of pure random sampling. I am not sure why the IBD poll was accurate while all the other random-sampling polls were wrong. The IBD does not share its methods so I cannot comment.

Also, the LA Times poll said it would predict the popular vote, and not the electoral vote, but it turned out to be predicting the electoral vote more than the popular vote. The reason for this I believe is that they most likely picked their initial sample according to electoral college distribution within the USA, therefore they had Trump +3 at the end. Had they gone with a heavier popular vote model they would have ended up like the PPP poll of +.8. That said, they should stick with the electoral college model because that is how presidents are actually selected.

A lot of guys kept getting fooled by the shitty polls, leading them to bad conclusions, including esteemed members like Lizard of Oz, and all I have to say is: be more careful reading how stats work.

Eventually I made the decision to get involved with the ground campaign in NH. I understood that, according to the best polls, we had earned the loyalty of about 40% of the USA’s voters, and Trump himself could get around an extra 8-9% with his media savvy, but to get the last yard to the touchdown, to move the needle that extra 1-2% and cross the 50% threshold would require good old fashioned brute-force door to door sales skills. All the game I had learned here over the years was put to use in NH. And in NH, believe it or not, is where we won the election.

Why I Got Involved with the NH Ground Campaign

I started in NH as a volunteer, working on Saturdays through September. I was so good they wanted to offer me a full-time position but they could not give me a spot because of corruption. There was already a woman in the spot as a full-time door-knocker, but all she did was fake the data in the app used for voter data. She would pretend like she’d be going out to go do her job, and then punch in a bunch of fake data about how many doors she knocked, who people were voting for, etc, and grab a beer afterwards. It was massive fraud. She’d enter about 1K-2K fake entries per day and although she’d sometimes get caught, the bosses she worked for liked the fact she inflated the numbers. Her bosses could then report up the GOP chain of command that they had hit so many doors and look good for their district.

This fraudulent woman probably cost Mr. Trump about 500 votes. She may have cost Ayotte the election. She was working in a heavy Republican town, Salem, NH, for months and had the important job of building up voter morale, persuading undecideds, and potentially flipping some Dems. Instead, between August and halfway through October, this woman was punching in fraudulent information. My good friend whom was in charge of the Salem Trump office, could not get this woman fired despite telling his higher ups numerous times about the ongoing fraud. He had been complaining for weeks, and he had to continuously delete her data only for her to re-enter the system and punch it in fraudulently again. It was infuriating.

So they could only sign me up on a part-time basis at first, but eventually my friend put his foot down and said if they didn’t get rid of her and replace her with me, he would no longer care about meeting his quotas of voter turnout for the town and such. They fired her and I got the full time position with about two weeks left to go.

The last two weeks of the campaign moved extremely quickly, and I wasn’t posting much on the forum because I was too damn busy campaigning. Up in New Hampshire, I was working 8-10 hours a day, doing my damnedest to get new voters. I used all the persuasion skills I had and estimate I personally convinced 100 more votes for Trump, including several Democrat votes to flip. I taught many other volunteers how to persuade at the door. I can say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I really enjoy politics on such a personal level. So many conversations with regular folks who honestly didn’t know much about politics, but were worried about the future. I loved peering into their mind. It was great to campaign someone with novel ideas and his own skin in the game. I’ve never cared about any other candidates before since they’ve always been empty suits (Bush/Romney/McCain) or lost causes (I’m looking at you, libertarians). I felt like I was making the difference in moving the needle that final 1% across the finish line.

But, as dedicated as the Trump campaign’s team of volunteers who were flooding across Massachusetts were, the Clinton team also had a well-organized, and well-paid ground-game around NH as well. I saw them on many occasions, plus the media propaganda made the campaign a constant uphill battle. The Dems spent a whopping $48.4 million, the second highest in the country, just on the Senate race alone!!! I remember on one occasion how an elderly man, after learning I was there on behalf of the Republican party and Trump, said to me, “I SAW ON TV TRUMP WANTS TO GIVE NUKES TO EVERYBODY,” and slammed the door in my face. Hilarious but sad at the same time. TV is evil. I tell everyone I know to cancel their cable.

Ultimately it was NH that cost Hillary the election. For whatever reason, her team was panicking at the thought of losing NH to Trump, so they pulled out all the stops and devoted a tremendous amount of resources to securing that state. Including many of the coveted and rare Hillary appearances. Trump, being a living machine, was able to make campaign stops everywhere all over the country - including many appearances in NH. Apparently, this caused the Clinton team to over-react and devote disproportional resources in order to secure NH. In hindsight, we know Hillary and her team should have been focusing much more on WI and MI, but because they felt like these states were so reliably blue that all they needed to win was ensure NH stayed blue. And NH did go blue. But it came at a heavy price, a total pyrrhic victory for the Dems.

I would say Trump had a shotgun approach to campaigning - doing around 50 rallies a month or so himself, plus his surrogates, whereas Clinton had a sniper-rifle approach doing 10-15 appearances plus her incredible number of surrogates (the celebs, Bernie, the Obamas, etc, just to name a few). But surrogates are no substitute for the actual candidate, so Clinton needed to use her fewer appearances wisely, and she would come up to NH far more than she should have with such a limited schedule. She should have left NH more to her surrogates while she traveled to the rust belt to keep the blue wall secure.

Trump’s strength and stamina were indeed one of the main reasons I supported him in the primaries, as there is no other way to campaign for the President other than to be balls to the wall after labor day. Read your history books and look at how other Presidents have campaigned. There is no substitute for traveling and meeting the voters. None. And I knew the only person who would beat the Democratic machine of media networks and the Clinton Empire was someone who would never tire.

There was also the issue of UNH bussing in 6000 students and registering them at the voter booth in Durham, which reeks of fraud and baloney as many of the students were from out-of-state. If this did not happen the Republicans would have won every race. But because voter laws are corrupt in NH, it was legal. It’s a rigged system, folks.

Regardless, not only did the enormous effort of the Democratic machine give Hillary the win in NH, but it also barely gave it Hassan over Ayotte, Kuster over Lawerence, and many other local races. Ayotte pulled her endorsement of Trump and constantly bashed him, which significantly depressed her voter turnout in Republican towns. Ayotte performed worse than Trump in Republican towns, but better than Trump in Democrat towns. There was also a third party Independent named Aaron Day, who simply hated Ayotte for personal reasons and ran just to steal her votes. She lost her campaign from many small cuts. Overall, the campaign against Trump was indeed very damaging to the rest of the down-ballot races, but Chris Sununu still managed to win big against heavy odds and secure a comfortable vote margin. So there is still a promising future for the Republican party in NH.

Moreover, there is a very promising future for the Republican party, and the rest of America, with President Donald J. Trump!

Giving Thanks

We have no idea just how lucky we are to have avoided Hillary Clinton and Democrat rule this election. Her immigration plan alone would have guaranteed permanent Democrat rule until the country went bankrupt or we died of old age. The stress of an exponentially growing welfare class, plus the lawless rule of placing Native US Citizens beneath a burgeoning immigrant class loyal to Mexico or Islam would have unleashed a terrible evil in this country that could only culminate in bankruptcy and civil war. Millions of our Neighbors would have been pillaged, beaten, raped, and murdered. Not to mention an escalating war in the Middle East against Russian forces with the possibility of nuclear war, and destruction of Europe. Not to mention a garbage economy that would have guaranteed most men and women of America would be too poor to have a family. Not to mention the increased perversion of our courts that give special rights and privileges to non-Whites and non-Americans allowing them to commit crime with impunity.

I’m not sure just how aware most people are of the terrible evil we avoided. Two days after Trump’s victory, I said my daily Lord’s Prayer, and thanked Him for sparing this sinful, shameless, and selfish country from destruction, and helping the people, even those who refuse to acknowledge Him, see through the great deception the Democrats have hoisted upon the people and the great deceiver known as Hillary Clinton. As the magnitude of what has happened sunk into me, I broke down into an uncontrollable sobbing, with tears of joy and sadness, for almost twenty minutes straight, for our Father having given us His power, grace, mercy, and forgiveness to spare us. This election was a great, great, great act of mercy like no one could ever understand. We did not deserve this, and yet I never lost faith that He would abandon His people.

