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Your best "zero effort, totally random" bang story
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RE: Your best "zero effort, totally random" bang story
Hottest black girl I've ever gotten with hits me up the very same day we exchange digits.

4 weeks later I trapped (read: beta-ed myself) into a relationship that ended in under 3 months.

But good god almighty was the pussy worth it. She treated sex like a trade, and has set my standards so high.
01-14-2017 08:42 AM
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RE: Your best "zero effort, totally random" bang story
I'm abroad for work purposes but take a side trip an hour's flight away to go surfing. While on the surfing trip I log into Couch Surfing for the first time really in a very long time just to see what's going on. I post in the discussions page in the capital city that I'll be in town, looking to hang out, etc.

A local girl opens me on CS and we keep in touch over Facebook for the next few days, and she offers to buy me dinner. I arrive in town and in figuring out logistics she says that she'll just come directly to my hotel as the meeting point.


I offer to go out for street food to avoid her anti-slut defense but we both know that it's on. We go out for street food and then stop by the convenience store and buy a six-pack. She's "trying to get [me] drunk". We're walking toward my hotel now and I take her up to my room. As I turn on the TV just for some ambiance, she's lying belly-down on my bed, turned toward me.

Probably could have taken her to my room after greeting her in the lobby. "I've got some beers upstairs - want to check out my room?"

I think that what made it so easy was that she was clearly in a stage in her life where she wanted an older, experienced man to guide her. (She was 22.) She'd also had some bad luck with dirty men and was probably ready for something softer.
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01-14-2017 11:57 AM
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RE: Your best "zero effort, totally random" bang story
A few years ago, I was in a night class on Valentine's Day. I started talking to a classmate of mine, an 18-year-old black girl, who quickly indicated she had no plans that night. I sensed an opportunity and suggested we grab something to eat, and she accepted my proposition. I took her to a fast food restaurant's drive-through -- we only had thirty minutes for lunch, so I didn't have much time to try and make something happen, and I sure as hell wasn't going to waste what little time I did have on going somewhere nice. On the way there, she pulled out an e-cigarette and started to vape in my car. I said to her, "Could you not do that in here?" and she gave me a little pushback on it, but I stood firm by my request, "I don't want my car to smell like that," so she put it away.

After getting food, we pulled into a remote section of the parking lot. It was dark, so outside visibility was low. Once we finished eating, we just sat in the front seat talking for a minute before I decided to go for and successfully got the makeout. After a moment of making out, I started escalating physically by running my hands over her body -- I was like a fucking octopus, my tentacles were everywhere. I rubbed her breast, her thigh and started to rub her pussy when she opened her eyes and grabbed my hand.

Now maybe it's because I was really horny, or maybe it was because I knew we had a time constraint, or some combination of both, but I didn't let her LMR throw me for a second. I looked her dead in the eye and softly said, "Maybe we should take this to the backseat?" After a beat, she smiled and started to climb back there and I followed suit. She asked me if I had a condom, which of course I did -- I practically have condoms hidden everywhere (e.g. jacket pockets, glove box, center console, backpacks, etc.) I tell her to turn around, which she does without hesitation and I pull her pants down exposing her big, black ass.

I'd never had a black chick before and was pretty fucking stoked at the prospect. I'd had white girls, Latinas, Asians, a mixed black/Serbian girl, but never a girl who was 100% black. I ended up unzipping my pants, and whipping my dick out through the fly, rolled that rubber on and started in on her. Now I don't know what it was -- maybe it was just psychological, but her pussy felt so wet and good that I could quickly feel the inevitability of orgasm, the infamous point of no return. I was only about ten seconds in, but I knew I couldn't hold it back anymore, so I started jackhammering her until I exploded.

Now normally I don't have a problem with premature ejaculation, but I just couldn't help myself. My nut felt incredible but I was also embarrassed I came so quickly, so I didn't make a sound while I was getting off. I pushed her head down into the backseat and said, "Fuck, I think someone sees us," then hurried up and put my cock back into my pants and hopped into the front seat. She looked out the window and said, "I don't see anyone" and she climbed back into the front seat. I hurried up and started the car and exited the parking lot, and she said, "Well that sucked...I'm going to have to go home and play with myself now."

For a moment I was embarrassed, but after I dropped her off, I couldn't help but laugh. I told her we would have to get together again soon and "finish what we started" but we never hung out again and I didn't care less.

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01-15-2017 01:12 PM
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