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Religion/Theology as Game
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Religion/Theology as Game
I'm referring to christianity in particular in the western context from which most of us are looking in.

I do participate in some functions of the local church despite not being a member and do have a certain amount of respect for various congregations. Many have suggested that I become a priest very recently in life.

What I'm curious is about the evolutionary underpinnings of a strong christian identity, how christian men will use christian identity to game and increase their reproductive success and how christian identity ties into some other strategies like SJW leftism.

I heard there used to be a joke regarding the theological department of a university located in my country, which had it that if you can make it through the sliding door of the university building, you will be sure to graduate too. The obvious implication is that theology is not the toughest subject academically.
Despite dealing with the supernatural and scriptures, the reality or empirical validity of which is controversial, theologians are often consulted by various medias when challenging ethical and philosophical dilemmas are discussed, which gives them the air of being the go-to people on various subjects of importance; an observation rendered paradoxical given the limited scope of their study.

A sniveling SJW professor with cultural marxist beliefs can cross his fingers and speak with an authoritative voice and indeed expect his statements to be taken on faith by appealing to his degree and status in the uni world, a kind of an alternative to religion, while in more moderate circles the religious association of the theologian trumps the status of the lefty professor because people have been conditioned to associate theology with holiness and higher powers and the people with degrees in the stuff are thus glorified by association. Unlike the SJW's, they stand for something that's more powerful than any human, despite the lack of proof for the validity of those beliefs which, at least, have not been refuted out of the impossibility of testing them.

I've sometimes wondered if the christian identity is just a way to have a cake and eat it too; a bunch of rules and limitations that are selectively applied and quickly forgiven for breaking and a shortcut to morality. Religious people get to be submissive pussies because we have this image of them as the moral descendants of Jesus who are actually superior for refusing to defend themselves but also slide their way into pussies by stealth by appealing to their goodness, harmlesness or bending the rules in their favor. Although the example is not the best, given how it featured a woman, I remember seeing an italian X-factor or related talent show which featured a singing nun. She was a good singer, got the judges' attention and all that but the one striking feature that surprised everyone was the fact that she was a nun or at least sporting the attire. Had she been wearing a shirt and jeans, the judges or the audience would not have been nearly as impressed. The obvious insinuation, to me, was that it was somehow amazing of her to stoop to the level of secular people and attention whore her way into people's hearts instead of basing her identity on her (arguably needlessly) chaste lifestyle and belief system.
Obviously if it had been a guy doing the singing, he would have been running contrast game by peacocking on stage while also feigning moral superiority through religion unless of course he was just a regular guy without the religious accoutrements.

Thus I would summarize religious gaming as being based on the following facts and/or observations:

-if you have a theology degree, you get more attention and respect than someone else who worked just as hard for some other social science or humanities degree and knows just as much

-if you sport the religious identity congruently, you can get away with being physically timid and passive-aggressive similar to SJW's because we have this image of it being proper for you and even a reflection of you having ascended to a higher plane of existence

-if you fill the above mentioned spot and still want to be more versatile, multidimensional and interesting, the world is your oyster is still. As long as you don't plan a career in porn using your real name, you can be pretty good. You'll be sort of like a pretty girl whose achievements are plastered on top of her vagina which means that you'll have some inherent worth as a man, or more objectively something that comes as close to resembling the inherent self-worth of women as a man as is possible.
12-04-2016 01:54 AM
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RE: Religion/Theology as Game
Using spirituality as a way to cloak your true intentions is pretty much the only unforgivable sin in the New Testament.

Proceed with caution.

“That sig BTW is a very asinine anti-family anti-parent quote. You live in a country where 40% of children grow up without a biological father, yet somehow “the greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents”? Sorry but this is fruity Boomer nonsense.”

12-04-2016 01:17 PM
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RE: Religion/Theology as Game
I am a Latin Mass attending Catholic, and the same neomasculine virtues Roosh writes about, on how to avoid modern deception, or being economically prudent, are a big part of our Faith.

You certainly can find decent women through Churches, but I would not suggest you do simply to get laid.
12-06-2016 03:18 AM
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