And, as has already been mentioned many times by many people, Hillary was arrogant to the core and full of bad flaws and judgement. You all know what they are. Pride before the fall. The way Hillary and the Democratic elites so arrogantly screwed over the Progressive base and Bernie, which I predicted, is the reason why her voter turnout was so low this year as well, which I also predicted would happen on two different occasions. But you know what’s funniest about the whole Democratic fiasco this year? Turns out Bernie wasn’t cheated as badly as we thought he was. After the first round of Wikileaks, it look like the DNC was colluding against him. But after the second round of Wikileaks on Podesta, it turned out Sellout Sanders was colluding to throw it to Hillary for a long time, possibly for the entire primary season. Laugh Now Progressives know why Conservatives do not trust the government!

Below are some pics of life on the NH campaign trail:

[Image: CAcM5Kz.png]
Trump signing my 1987 edition Art of the Deal, at the Bedford, NH, rally

[Image: YHLH1ct.jpg]

[Image: zkrFH40.jpg]
Trump RV

[Image: yPgOS9b.jpg]
Trump town hall, Sandown

[Image: IsmVGFl.jpg]
Trump Flag

[Image: CE38Ct2.jpg]
Trump treehouse

[Image: lTPUGmW.jpg]
Victory party!!

P.S. Scorpian’s brilliant take on the election can be read here. I completely agree with him that this was a divine mandate.

Contributor at Return of Kings. You can follow me on Gab.

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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, this Men Who Post Here, and I
Images that could not fit in the last post due to 10 image limit:

[Image: P6Ajfq5.jpg]
Trump triangle

[Image: j7xGPLK.jpg]
My souvenir’s from the campaign office

Part 2: The Future of America


In Trump’s America, the major change that will have a tremendous impact on all of our lives will be the removal of cheap labor. I expect, and predict, should the legislation of Trump’s trade renovations come to pass, for the average wage in America to double. Which really isn’t hard if you think about it - the average wage across most of the country appears to be $10/hour. Doubling to $20/hour shouldn’t be that difficult.

In the current system, wealth flows out of our cities into foreign countries, leaving 75% of America high and dry:

[Image: CwuG7zcUQAAJJGp.jpg]

With Trumponomics, wealth will instead be flowing out of the cities into the American countryside, reinvigorating small towns and communities across the country. Without being able to buy cheap goods from sweatshop labor in places like China, Mexico, India, and many other places, as well as the removal of illegal alien labor in America with e-verify, demand for American labor is going to sky rocket.

Not only will manufacturing return to America in order to escape punishing tariffs, but Trump will also be rebuilding American infrastructure, and exploiting new sources of energy. These good jobs will mean the return of the middle class. The working class will be able to form families, and spend money on other forms of leisure. This will in turn spur the growth of new small businesses, which will employ many, raising the average wage, and fuel further economic growth.

As a result, I think one of the best ways to position oneself for this oncoming economic boom is by thinking of ways to either be part of the return of construction, manufacturing, or energy, or figuring out a way to provide typical brick and mortar stores for the homes and towns that spring up to supply these new sectors, or services to fledging new businesses.

Now will be the time for all of us to think of where we can profit from the new direction our economy will be taking. Think of ways to help people get out of the city and get jobs with construction, manufacturing, or energy. Or get such a job for yourself. Or start a business to profit from the rise of jobs out in the countryside. Cater to their wives, or children.

This will be the greatest chance to make money since the Reagan boom, which means for many of us the first chance we’ve ever had. DO NOT SQUANDER THIS CHANCE! Stay sober, work hard, and look to Trump as your inspiration and role model. There will be opportunities everywhere once the tariffs go up, domestic taxes are lowered, and the illegals are banned from the workforce.

However, this growth will not occur without some significant growing pains. The legislation needed to create this growth could be stalled in a congressional battle if some Republicans decide they’re more loyal to their corporate donors than to the American people. But I think Trump will be able to bully and threaten Republicans who don’t play ball and get what he needs out of 95% of them, and even find a few Democrats who want to survive their own reelection in 2 years.

There is also the issue of price shocks to the economy, depending on how tariffs are implemented. If the tariffs against Mexico and China are implemented in one fell swoop, of 35% or more in one day, then the price shock to the masses of poor Americans who survive on cheap sweatshop labor goods will be very uncomfortable. I do hope the people in his administration apply the tariffs progressively, of say something like increasing the tariff 5% a month until it reaches the maximum level. So if a 35% tariff is passed against China, it takes seven months before it reaches the full 35% level.

This is similar to a fat man getting back in shape; the first week one of training does not involve going to the power rack to do 200 pound squats. Gotta work your way into it. If the Trump admin messes this up, it will cause a lot of pain and discomfort and make Trump look very bad.

There is also the issue of inflation. People ask, if wages double, won’t this cause the prices of everything else to increase as well? Well, strictly speaking, not necessarily. Inflation is (money supply x money velocity) / supply of real goods/services. If the wage increase is matched by an increase in the total supply of tangible goods, such as with manufactured goods, energy, construction, and the services provided around them, there will be no inflation from extra money supply in the system.

However, there is the very real issue of money velocity, of which there has been a collapsing amount during the past 8 years. If 75% of Americans get money who haven’t been getting anything for the past 8 years start to spend, then money velocity will definitely go up quite significantly. Then there will be moderate inflation, but considering how long and how far money velocity has fallen since ’08, this inflation is unavoidable. When things are rock bottom velocity it’s pretty hard not to have some inflation. This inflation will not be bad runaway inflation and should only increase for a year or two at most as spending habits change. Having a healthy amount of money velocity is a good thing, it means money is changing hands and people are staying busy. Plus inflation ease pressure of many types of debts.

By far the best contrarian outlook on the Trump economy and criticism comes from Peter Schiff:

Peter starts by talking about how it was the first time in his life he’s ever voted Republican, and how he didn’t even think he’d vote for Trump until the day of Nov. 8th. He normally voted libertarian to be disruptive to the government, but then thought to himself, “there’s nothing more disruptive than Donald Trump!” and voted for the man.

He then talks about how Trump’s proposals won’t bring in nearly enough money because the tax cuts will be too severe, and there is too much spending going on. He expects Trump to take on record amounts of debt, and spur on a dollar crisis or bond crisis by raising bond yields to the breaking point of 10% or beyond. He is hopeful for a dollar crisis, so America can finally get the restructuring it so desperately needs. He sees a libertarian future in a crisis created by Trump tax cuts.

My response to Mr. Schiff is that Trump is also going to be cutting tons of pork projects that serve no purpose. This is the, “You’re fired!” president, after all. Trump will also be making sure NATO allies pay up, as well as Japan, which will cut down on the military budget significantly. Finally, tariffs against China and other places will probably bring in an extra 200-300 billion in taxes.

One of us will be proven wrong, but I think Trump knows how to balance a check book. Trump will definitely take on tons of debt to kick start his projects, just like he has in real life, but it will be combined with record budget cuts, tariffs, and military tributes from other nations that should pay for our expenses. There will also be the 10% tax levied on money returned to the USA from overseas. By the third year of his admin we should start to see significant declines in the deficit spending as revenues improve and spending decreases.

This will be a big test of Trump’s abilities, no doubt. No one else has been even remotely successful in tackling the deficit. A big part of killing the debt will be reviving the US middle class as well, and getting more taxpayers back into the fold.

Trump Doctrine

For those who know their history, Trump will be requiring tributes from the countries our military protects. Athens did it before the Peloponnesian war, and it made them extremely rich. Likewise I expect Trump doctrine to make us a lot of money. Billions.

ISIS is dead. Trump will tag-team with Russia and that’s it for those guys. I don’t think they’ll last more than three months into a Trump admin. I think we’re going to find out just how much Obama loved and protected zealous Muslims who commit genocide. With no US funding of terrorism but active hostility to these people, stability should return very quickly.

Iraq is a big question mark. Will Trump take the oil? Will he let the oil be used by the Iraqi government? Prevent it from going to Iran? Iran won’t be getting the rest of the 150 billion either.

We’ll have a very peaceful four years under Trump, compared to the previous sixteen. The only possible exceptions are China and Mexico. Neither can afford to go to war with us, but both are going to be feeling the squeeze from tariffs.

