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British Politics Thread
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RE: British Politics Thread
The most recent thing that shows how much of a meme Britain has become was the scheduled debate between May and Corbyn. It was Corbyn, someone who spent most of his adult life advocating leaving the EU arguing to stay in; and May, someone who has spent most of their adult life being for EU membership arguing to 'leave'. But in the farce of political debates the country now offers, they were to weak to even show up.

Steven Woolfe hit the nail on the head:

Given the choices I would go for Boris Johnson. He's the same as most of the new guard in The Conservative Party and virtually everyone in Labour, in that he comes from a well-off background, went to good schools, got into a ivory tower non-job (journalism, NGO, quango, quasi-governmental, political aid, union) etc. and is now in politics. These people have no knowledge of normal people's lives.

But from the amount of women who we know Boris's balls have been inside, we know he at least has them. Raab and Davis are stiffs with no fire, same as virtually everyone else. Boris is the only one who could pull something out of the bag.

I think the most likely outcome is for MPs to revoke Article 50 shortly before the leave date; and then just mull around not knowing what to do.

I think the EU know that there is no way Britain could go back into the EU without leaving the EU being the defining aspect of British politics in perpetuity. I think they are quite happy with the May deal, which is somehow paying to be in a worse, legally hamstrung position where you have to take whatever deal the EU cook up remain in the EU-controlled limbo.

That the remainers are happy to stay in a dictatorship that offers such an abusive offer tell you all you need to know. If Russia was doing this, we'd never hear the end of it. If the EU was a permentant right-wing dictatorship they'd be crying, "It's dangerous!", "Far-right!", "It's a dictatorship."

But they're not. Under their veneer of buzzwords like "meaningful vote", "how is a second referendum not democratic?", "people's vote" they are trying to get exactly what they want - a permanent left-wing government.

I also find remainers also make their arguments from an EU perspective. I din't see an ounce of concern for the British position. It's only, "Well, the EU are not going to damage their position." I quickly get to the point where they say, "If the EU offers Britain a good deal then everyone will want to leave." To which I reply, "And you're arguing for a dictatorship that can't give one inch without the whole thing falling apart. How progressive." Their true face is revealed. All their sweet words are a syrupy ploy to continue their left-wing dictatorship while not appearing like a fascist.

As for the second referendum, we had that at the 2017 GE when both parties ran on leaving the EU. Surely they need three more referendums to have best of five. There are no rules.

I hope for complete mayhem and pandemonium. If it's May's deal, a limp Corbyn takeover or just staying in the establishment will be steering into the biggest shit storm of the growing revolt against themselves. They are disappearing at an astonishing rate and with all the demographic and economic indicators pointing down, they will soon be destroyed,

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