I wonder if Mexico will pull any stunts while we are building the wall, or at least the cartels in Mexico. The US military may even be called down to the border to kill organized drug dealers. Will be glorious to watch.

China is currently running on the 800 billion they collect from USA in trade each year. Without that cashflow, there is going to be serious internal problems for them. How they react is anyones guess. Will the people there throw a revolution? Will they try to invade Japan? Very bad idea if Japan is paying the USA protection money. The China question is the big one. The USA has made them too powerful.

Peace and stability will return to Europe as the war in the Middle East ends. The migrant flow will slow down significantly. Without ISIS, Libya should fall under the rule of another strongman type figure like Gaddafi, and that will hold back the horde. The existing migrants in Europe will find themselves without reinforcements and terrorist attacks will eventually stop. Trump will bring diplomatic pressure to make sure European nations actually throw the criminal migrants in jail or deport them.

Saudi Arabia is going to be emasculated. Maybe a few princes thrown in jail, or Trump will put huge sanctions against them once their full involvement with ISIS is known.

Israel will still be the most racist place in the Middle East mired in perpetual war, but at least no one will nuke them. Trump will be friendly with them but I wonder if he’ll actually make them pay for their military instead of the USA funding them with aid. I pray Trump makes them pay.

Sweden is still fucked, though. And Vicious will be in denial until his home is invaded, upon which he has a total reversal and becomes a hardcore crusader hell-bent on destroying Islam.

Canada? No one cares.

Trump Culture

All presidents have a major impact on the culture around them. Trump’s work ethic will be infectious and just about everyone is going to imitate him. This is going to be a big part of the American revival of the economy. Discipline and focus will become all the rage, virtues everyone will want to have. Lots of self-help books on how to stay focused and on-task will pop-up.

People will admire what is naturally beautiful again. Skinny women, strong men, and a return to beautiful aesthetics in general.

PC Culture will be temporarily dead. I doubt we can kill it entirely unless we fix the education system, but perhaps Ben Carson has some really good ideas on how to solve the problem.

Drugs will no longer be seen as cool. Drinking, smoking, etc, will be seen as mildly degenerate. People will still use socially, but doing it alone or habitually will cause others to ask what’s wrong and if you need help. Despite weed legalization, it will not increase in use other than as a mild social stimulant alternative to alcohol. So rather than bars being everywhere, some bars will be replaced with weed taverns. Same amount of drug use but with more choice. I’m looking forward to it.

Perhaps the big downside of Trump culture is that people will start to become more vain, gaudy, materialistic, and selfish, as if that it is even possible for Americans. To a major extent, city folk are already like this. The problem is if the country folk will be corrupted as well. Trump has suffered from these problems, although he overcame his selfishness when he ran for office and decided not to enjoy his billions. Still, when you give people a lot of money they aren’t used to, we can expect major social issues to develop, especially with the young. The young won’t know what it’s like to be poor under Obama, all they will know is Trump glitz and success.

If Trump is successful in reviving the economy, racial issues will be papered over with money. But if Trump fails, racial issues will blow wide open. I think Trump will be successful, as he wouldn’t have decided to run for president unless he knew how to solve our problems, so racial issues will be solved… for now. The only way to consolidate gains on racial harmony is to use the time of prosperity to confront the major issues plaguing America’s poor, especially the Black poor.

The whole welfare baby momma bullshit must be confronted. Single-moms are not cool. Children without fathers are not cool. This issue plagues all races equally but disproportionately so for Blacks. More than anything, poor family structure causes racial division. It is too easy for the poor to blame their problems on race. Poor Blacks and Hispanics say the White man is keeping them down, poor Whites say poor Blacks and Hispanics are animals.

But the real problem isn’t race. The real problem is the shit family structure which causes them to be poor. This is an issue Republicans must address, both to help their Neighbors, and to keep Democrats from seizing upon racial strife as a means to power. More on this below.

Alternative History: Billionaires like George Soros Try to Throw a Color Revolution

There is some speculation that billionaires like George Soros and others are fermenting Civil War in America by paying profession agitators to commit acts of violence to incite riots. They go around burning down black churches and write “TRUMP KKK,” “FUCK NIGGERS,” or attack some white people and write, “FUCK TRUMP,” etc. Same deal with Latinos in SoCal.

I don’t think there is a high likelihood of any such insurrection being successful. Fact is, with a Republican President in power not only will these riots be put down quickly, but the professional protesters will be arrested, and whoever supplies them with money will be found via RICO laws. Issues for arrest will be sent out for these billionaires, and Trump, being a billionaire himself, will hunt these motherfuckers down with no mercy. After all, it means less competition for Trump from other billionaires if they go to jail, security for his beloved America, and a nice reason to take their money and pay down the national debt. A win win win.

Once the money men behind the racial agitators are found and captured, peace and harmony will return very quickly, but the underlying problems and tensions will remain.

Part 3: The Future of The Republican Party

It’s our party now. Time to own and control it.

We Must Tend to the Trump Sprout

Although the Republicans are currently experiencing a revival under Trump, as we put Reaganism into the past, these gains will be short lived unless we able to finish transforming the Republican party and consolidate our gains.

To understand what Trump has accomplished, imagine someone who started a forest fire and burned down everything. Then, in the newly fertilized soil, a seed is planted. Trump will tend to this seed for the next 4-8 years until he retires or passes from this mortal coil.

What we must do during this time is also take advantage of the forest fire and plant our own seeds. There has never been a better time to get involved in local politics and root out local cucks, who are just weeds.

Previously, with Obama, Bush, etc, it felt futile to be involved with local politics. You’d have corruption and cuckery raining on you from the federal level, and yet more corruption and cuckery at the local level.

But now, the people at the federal level have their hands full with the forest fire started by Trump. You couldn’t ask for a better opening at the local level. This is a once in a lifetime event.

EVEN IF YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT, you couldn’t ask for a better situation. Trump has burned both parties to the ground. This provides a fresh opening anyone bold enough to take it. He who dares, wins, in such a forest fire environment.

Thus I highly recommend to all who are reading to look into their local political situation, and who knows, in 10-30 years from now you’ll be operating at the national level!

Figure out who is who, figure out who the cucks are, figure out how to get your local republicans organized via the internet, and consider if you want to run in the future. At the very least, do your best to purge more cucks and alert people locally who they are. Expose corruption, root it out, and organize primary campaigns to get rid of people who have been in office too long.

Personally, my plans for NH are to work on ending voter fraud in regards to UNH, as well as get the party more organized with a local Republican party forum that only residents of the state can sign up for. I am thinking big. This forum serves as inspiration for what can be done with proper internet organization.

The Rise of Progressive Conservatism

For the most part, I like the current Trump platform. He is a progressive conservative, like all Northeast Republicans tend to be. We haven’t had one of those since Dwight Eisenhower, or Teddy Roosevelt. Moving away from free trade and other agreements that give rich men too much power over the people and the government, and moving away from cultural issues that are mostly a waste of time, like gay marriage, are great principles I think we can all agree on. Strict law enforcement, we agree on. Cultural issues should be decided within our homes and over the internet - not in the government.

In many ways, progressive conservatism captures many of the ideals of the libertarian party, without the cuckery, softness, and with a whole lot more pragmatism. I consider myself a libertarian at heart.

Execution of the ideas, such as trade negotiation, is what counts. Poor choices will render this movement dead. As long as President Trump delivers on economics, we’ll continue to see further growth of the party. And he better deliver! Trump talks a big game, and he refuses to pay people who do a bad job, so likewise we should all hold him to the same standard. If he fails then he is #out.

Providing Trump delivers, and I feel confident he will, there will still be changes needed going into the future or else we’ll lose control to the Democrats.

Future Changes Necessary for the Republican Platform on Labor

There are still people within the Democratic party who are not histrionic screaming crybabies who will be licking their wounds and learning from this election. They will see that tariffs bring money to the country, and votes to the Republican party. I therefore expect Democrats to be returning to tariffs in a big way in the next 3-5 years (it may take them another Presidential loss before they get a clue).

Trump stole the labor vote from the Dems. The Dems are going to want it back. Therefore the Dems will return to the classic methods of securing the labor vote, tariffs and unions.

Trump’s Republican platform doesn’t call for massive tariffs. It only calls for tariffs against sweatshop labor nations. But once people see that tariffs bring lots of money back to the country in the form of taxes and jobs, I expect the Dems to move further left on tariffs, totally abandon the corporate donor class, and flank the Republicans even more to the left.

We’ll need to provide good arguments why free trade with countries who share our labor laws are good for business to combat the push for ever higher tariffs, similarly the way Republicans must push back against the Dems who ask for ever higher taxes.

Moreover, the Dems will also push for bigger and stronger unions. They will claim Republicans only care about big corporations and that unions will increase their wages stronger and faster than without.

Unfortunately for the Dems, I already have an idea that will combat unions without resorting to socialism. I do not want to share it right here and now, because I fear the Dems will steal the idea. But Republicans need to get ready for the inevitable fight over the labor vote.

If you’re a solid Republican with a history of conservative posting, you can PM me and I’ll share the idea. But I can’t post it in public for now.

Future Changes Necessary for the Republican Platform on Racial Issues

Here’s a funny story about the state of racial dialogue within the Republican party.

During the celebration party I was attending in NH for Trump’s win (pictured above with the Hillary in an orange jumpsuit picture), a man from Louisiana was there. He said he traveled up to NH to help campaign because Louisiana was a safe state. Him, I, and two other Republicans were standing together. We were talking about the election, and one of the guys standing asked him, “How come people keep saying we’ll lose Georgia?”

He responded, “Well, I know you guys don’t like to talk openly about race up here, but down in the South we speak plainly about such things. The Blacks vote Democrat and Whites vote Republican.”

Samseau: “How do you guys manage to keep winning down there?”

IMMEDIATELY, the two guys on the side got the fuck outta there and just walked off. Laugh

Louisiana guy was then left speaking to me: “Well, the Blacks live as a tightly-knit community. They follow each other with extreme loyalty. And the Democratic party gives these leaders lots of money. But the Whites vote Republican.”

Sam: “It’s sad. Why can’t people cross lines more?”

Louisiana guy: “I don’t know. It just doesn’t happen. We’re trying to gain more influence in their communities.”

Sam: “Won’t you guys lose your majority at the current population growth rates of Blacks vs Whites?”

LG: “Yeah, I think so.”

Sam: “So I guess you guys need to have more kids.”

LG: “It’s not that simple. White people aren’t interested in having kids anymore.”

Sam: “Are you sure? The economy sucks really bad and they can’t afford it.”

LG: “The studies do not indicate it.”

Sam: “I’m not sure those studies are correct. Also, what about doing something to curb the growth of the welfare population?”

LG: “What do you mean?”

Sam: “Well, I know a lot of Blacks have kids through the baby momma thing. You know, like 5 kids from 4 Dads sorta thing. Maybe women shouldn’t be allowed to do this? Give them mandatory birth control in exchange for welfare after the first kid, and if keeps having more then tie her tubes?”

LG: “Hold on, there’s someone I gotta talk to.”

And just like that Louisiana guy got the fuck out there. Laugh After telling me he was used to racial issues, he couldn’t even have a halfway serious consideration of the issues. Wouldn’t even look at me for the rest of the night. At that particular party, it was full of older Republican loyalists, but the younger crowd there was Republican party social climbers. From talking with them, I could tell most of them did not give a shit about the future of the country or their Neighbors. They were in it for themselves, and more than willing to cuck out on any difficult issue. Even though it was a joyous night, I could not help but feel a sense of impending doom.

Did Trump Use Racism to Win the Primaries?

Racial issues are still taboo as hell, and Republican party members are in strong denial of what’s going on. Not good. Not only that, but remember how I spoke about mypostingcareer above? The forum full of racist Conservative Whites mainly from the South? The fact is, these guys aren’t just racist because they were raised that way. Most of them are racist because they’ve been treated like shit by Blacks at some point. I personally have traveled to Atlanta and have been thrown out of a neighborhood because I have White skin (even though I’m only 1/3 European!). There is a deep evil running through many non-White communities in the USA, training them to irrationally hate anyone outside of their race. It is true racism, and it is turning many Whites into true racists as well. I’ve been writing about this for years and the longer it is ignored, the worse the problems will become.

Racism is much worse from non-Whites towards Whites than vice versa. It used to be the opposite in the past, but it seems the pendulum has swung the other way. I think it was because after the Civil Rights Era in the 1960’s, Whites were taught to be nice, but Blacks were given a free pass “because they’ve suffered so much discrimination in the past.” Over the decades a huge portion of the Black communities have become emboldened with the bad behavior they can get away with, while Whites still receive punishment for even the slightest of racist actions. This is producing a serious backlash from Whites down South, and in many other parts of the country. There is also the issue of Blacks vs. Latinos in some parts of the country but it is much less common.

Trump is aware of these problems, and I hope to God he can alleviate some of it by improving conditions within the cities. If the cities become prosperous hopefully many Blacks will see that just because Trump is White does not make him a racist.

During the primaries, Trump was engaging quite a few of these members. He’d retweet racist accounts, and he’d follow accounts that belonged to members from mypostingcareer. A lot of people in the media were calling him out for this, saying Trump was dogwhistling, and that he supported the KKK, etc. But in reality, Trump’s strategy was to find the disaffected and ignored to get their votes. Just because Trump spoke to racists doesn’t make him a racist. Likewise, just because Jesus spoke with whores and tax collectors (who were evil men) did not make Jesus a whore or an evil man. Trump and his team were politically savvy enough to understand that those votes were there for the taking if anyone paid them even an ounce of attention, as they have been marginalized for decades.

Likewise, during the general, Trump appealed to marginalized Blacks, particularly Christian Blacks, who were tired of the violence and garbage economy. That is why Trump got both the most Black votes since WWI out of any Republican candidate, and also the most racist White votes since the Democrats were KKK. There’s no contradiction if you take the time to think about it. Trump isn’t racist, but he’s not a wuss who’s afraid to talk about the issues either.

Thus, Republicans need to do their part by acknowledging these problems, in order to combat the growing racism among the Whites and Blacks in the South. Not only do we need to stop the racism from abused Whites from developing and taking over the Republican party in the South, but we need to stop the racism within the Black communities from further poisoning discourse. This might be impossible but it’s worth a shot because the alternative is eventual war or ethnic cleansing. Entire states could be lost to White-only or Black-only zones.

What the Republican Party Must Do For This Country to Overcome Racial Issues and Survive: Become Better Christians

1. Good, responsible people must be having the majority of children; 2. Outreach to the responsible Blacks and Latinos must continue and they need to be drawn into the Republican party without any racial animus from racist Whites; 3. The abuse of welfare programs by irresponsible fathers and mothers must end.

#1 is simple; we need better jobs and incomes to return so we can have a middle class again having big families.

#2 means stopping the racist Whites from seizing upon the poisoned race relations and hijacking the Republican party against non-White membership. I believe the best way to do this is through intellectual argumentation. We must always point out the fact that Whiteness is not a prerequisite for being a good Neighbor, and that while there is such a thing as races and racial phenotypes, there is no such thing as racial purity.

To this end, one of the best solutions for racial unity is Christianity. Christianity calls for devotion to one’s Neighbors regardless of who they might be. As I’ve explained before here and here:

Going to heaven involves two things. Love God, and Love your Neighbor as yourself. The concept of the Neighbor is explained in the parable of the good Samaritan. The priest and the bishop walk right by the man bleeding out in the road, but it is the Samaritan who saves him. If you notice, I have been writing capitalized Neighbor versus uncapitalized neighbor; Your Neighbor are your good Christians friends whom deserve your loyalty, trust, respect, and love, your neighbors are merely the people leaving nearby you. For example, this forum is full of men whom would consider each other Neighbors, and whom may even meet the criteria listed in John 15:13, “greater love than this hath no one, that any one his life may lay down for his friends,” and yet many of us have never met each other.

Likewise, we can point out to those who are racist, of all colors, that just because someone is the same color as you does not mean they are your Neighbor. Whites need only look to the liberals and cucks who sell out their nations in the name of “progressivism,” Latinos and Blacks need only to look at the gang-warfare plaguing their communities and sending the murder rates sky high. I believe the Christian message is essential for solving racial issues in America, even if people do not believe in God and His son, they can still accept Christ’s moral teachings.

The other major benefit to promoting Christianity as I have described it, will be to counter increasing vanity and selfishness Trump success will bring as described above.

I have said it before many times and I will say it again here: The best churches currently are run by the Orthodox. Both in terms of culture and doctrine. While all churches depend on the quality of their pastors, which is why there are still many good Catholic and Protestant churches, overall you’ll have more luck finding a good community of Neighbors at an Orthodox church. The reason being Protestant churches teach the ridiculous idea of sola scripture, which says you can only be saved by faith alone even though James 2:14 clearly says faith without works is dead. Because Protestant churches place excessive importance on the individual the people lose focus and stray from Christ. Catholic churches have exactly the opposite problem with their heresy of the Pope; there is no such thing as an infallible Pope, there is no such thing as a Pope, and the result of the Pope creates a slavish dependency of the laity upon the clergy which is spiritually stifling. Orthodoxy is the middle way - 50/50 importance of clergy/laity and has produced the best results on average over the centuries. I will write more about this someday in a Deep Forum thread titled, Why Orthodoxy Will Bring You Closer to God Than Other Denominations.

The other best way to end racial strife is not spiritually but intellectually, and destroy the damaging concepts of race denialism, which liberals espouse, and racial purity, which hardcore racists espouse. To this end I will create The Master Race Thread in the Deep forum, hopefully sometime this year. I believe I can explain, empirically, how to reconcile the reality of racial differences against the relative harmlessness, and many positive benefits, of race-mixing.

#3 is by far the most controversial; people seem to think it is the right of state to support a woman having 5 kids from 4 Dads or else it’s racist and sexist. But in reality, the children of these situations are the ones who suffer the most, and they can’t vote. They are born to lose, and usually turn into even more hateful copies of their parents. It’s a horrible situation and unless things change soon, welfare families will totally outnumber responsible families by such large numbers within 10-20 years it will be impossible to stop them for voting for a terrible Democrat monster hell-bent on destroying America. States like Georgia and North Carolina will be lost and it’s game over for Republicans.

The only two solutions I can think of to solve the welfare population crisis is to either cut off welfare, which 80% of people find inhumane to let people starve so this option is politically unfeasible, or have a woman accept mandatory birth-control in exchange for welfare, which may be more politically possible someday.

I envision a three-strike system. Each form of birth control becomes more intrusive with each welfare child; for the first child, she is put on an unobtrusive birth-control like Skyla, for the second, a more obtrusive system like Mirena, and for the third she is sterilized with Essure. You can see how current birth control systems work here. The mothers can always refuse the welfare and birth control.

This may seem cruel to some but I’ve seen how 5 kids are raised by 1 mom with no Dad, and it is one of the most horrible and sad things you’ll ever witness. 1 mom and 1 kid can be done; 1 mom with 3 is almost impossible. Anything more and the kids are ignored and raise themselves with disastrous consequences.

For the men, I would suggest a two-strike system. Impregnate one woman and if he cannot pay the child support, he is given a strike; if he impregnates a second woman and cannot pay child support he gets a free vasectomy curtesy of the state. I think a lot of men would love the free vasectomy. Also we need to stop throwing men in jail for failure to pay child-support, it does not help anything.

Feel free to offer critiques on this. I’m not set on any solutions to solve racial issues in America by any means. Also we don’t need to rush this issue. We have at least 10 years, I think. It takes awhile before those welfare kids grow up to vote, plus they vote at lower rates.

You Need To Get Involved Locally if You Care For Your Neighbors

If the Republican party, after Trump’s win, is merely infested by sellout cucks, then all of Trump’s work will be in vain. It is imperative that the next generation of Republicans are full of based men, such as ourselves, or else the Democrats will finish off the country and sell us down the river in the name of “social justice.”

I am calling out to everyone here, if they want to help their Neighbors, to seriously get involved with the local scene. Find other like minded men at the local level, and start taking over. Speak with your state reps. Find out who the based state reps are. Find based lawyers. Don’t be afraid to share your views, no matter how controversial. Find out who the cucks are and root them out.

Provided I do not strike jackpot and get a job in the Trump admin, I know I will be moving into the local NH political scene. I have an idea to organize the Republicans there, in a similar fashion to the way people are organized on a forum, except by town, county, and state levels. I will be moving forward with that this year.

The Talmudic Jewish Vote

I’ve previously talked about how 50% of Jews voted for Brexit, and that we should wait and see how they vote in this election to see how they feel about America. Prognosis not good fellas. Look at how they voted in Florida:

Quote:With 68% of Jews voting Clinton and 28% voting Trump, the results were comparable to those four years ago, when 68% voted for President Barack Obama against 31% for Mitt Romney.


“This remains a very divided country,” said J Street founder and president Jeremy Ben- Ami, emphasizing that Jewish voters remain a bedrock constituency with “overwhelming disdain for Donald Trump and his policies.”

He made clear in a conference call with journalists that while the organization did not endorse either candidate, it made it unequivocally clear that “in our opinion, Trump was not fit to be president. Nothing has changed our view on that matter.”

The economy, ISIS and terrorism and health care were the key issues driving the national Jewish vote, while Israel and Iran were toward the bottom of the list for most. Only 9% selected Israel as one of their top two issues, and 2% cited Iran. Nevertheless they hold firm positions on these hot-button issues, with 77% strongly supporting a two-state solution and 69% in favor of a major speech by President Barack Obama outlining his vision for a peace agreement before he leaves office. Meanwhile 63% support the agreement over Iran’s nuclear program reached by the US, Iran and world powers last year.

“America is obviously very divided,” said Jim Gerstein, a Jewish pollster and founding partner at GBA Strategies. “These elections underscored that in a powerful way US Jews are as clearly as ever in the progressive camp.”

Noting that a higher proportion of Jews voted for Clinton more than any other religious group, as well as those with no religion, he said this position is reflected in their attitudes toward refugees, support for the Iran agreement and US involvement in the peace process. “Florida is no different,” stressed Gerstein, who has conducted annual polls of Jewish voters since 2008.

It is really quite amazing at how much these people seem to hate America and its people, and yet according to a leaked email from they know they are totally reliant upon American aid to survive endless Islamic war. How can they support the Iran deal when the leaders of Iran have stated multiple times their desire to nuke Israel off the map? Talmudic Jews are incomprehensible at every level, and whenever you ask them to explain their reasoning they throw out insults and walk away from you.

Christians overwhelmingly voted for Trump, and Jews voted for Clinton. Even the Jew York Times confirms:

[Image: 0kp3fyH.png]

Basically, we have Christians on the Republican side, and Talmudic Jews on the Democrat side. The Talmudic Jews do everything they can to destroy Christianity in this country, promoting atheism, various forms of degeneracy, and racial hatred between the races. They spread lies and false accusations through their media outlets in order to sow confusion and discord. They use the hatred to acquire votes for their party, the Democrat party. Then they accuse the Republicans of doing the exact same thing they are doing. They were hypocrites in Jesus’s day, and they have not changed 2000 years later.

Their strategy has backfired spectacularly against Donald Trump. But we can see that our victory is tenuous, and our enemies are relentless. Even as we speak, the Talmudic Jews are already crafting a narrative with fake protestors that Trump is responsible for creating hatred and division, which is actually the hypocrisy the Talmudic Jews themselves are guilty of.

Talmudic Jews do their best to keep their own Jewish people brainwashed, and work cohesively as a race to promote their elite interests. The brainwashing is very powerful. Have you ever tried to reason with a Talmudic Jew? Even if you back them into an intellectual corner, all they do curse you and retreat to plot against you from the shadows. Slandering your name, and defaming your character. It is very, very sad. And no matter how good your intentions are, they will call you an anti-semite in order to bully others into siding with them, including their own Jewish cousins.

There is only one major problem for them. Men like me, who are semites, and who are descendants of the same Jews that converted to Christianity centuries ago. I have the DNA tests to prove I am Jewish using the least squares method from GED Match, and I have the historical knowledge to prove how vile and corrupt the Talmudic culture has been over the centuries. They cannot call me an “anti-semite,” for I am a semite. I can supply the arguments to everyone that can expose and shame them, so that they respect their Neighbors and hopefully leave behind the racist ways of Talmudism.

To this end, the political changes we need to fight back against Talmudic Jews are stronger anti-libel and anti-defamation laws. We all saw what they did to Roosh as described in Free Speech Isn’t Free. Talmudic elites currently can slander and shit all over anyone through their coordinated press networks. I hope Trump fulfills his promises to open up the libel laws so regular people like Roosh and others can destroy these motherfuckers and put an end to the false accusations. There must be consequences for false accusations in America. Not just for Talmudic Jews, but look at how false rape accusations have destroyed college men, celebrities, and many others. There is a reason false accusations are listed next to theft and murder on the ten commandments.

False accusations are the opposite of Neighborly love, and destroying the ability to throw false accusations at those weak and powerless is the key to destroying the Talmudic grip over the Democrat party and much of America. The Talmuds are extremely dedicated at deceiving non-Whites into hating Whites as well, because Whites make up most of the Christians. Thus an essential part of creating racial unity in America will be destroying Talmudic power in the media.

We must also be aware that dumber Whites will try to get violent against Talmudic Jews, and we should dissuade them from doing so at every opportunity. It only plays right into their Hitler narrative, which is all hypocrisy anyways since they never talk about the genocide Talmudic Jews caused in Christian Orthodox Russia via Communism, or wars in many other places.

When fighting Satan you must fight fire with fire; against the Talmuds you fight with words, arguments, and evidence, and when fighting Islam you fight with brute force. To that end, anytime you walk into territory controlled by Talmuds, make sure you’re filming everything because the odds are very high of false accusations against you afterwards.

The Future Motto of the Republican Party, and America

Thomas Jefferson wrote that “All men are created equal.” This motto has been perverted into meaning that women are equal to men, that racial differences do not exist (even though Jefferson himself wrote about racial and religious differences many times in his private correspondence), and now we see many Democrats telling us homosexuals and straights are equal. Where does it end? Pedophiles are equal to everyone, as are adulterers, liars, thieves, and murderers?

Instead, I believe the motto should be, “All people are judged equally”, first by the law, and then by God. We may not be created equally - some are smarter, taller, stronger, and more beautiful than others - but at the end of the day we all end up in the same place. The same standards of truth and justice apply to all in the law, and God judges us all according to His perfect Judgement.

If we create our laws and society around the first principle of equal Judgement, then most of the evils that have been plaguing Western Civilization since the Enlightenment will disappear.

Part 4: The Future of This Forum

This forum is the brainchild of Roosh and it has helped us develop tremendously as men. Roosh deserves all the credit he can get. He is one of the biggest reasons Trump got elected. This forum, and Return of Kings, have redpilled so many men it was easy for Trump to win the primary. I doubt MikeCF would have found his voice and audience without Roosh and his forum. Think about that - no MikeCF without RooshV Forum. Very likely we’d have Hillary as president. This forum for men is the only one of it’s kind on the net.

Roosh is a political leader of men. Roosh speaks, and men listen. Roosh is also a very intelligent man who takes the time to read and educate himself. I still remember when Roosh started the Return of Kings website, he asked me to join because he believed there was still hope for America. His hard work has paid off tremendously. America owes him a big debt and it’s doubtful most will ever realize it.

There are three possibilities for this forum, going forward.

Civil War Scenario

This one is the least likely I think now that Trump has been elected, but who knows? Maybe they won’t let him sit in the White house, and Obama tries to assert his unending rule. Maybe Trump is killed and all of his policies are scrapped in favor of the same policies Hillary was running on. Maybe international globalists pay, with weapons and money, the Mexicans to take over California, and the Blacks to revolt in the South.

If this is the case, this forum will prove invaluable for survival purposes. If they try to shutdown the forum Roosh should seek to move the server to another area outside of US jurisdiction like Russia or something, and we can use VPN’s to communicate anonymously. Once Trump mobilizes America we’ll kick everyone’s ass and this forum will be great to share stories about it.

Likelihood, 5%.

Trump Fails Horribly

For whatever reason, Trump sucks. Maybe the cucks in DC sabotague him. Perhaps Congress turns against him and nothing gets done. This means the Dems takeover in 4 years, go back to killing the West, and men will remain underground for survival purposes. This forum will flourish. I think this is unlikely, but possible at 15%.

Trump Does an Average or Better Job

This is the scenario I am hoping for, and I think is most likely at 80%. It is also the one that, ironically, may be the worst for the longevity of forum unless we change our behavior and strategies.

If the country is in turmoil, people will find great use in underground communications such as the RVF. But if we’re doing great, and things are going great…

…men will be busy with their jobs and families.
…men will be busy with local politics.
…men will post less and less as the forum offers less utility, except during key times like big national elections.

If things are going good with Trump, then to keep this forum going and to make sure it stays active, we need to talk about it in public more. No more need to be afraid of social repercussions. You can share forum links on Facebook. You can tell other men about the RVF: “It’s a great place for men to figure out things with women, focus on self-improvement, find amazing places to travel, and discuss tips for making money. I highly recommend the RooshV Forum if you’re a man who needs a place to think.”

With a successful Trump President, the amount of social flak you’ll get is minimal. This is, after all, the President who just grabs ‘em by the pussy. The only way to prevent the RVF from suffering from American success is by talking about it more. Whether or not you protect the privacy of your user name is up to you when sharing the RVF.

However, success will not come quickly. We still have at least 6 months before any serious changes to our economy or culture happens. And whenever we have time, we’ll come back to talk women/politics/travel/self-improvement. There’s no way the forum will experience any significant decline in the next two years. But success breeds complacency. After years and years, you get tired of winning. Trump is not bullshitting when he said that. He’s speaking from experience.

To account for the complacency effect we’ll need to grow the forum’s numbers, which means spreading the word of the forum as much as possible. By keeping membership and activity high, we’ll still be able to dominate national primaries in the future, especially Republican primaries, and keep control of America.

This place we have is extremely special and we must not let it atrophy. And you can be damn sure I will do my part to make sure that never happens. Which brings me to my final point.

Part 5: The Future of Samseau

I want to thank the appreciation I have received from the many amazing members here. I’d name names but there’s too many and this thread is way too long already. This forum has amplified my thoughts by several million fold. I do my best to tell the truth, and eventually the people hear it even if they don’t know where it’s coming from. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, but it is important that the wellspring of the ideas exists in the first place so others may learn. I am very honored to be a core part of that wellspring on this forum.

I could care less about fame. I much prefer to let others take credit and stay out of the spotlight in order to stay humble so I can retain God’s favor. But staying hidden forever feels cowardly - which is effeminate, who shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven. I believe I can do more for my Neighbor speaking in the open than from the shadows. I think I have a unique mixed race composition that can be used to help race relations. I also want to have enough money to raise a big happy family someday. Writing and reasoning are my strongest talents, and they are probably stronger than 99.9% of people. I’m not saying this to brag, but without the internet and without you guys I’d be living a very lonely life because no one I see in the real world even understands what the hell I’m talking about. You guys have known me for years, and I think we’ve seen me put my talents to good use this election. It is very possible I would be more relatable to audiences with videos in a similar style to Stefan Molyneux or Mike Cernovich, and it seems I have acquired quite some audience and reach over the net through this campaign.

This is my twitter reach:

[Image: TbLQiiU.png]

This forum and RoK probably have similar reach. Providing the country doesn’t blow up in Civil War and it’s safe to come out of the closet, I think I will do so for all the aforementioned reasons. In a Trump Presidency I feel a lot safer and less likely to suffer serious social repercussions. On the other hand, if I go public Talmudic Jews will be gunning for me and I can’t match their resources. We all saw what happened to Roosh during his meetup tour - intellectuals have always faced persecution. Even the founding fathers of the USA stayed anonymous for years until the political climate changed. There is a reason false accusations are on the same list as murder and theft.

I would like some feedback on this; bad idea or good idea to lose the anonymity? What would you like me write more about? Should I do books, video, or a combination? I will be doing this in addition to some other real world stuff like local politics and business.

By doing this, and posting around here with my real info, I also hope to draw more traffic to this forum and prevent it from suffering any decay under a successful Trump era.

Believe it or not, I think things will go well with Trump and I am optimistic for the future. Three years ago I thought Western Civilization was doomed, and everyone called me the prophet of doom, but having a man come out with the balls to do real talk, suffer the slanders of racism/sexism/bigotry and other forms of PC thought crimes, and become President, tells me there is still a great fighting chance for America and Western Civilization. It would be a mistake not to water the sprout Trump has planted, providing he is doing a reasonable job, and fight alongside him in the open to make sure no weeds choke out the growth of our new country.

If you like what you’ve read here, spread it around. Don’t keep it hidden. We control the future.

Contributor at Return of Kings. You can follow me on Gab.

Be sure to check out the easiest mining program around, FreedomXMR.
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11-15-2016 05:17 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, this Men Who Post Here, and I
Great Work!
11-15-2016 05:28 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, this Men Who Post Here, and I
I was just about to start a thread quite similar, in a way, to yours (less far-reaching and inspired as yours, though, so I have to say: congrats on your motivation and spirit, brother!), a thread titled: "Post D.Trump's victory, what role for Roosh, his forum members, A. Jones, Cernovich...?".

Because, I remember Roosh ("a political leader of men", I couldn't agree more, see my rep point given to Roosh...) answering questions (by periscope) a few days ago, just before the elections. And Roosh said something like: "If D. Trump wins, which he will, I will happily step back -for a while- from politics, because then I'd have done my job, my part of the good fight, and I would take some time off, some holiday".

And I thought: Well, it is not my responsibility or even right to give advice to Roosh Blush , but, still... if I may: Roosh has taken a very positive role in this battle that we Conservative people just won (the first great battle of an on-going war against blind Globalism), and so have a few other leaders of the Alt-Right - to the extent that Hillary and MSM have stated that these leaders (A. Jones, Breitbart editors, Cernovich, Roosh) and all of us on the Alt-Right, have had a very important role in shaping the opinions... D. Trump himself thanked the "social media" and "his internet people", for his wonderful and much-needed victory. Banana

So, considering that Roosh, his forum, and other Alt-Right leaders have indeed a positive and proven important role in this on-going fight against Soros and the corrupt Establishment, they (and we here on the forum) just can't take (long) holidays, they have to continue their selfless fight: no rest for heroes!

I'll add that I am glad to see you back, Samseau, I was beginning to think that you'd made the (understandable, granted) "error" to take many days off, to celebrate and rest: You have, if I dare say, no right to rest, you must (like all of us) keep fighting until D. Trump has indeed made the USA and the world great and peaceful again.

We just can't celebrate and drink the sweet wine of victory for more than a few short days and nights - or we will ultimately fail, like the Hannibal soldiers who ended up defeated by the Romans, because they spent too much time on holiday, drunk on victories, girls and booze!

So, what the Republican leaders, the Alt-Right and, generally speaking, all Conservative men, have to remember (and avoid!), is, the story of the "Delights of Capua":

"Hannibal settled in Capua as his winter quarters. There he kept his army under shelter for the greater part of the winter. A long and varied experience had exposed that army to every form of human suffering, but it had not been habituated to or had any experience of ease and comfort. So it came about that the men whom no pressure of calamity had been able to subdue fell victims to a prosperity too great and pleasures too attractive for them to withstand, and fell all the more utterly the more greedily they plunged into new and untried delights. Sloth, wine, feasting, prostitutes, baths, and idle lounging, which became every day more seductive as they became more habituated to them, so enervated their minds and bodies that they were saved more by the memory of past victories than by any fighting strength they possessed now … the wintering at Capua was a great mistake on the part of Hannibal for it deprived him of the strength to win further victories. It certainly did look as if he left Capua with another army altogether; it did not retain a shred of its former discipline. "
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11-15-2016 05:56 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, this Men Who Post Here, and I
So much to digest and I'll probably chime in as things macerate in my head over the coming days. About inflation however: Yes, you quoted the textbook formula but in real life things work a bit differently. I'm not saying you're wrong, but I would like to highlight that many economists from both sides of the camp (Austrians and Keynesians) have been completely and utterly wrong over the past decade. A great example is the recent Dollar surge despite Trump's win. The common expectation was for a weaker Dollar (and a weaker stock market) due to economic uncertainty and it turned into the exact opposite (higher $$ and a raging stock market with the Dow and Russell pushing to new all time highs).

One reasons for that may be one that is often neglected: the fact that pulling business and manufacturing back into the U.S. requires settlement in U.S. Dollars, which means it creates increasing demand for foreign Dollar denominated assets in foreign banks. If you look at a Eurodollar chart then you'll find that it has dropped to near 99, which means that LIBOR is around 1% now. Which means that the London Interbank Offered Rate is on the rise which again means that the borrowing of Dollars is becoming more expensive. Even without Trump's win the Dollar was considered the least smelling turd among currencies, especially given the increasingly negative prospects of the EU and thus the Euro.

If you're head is spinning reading this then I don't blame you. Fact is that predicting these things is almost impossible and many minds smarter than us have tried. It's quite possible that we'll be facing deflation and that will affect manufacturing. I actually agree with Samseau that Trump will need to stick with inflationary tactics and that means there will be only so much he can do about weakening the influence and power of the Federal Reserve.

At the danger of putting you all to sleep I'll keep it at this for now ;-)
11-15-2016 06:35 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I

Samseau, its time to go public my friend. Cernovich and Molyneux have both said they want more people to come out of the dark to speak the truth, they welcome the friendly competition, a rising tide lifts all boats. I believe now is the absolute best time to capitalize on the thirst for knowledge. We have the MSM by the throat, we just took the fucking White House.

Our voices need to be heard, and your as qualified as anyone to speak up and be heard.

I'd love to see media companies form out of our movement, we absolutely have the minds to get it done. The alternative media is still in its infancy and there is MAJOR room for growth.
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11-15-2016 07:00 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I


Take care of those titties for me.
11-15-2016 07:15 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
Average hourly wage was $25.92 in October, your estimate of $10 is remarkably offbase. Note this figure caps out at $100/hr. So, it won't be doubling anytime soon.

This does not include bonuses, health care, pension, 401[k], vacation days or any other benefit. Obviously this varies massively by industry, but we have that data also.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

I agree on the need for some sort of vast welfare reform.
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11-15-2016 07:19 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
(11-15-2016 06:35 PM)redpillage Wrote:  One reasons for that may be one that is often neglected: the fact that pulling business and manufacturing back into the U.S. requires settlement in U.S. Dollars, which means it creates increasing demand for foreign Dollar denominated assets in foreign banks. If you look at a Eurodollar chart then you'll find that it has dropped to near 99, which means that LIBOR is around 1% now.

There is no LIBOR at 1%. Ranging from 53 bps per month to 1.59% per annum currently, but nothing at 1%.
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11-15-2016 07:22 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I

Great post! I am glad to see you do such a thorough follow up. I have been meaning to send you a private message to encourage you to continue to do a spoken word format as I really enjoyed hearing you on the podcast that you did. It is always refreshing to hear someone intelligent express themselves verbally when you are so used to consuming their writings. I think you would do fantastic over the long term in a video format similar to Stefan Molyneux mixed with interviews like the Ruben Report - in addition to selling books (to provide you autonomous income).

As for going public, I would caution against it until such time as you have expanded your audience and have a product to deliver - in your case I suppose that it will be your first marketable book. The reason that I say that is because I know that you are not compatible with holding back and want to speak from your heart and speak the truth, and that includes speaking about Talmudic Jews as you say. I can only presume that will land you on the SPLC hate watch list and sponsorship will be targeted - including things such as even your PayPal account and possibly YouTube channel. You know the score - Shut it down!

I would carefully plan for that event and take the most anti-fragile approach possible.

It has been one hell of a year and a half and there hasn't hardly been a day when I haven't checked in on the Trump thread that you started.

Thank you for your contribution to the forum - it wouldn't be the same here without you, and thank you for your efforts to deliver a Trump victory!

I’d rather be far right, than far wrong!
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11-15-2016 07:33 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
Props to SAM the MAN for all of his faith and hard work and the honorable mention in section 1...

Also want to share an epic NRA video who are up there with the USN Nuke Boat forces, Samseau for starting the Epic Trump thread on RVF, all The ROKeteers, Roosh, Breibart, AJ & PJW at INFOWARS and our guiding philosopher from the Great White North Stefan Mollineaux... and every Red Pill Neomasculine man in the world who stumped for Trump... love you all like real brothers in arms.

We won the battle of our lives now to press on relentlessly to win the war against the deviant demented deranged degenerate demonic Globalists Soros Bloomberg Bushes Clintons and all the MSM devils.



Deepdiver - Nuke Boats Forever!
"You do not have to be a perfect person to be a perfect PATRIOT!"

Official President Trump's achievements:

Communist Freaking Red China's Plan to Undermine the USA and the West:

The Naked Communists 45 Goals for the USA:
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11-15-2016 07:57 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
Thank you Samseau!
11-15-2016 07:58 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
I just read part one. Great analysis, with an interesting narrative thrown in (I didn't know you were campaigning full time).

For a lot of men here, it's hard to connect our ideas to influence in the real world. It's easier for me to see it since men directly contact me and thank me, but for a typical member, I doubt they can realize how their ideas "trade up" to those with larger bullhorns, whether it's me, MikeCF, or others. Samseau pointed to a couple of examples where he suspects an idea landed within Trump's campaign, and while I can't offer concrete evidence this is happening, I do believe we are being read by influential men who can't admit publicly that they follow us.

The best part of this is that we're not trying to influence anyone. It's all organic, just like how a plant effortlessly grows in good soil. We are the soil, and from that life springs forth. We are all here for different reasons but the main one I'd argue is that we simply enjoy it. It's a male-only space that invigorates our minds and is an enjoyable way to pass the time. Who would have thought that contributions would form the leading edge of a peaceful revolution in the United States?

11-15-2016 08:08 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
This was fucking beautiful!

Post Of The Day

+1 for sure. (usually. I try to reserve such for when I meet a member, but is transcends such rule)

Chicago Tribe.

My podcast with H3ltrsk3ltr and Cobra.

Snowplow is uber deep cover as an alpha dark triad player red pill awoken gorilla minded narc cop. -Kaotic
11-15-2016 08:34 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I

Thrilled to hear from you! Will read this all when I'm not on my mobile.

Just glad to have proof of life. I was afraid you'd had an accident on the weights bench at the gym!

God demands of Man responsibility. God demands of Woman vulnerability. These are their curse and blessing alike. Libertianism is to Man as Feminism is to Woman.
11-15-2016 09:11 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I

Great read, you definitely had this thing on lock from start to finish AND you provided motivation (many others did as well) when things looked bad.

You asked for recommendation for how to proceed. Personally I think you have a mind for political think tank work more than Youtube or blogging fame. Consider yourself perhaps the Karl Rove of the Trumpian America. I say this, because as is clearly proven, your analysis of the entire campaign from beginning to end has been 100% on point, not a single misstep. For that reason, I think you should work at using your unique analytics skills where they are most valuable. However, you are clearly no analytics nerd, so it should be an outward facing position, which is why think tank work with media appearances and column writing could be right for you. I could see you in the same line of work as Ann Coulter, part writer, part media, part troll.

As for going public, that would probably help, it might be a good idea to write a book on this experience and get it promoted from the likes of Roosh and MikeCF who I assume would help out. Should be under your name, to get you out there and into talking head circles. From there you would perhaps get a chance to be recruited to some Trumpian think tank.
11-15-2016 09:15 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
Samseau - you should send that post to Breitbart, WND, and/or Infowars as a demo column.
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11-15-2016 09:18 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
Outstanding Samseau I am overcome with emotion and am clapping reading your post. Simply outstanding.


I was thinking something along the same lines as to what do we need to do now that we have won the election to turn the page in history and once again RVF delivers and I find three posts worthy of mention and combining post election efforts here.

1. Samseau has given us a blueprint in the post above

2. Roosh also has this thread about applying for a job under the President elect's administration

3. C-Span posted this site to share your ideas with president elect's administration.

"You can not fake good kids" - Mike Pence
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11-15-2016 09:32 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
That was spectacular. I like how you blended all the factors (economics, culture, politics, etc.) into the post. Most academics are mired in their specialized field, and they look at everything through that lens. So if they have an cultural opinion of Trump for example, and you bring up economic relations with Japan, they just freeze. Your analysis was expansive and perhaps the best I have read on the current state of the country (and world).

Very impressed.

"Action still preserves for us a hope that we may stand erect." - Thucydides (from History of the Peloponnesian War)
11-15-2016 10:06 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
Really happy that you spotted Dusty's post:

11-09-2016 03:52 PM

Right now I'm imagining Samseau with bloody knuckles is knocking on doors in NH. Someone grabs him by the shoulder : "it's over Sam. We won."

Sam: and the skittish women?

Man: we got them too. We won. It's over.

11-15-2016 10:10 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
Though I've immensely enjoyed reading the thoughts/opinions of the great men of RVF, I must admit any time I see "Last Post: Samseau," it's a must-click for me. Thank you for taking the time to collect your thoughts and for posting them here.

Should you ever find yourself out on the West Coast, please feel free to hit me up. I'd say I'd buy you a beer, but I think following in Trump's footsteps of not letting alcohol cloud the mind is a great step toward us achieving our collective goals. Regardless, there are plenty of other fun things to do here in California, and though I live in "the land of fruits and nuts," always know you have at least one red pill Neighbor here.

MrLeoneVolpe @ Twitter
LeoneVolpe @
LeoneVolpe @ WordPress
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11-15-2016 10:50 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
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11-15-2016 11:42 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
Great post Samseau!

I really want to re-enforce the fact that this forum, and the men who frequent it, truly do have in impact in shaping both the United States, and the world in a monumental way.

To illustrate: Trump won Wisconsin by around 25,000 votes. There are over 440,000 registered female voters in Wisconsin between the ages of 18-34. As a for instance: The single internet shitlord who came up with #draftourdaughters... That alone has the potential to stop 25,000 Wisconsin females from voting Clinton.

The margin in the electoral college is so slim, that I am 100% positive, that if the RooshV forum didn't exist, Trump would not have won the election. With that statement alone: I'm already having flashbacks of the MSM cackles when anyone dared to say Trump could be President during the Primaries, but I stand by it...

We are the premier voice in re-writing the narrative, and with the abundance of 'concepts', 'thoughts', and 'memes' that have come out of this forum, you cannot deny that we have helped shift the pendulum. Even as I type this, I suppress the urge to scoff at the notion of a 'meme' helping to shape the direction of a nation, let alone the direction of a planet, but yet I cannot deny it...

We live in an age of readily available information. A time where an image can trigger cognitive dissonance, and win a voter far faster than a two hour speech. We only need to look at our own forum to witness the amount of likes which can be achieved through the use of a poignant, and well placed gif. A meme delivers a succinct message, and we have been at the forefront of this visual warfare throughout this election.

We also helped to shape the narrative. In a nation, where even hardcore Trump supporters in the MSM were buying into the polling, we were not. You only need to look at the Trump thread to see how far ahead of the curve we were. We were debunking the polls for months before the MSM caught on. Every time we pointed out the false statistics, another person was forced to consider an alternate reality, and in the age of the internet, these notions spread until they become undeniable.

A huge moment for myself came when I was watching Newt Gringrich say, almost verbatim something I, and others had posted regarding the polling on Fox. In this moment, I realized that thought travels. It may start here, but someone then posts in reply to a news article and then it's shared again, and again, and again until it's hitting the mainstream media...

The TLDR is that, I agree 100% wholeheartedly with Samseau. I truly believe we've been an invaluable part of achieving a Trump Presidency, and we should take stock of the power that one man, a small group, and a movement can have.
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11-15-2016 11:43 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
Thank you Samseau, you have been one of the most courageous and intelligent people I have read on RVF, and you are a true inspiration to myself and so many others.

You have been a warrior poet for the modern era, God Bless you.

We need you in public office someday, you are a true visionary and leader my Neighbor.
11-15-2016 11:58 PM
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RE: The Future of America, the Republican Party, the Men Who Post Here, and I
Re:Part 1. In fifty years there will be youth with direct-connect wifi internet straight to the brain 24/7, capable of creating memes with but a thought, who will look at the bloodied stumps we now call fingers, whittled down in the service of pumping out rare Pepes, each more cutting and brutal than the last, and they will marvel at our sacrifice and call us the greatest generation. Laugh
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11-16-2016 12:31 AM
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